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  1. Actually I thought you where all over him because he protected me.? Also cops do have a tendency to be robust. vtoe danx
  2. Fair enough. for now i will keep my vote where it is. If Brett has no better defense then off to the Sarlac he go's.
  3. Pac was a watcher and he could only watch not follow. But he leaves these names and even with Klecks role of needing an extra vote he had no reason to visit anyone unless he's scum. I would vote him or Dnax right now.
  4. Seems your having a hard time relaxing, here this is my secret.
  5. I like to start saying I think the casting for this game was near perfect so far. I miss you pretty pretty princess Pac. vote kleck
  6. Go's great with three cups of coffee a pound of bacon and half dozen eggs. Unfortunately Ms Crusher got me on calorie lockdown so it's an egg white omelet, three faggot turkey sausages, a half a graperuit and a glass of tomato juice. thank God for Jimmy, not sure I couldn;t make it without you. Thanks.
  7. Thats the song that got Baby Crusher into classic rap. It was on one of the old Tony Hawk X box games. He would set it to default and then I turned him onto the rest of the material. Tremendous mind and what rap should be.
  8. My only question is.. "Can;t a big brother take a ****ing nature walk without a bunch of people getting carried away?" Really!!
  9. Beyond terrible. Eventually Karma gonna come knocking and carrying a sledge hammer.
  10. Those three words should never appear in one of your post. Never.
  11. Thats disgusting, maybe you should have a smoke and relax.
  12. He's suggesting that you have a pirate on your shoulder because the store ran out of parrots.
  13. Im going to need five people to join hands so they can hold me. All this positivie press is making this fat man feel insecure. I likes being teh underdog. Front runner has the word "RUN" in it, and that word doesn;t agree with me.
  14. If I have to tell you it's not worth talking about.
  15. I wish I had as much bacon right now as their is truth in this post.
  16. Getting ready to cry myself to sleep. Goodnight.
  17. Mini Burger? What kinda of pinko commie faggot are you? Burger----->
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