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  1. I thought he was making it up for attention. The fact you PM'D my sweet Boopsie such a letter doesn;t sit with me well. We should meet out in the school yard and duke it out over sweet Boopsie. Unless yer yella.
  2. He must have got confused. Because Im pretty sure those are the ONLY types of threads allowed in the mod lounge. He just got the forum wrong.
  3. Probably bionic. The bionic ones always cost more.
  4. Sounds like a serious cry for help. I suggest you ignore it and go back to what you do.
  5. Utica has it's own brewery.
  6. She should have held out for a Toucan and $195. Toucan's kick ass.
  7. Depends how long it was sitting on the table I think. Try shaking it.
  8. Thats what Im talking about, some creative food doctoring. That actually sounds real good, might have to do that dance this summer.l
  9. Not sure, but I would guess Masterpiece the smokey flavor one if I had to guess. A lot of the time in the summer I'll throw some chops in the smoker, thats nice too. Ms Crusher and I get to Famous Daves about once a month and thats about the heat I like with my barbecue. To be honest I sometimes cut it with a sweeter one when I start on my second pig.
  10. Not my hoagie per say but your definitely their in spirit.
  11. As long as it was his fault and not his butt their is still hope for you.
  12. Like a home made from scratch or something you can buy in a store? Truth is a recipe you like you can eventually tweak to be your own is your best bet. I like it a little hotter than most, try and burn some calories off while I gorge myself.
  13. Wow. You mention ****ing, suckballs, and the importance of mayo then still wonder if you went too far. Hell, when did they make you a mod?
  14. Hey. thats not nice. you stole that out of my ex wifes Match.com add.
  15. For the last chicken fried steak on a Sunday buffet I would slaughter an entire busload of seniors. Im not proud but it is what it is.
  16. Im not going to ask why the word "pinkie" makes you think of a dick.
  17. No its not, but I do have a cousin named Marko. Hope that helps.
  18. I would whip Epic Beard mans azz!!!! Don;t worry about Boopsie. I just love his spirit. I love you because you love the ones I love... FOOD
  19. Holy crap. Im putting you in second place behind Lil Bits in my thread. Just because you taught me a new Sanish word for finger food. I love you Burgermike.
  20. Special dialing wand? Yeah I call it my pinky.
  21. It's ok Boopsie, he is gifted. It took 50 post to finally get some good insults. You are so chivalrous.
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