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  1. In small to medium doses the kid is very funny. He's also a bit scary, but endearing, in a psycho-cousin kinda way.
  2. She had her mouthful it was hard to understand, my bad.
  3. Had a hooker tell me that once.
  4. +1. Cue Villian to tell us the importance of Mayonnaise. Know what I hate? Zippers. Pure evil if you ask me. Elastic is God's way of saying "Your fat but I still love you."
  5. nice one. My wife refers to mine as "Macy's".
  6. Either that or she had a hard time finding it.
  7. Kerry Rhodes would be pissed if he suddenly became second prettiest on the team.
  8. It's ok because she's engaged. Only girls who are engaged should do that stuff.
  9. Nothing says thank you like fellatio. Nothing.
  10. Miley by a landslide. She already danced on a stripper pole at the Teen Awards. I say within 18 months.
  11. No kidding, thats scary. Glad this one turned out well, and Jerry K has a great point. Hopefully they might get some clues to why people go off like that. Im guessing maybe his name.
  12. I think the one with the shark tooth necklace and the Tupac half shirt is a must.
  13. I was born stupid so it was an easy transition. Teh gayness, not so much.
  14. The material is timeless as well. I downloaded License to Ill onto Baby Crusher's Ipod and now he has all the albums and turned all his friends on to it. But for me Sabotage is the song that gets me going. But everything they did is just absolutely before their time.
  15. Damn Chowderrella taking her Patriot fanship rather seriously. Just curious, how long after you start rooting for them does teh Gheyness kick in?
  16. Don't think we have enough suck leaving the team to add that much suck to it. Uncapped year and all.
  17. I've spanked with a watch on, but thats the closest Ive come. It was good.
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