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  1. The disgustingly saturated sock in my hamper would scream YES.. YES I do.
  2. Dude just avoid her for those 6 days next month. Ain't like you don;t have a spare Gunior.
  3. That why theirs seven days in a week. I don;t like these kinda choices.
  4. Holy cow. Thats exactly what I do before I masterbate. Small world. Minus the cooking part.
  5. Though I don;t understand you I still love you. Pork love you too and misses you. I make these stuffed cherry peppers with Prosciutto, provolone, sundried tomato's and garlic. Practically vegetarian.
  6. The double chin doesn;t bother me. But that guys Star Wars themed shirt pisses me off.
  7. Brings a sorta of joyfullness to licking your wounds.
  8. Problem with that scenario is all those people that help make that would want some. Thats ****ed up. Gluttony and overeating a Crusher it does not make. Joebaby come on man. Those things are gross and you even said it yourself. Personally I always wanted to combine the concept of Fried dough (Catholic feast) and hamburger. I think the consistency would go better and hold up to the burger better.
  9. No Ms Crusher banned baking in the bedroom. Pity really . Nothing like a little nookie and a little cookie. Two great taste that taste great together.
  10. Too bad Al Sharpton isn't gay. He could have been the ultimate double threat.
  11. Shortest distance is a straight line. He is definately a "run around" not thru NT.
  12. In other words Chan likes you and wants to slather you in Crisco and stick it in your crease.
  13. Dr Crushlove would happily offer you a free counseling session because in sorta technical terms I think your a little nutso.
  14. Maybe it was too complicated of a question to start. Maybe you should have asked him how many banana's his monkey wrench eats each day?
  15. Our secondary in thinner than my old sweatpants. This has to be very high on the priority list.
  16. Bruce and Mick are both right. The way to do it is combine the two. Bill Philips "Body for Life" has something he calls the 20 minute cardio solution. He suggest it three days a week. It's a chart that you use when doing cardio that takes you from a mod walk to an actually sprint during the 20 minute period. You slowly ramp up during the work out and basically tricking your body into thinking your exerting yourself more than you are and increase fat burning without the punishing effects on your joints that jogging creates. Bruce the challenge is most overweight people 275 and above really can't reasonably go for a jog. Yet, walking alone will eventually become not enough exertion for the body and your basal metabolic rate will just attenuate itself to the activity. It's the eventual short term high intensity burst that stimlutes caloric utilization. In the same book he also has a very cool way of doing your resistance training that basically turnd your strenght training from mostly anerobic to aerobic and allows increased fat burning by building muscle. He cuts down the rest time between sets and you basically pyramid upward for about 5 exercises of the same muscle group followed by a final drop down burn set. Awesome. Sweat more weight training then you ever have. Whe I was competing in strong man this is how I would cut my winter weright and get reayd to go. Twelve weeks I go from a soft 275 to a rockhard 245 I've found this to the most reasonable way to do it. Though at this point in my life I prefer a see food diet and only walking my dog at a slow methodical pace so when asked I can tell Ms. Crusher, "yes honey I did exercise".
  17. Say what they want but that dude has to be absolutely scary in his equipment. With his speed. Like someone catapulting a house at you.
  18. it's got to be an absolute kick in the nuts to guys like Westerman and Devito who go out their and earn their keep. They have to hate this guy by now. They car pool to the game and he pulls up in his Bentley. He doesn;t ever have to change before driving home because he's spotless.
  19. Honestly if Greene dosn;t go down I think we had a shot. No?
  20. I love hookers. Reason I stayed in school.
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