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  1. I could twitter him the "jungle Gym" technique. No effort high reward.
  2. I just bought Baby Crusher an Authentic Greene Jersey for a get well present. If he leaves the team that will be his 9th jersey of a player no longer on the Jets. He still wears his authentic J Abe jersey. Poor kid what have I done. LOL
  3. Wow your job sounds like it sucks. Ever consider getting yourself fired?
  4. That transparent shirt could get alot of married men slapped.
  5. Probably want to see if he's a good kisser. Sometimes that can make or break a season.
  6. Sounds like a slump buster to me.
  7. My cousin and his wife do it. It's like bowling for people who would rather be cold than surrounded by inbreds.
  8. I have two boys in youth football and from what I see tackling is easily teachable. If the kid isn;t afraid of contact it's not long before he figures out how to get low and hit thru. Seems covering requires alot more time to perfect and athleticism. Yet these are children, not sure in actual pro atheletes. I think their problem is not WANTING to tackle.
  9. Maybe he was getting ready to weld something?
  10. I only take one week off a year and a bunch of long weekends. Truth is, going to work is alot easier than taking my 5 kids on a vacation.
  11. Holy crap those names stink. How about The New Jersey toll booths?
  12. They sorta have a Leon in Sproules. Personally I really want to see Leon back in green and white. But if thats the deal I agree it would be tuff to walk away from.
  13. The Crusher


    Washing my forehead
  14. Agreed. But I don;t think he should be tried and waste a bunch of time. Just take him outback and put a bullet in his head. Then throw him in a river. Why should anything else be wasted on him?
  15. Matter of fact, yes I am. I do think your Fly. by the way I happen to both bald and stocky. If by stocky they meant fat.
  16. This is one of those cases where their is no reason not to just kill this evil prick.
  17. Tnaks for the you tube hook up, I wanted to rep you but the Rep overload insist i rep others first.

  18. Would "Get off me you fat bastid" count. Cause if thats the case I need to go get a box of chalk and go to my Ex wifes house real quick.
  19. Can someone with You tube skills post that "my Ding a LING" song by I think Chuck Berry. Only seems right. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.
  20. Good point. I'm just wondering why we haven;t seen Al in a Depends commercial yet. No way he couldn;t sell some diapey's to old dudes.
  21. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite posters.
  22. So Cromatarie is as good a cover guy as Deon Sanders? Really?
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