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  1. Announcer said "they did it mostly on the ground tonight", duh
  2. Welcome to the nightmare Miami. CPF, never go for it on 3rd and long, run a draw and kick the field goal. hahahahahahaha YEAH YEAH
  3. Save money to be buried? **** you Mick. Im putting five kids thru college, one of them can buy the old man a God damn used casket and steal some flowers from someone elsesgrave. Im not picky, I want my kids to be resourceful.
  4. Thats why I started taking pictures of my kids taking craps instead.
  5. true. Usually you pick one that weighs the same as eight.
  6. How long before he fights Jose Canseco?
  7. Hell yeah. As soon as my last kid is done with college and employed, Im going to form numerous prescription drugs habits and blow every freaking penny of their inheritance on expensive bourbon.
  8. So you want to nickname our QB a derogatory word for testicles?
  9. Nice get. Aggressive, like Jets D. Way to hustle man, that says it all.
  10. I like the trolls here especially Garb because she always talks about bringing me cookies. I like cookies.
  11. Leons fumble looked like his knee was down.
  12. You did a great job EY. You guys where loud as hell even on TV. Thanks brother.
  13. I think it makes you gay if you don't love him.
  14. A little porn for you a day let but their still hot buddy. Happy Birthday brother.
  15. Of course not their too busy being football players.
  16. He's fine. His back was bothering him but on closer inspection they found one of the Texans O lineman still wedged in his ass cheeks, he's fine now, its been removed.
  17. I think they fix that or Jake gets it together. but Zorn is gone. You can;t listen to sports radio here without hearing about Cowher, Chucky, or Shanny. If he isnt above 500 at the halfway point it may happen then.
  18. Jim Zorn. You heard it here, and it will be his last year. Snyder is already bored and 75% of the fans are calling for his head and the other 25% is calling for his and Jason Campbell. Crusher wins and he loves you all.
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