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  1. Im sitting here waiting to be lynch with my own vote and you still don;t believe my claim? your either trying to hard after getting spanked last game or scum.. Really CTM, you still think Id be sitting here at scum, putting myself at L3 or whatver, my own vote? honestly?
  2. OK. I'll put Hess down as a yes.. LOL
  3. Your getting scummier by the minute. I might whack you on my way out instead. You dont show up until we agree who to lynch. Anyone mind if i whack Brett instead?
  4. ...and without anyone knowing how it happens CTM become the lover of the fatman.
  5. Agreed. I will kill SMC. Dont think Kleck is mafia. vote Crusher friend of the twon.
  6. Isn;t that the hole in every day phase of mafia?
  7. Right so my vote put Kleck at 7 and he would have died before my unvote mattered. So Kleck is not lying about the extra vote needed.
  8. Maybe he's not use to a fat man with such foot speed?
  9. Your already dead if your lying. I voted and unvoted.
  10. Somone mentioned ace fighter pilot wedge.
  11. Keep yu from double voting or someone jumping on and going... oops,, I didnt realize,, its done, lets see if Kleck dies, if not, maybe you should
  12. Unless we get lucky, what the hell do we learn from Kleck's lynch? Nothing. I think lynching Sharrow, CTM or SMc gives the most info.
  13. You have anger manangement issues too?
  14. If Kleck really need an extra vote and you have an extra vote, does anyone other than me think they may be on opposite sides?
  15. Makes sense to me, because my night kill scenario is similar. I do get the feeling certain elements in this game don;t really care who they lynch. Just saying.
  16. He and I have been pming. He meaning Bleedin, dont everyone go all nuts. But he stopped hitting me back about 30 minutes ago, he may have gone out for lunch. Mmmm lunch
  17. Wanna know something strange. somehow, not sure how or why. The game is WORSE without you. No way I would have guessed it. No way.
  18. If you don;t kill me that means you'll have to put up with Some More Crusher.
  19. Not like it was ever a Mafia theme here.
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