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  1. He's young fast and talented. He could club baby seals on the way to the stadium and I still would take him. Im 45, times running out for me.
  2. Bought in. You would need free will to do that. Im addicted.
  3. Can they trade him before they sign him? Im asking because I don;t know. Not that he will, but if Tanny pulled that off Tanny better be going to Canton.
  4. This thread > hotchick thread >realtalk<
  5. surgery? I think your fine just the way you are. Especially if you show up with cookies. Oh yeah, everyone knows Crusher gets to be the santa, you get to be the little elf in the assless chaps.
  6. Actually the pats looked great against the Bills. Personally Im not even sure what all the people on this sight are talking about. beat the mighty mighty Pats, hogwash I say. Whats next, I turned down thirdsy's, not hardly. Honestly did you see the brain manipulation Belli put on the Bills coach to kick the ball into the endzone, perfectly planned. The Jets will be l;ucky to score Sunday agains the mighty mighty Pats defense. It's getting to the point where Im considering not even coming to this sight with all the homerism. Kinda sad. Oh yeah, JiF is not my boyfriend, he's sweet sweet Boopsie. Your my boyfriend.
  7. Thats what i always tell my kids. Well that, and bring Daddy a sammich, will ya?
  8. Local Rivers Flood? You think thats funny? Huh? I got news for you Fagmatic bust. They are still trying to blame that last tsunami on me. That **** ain't funny.
  9. Panties? My ass is the size of one of those inflatable platforms fireman use for people to jump on when a building is on fire. I actually moonlight as one for extra money during Christmas time.
  10. I see your point, heavens forbid a NFL player does something positive and people write about it. He should have just done drugs and injured someone like everyone else. I wonder how long Goodell suspends him for this?
  11. No matter what ever happen in Vince Young's football career, he will be a class act in my book. Story made me misty.
  12. Rhodes is like a wife who just divorced her overbearing husband and now won't shut the hell up. Somewhere in Cleveland Mangini is thinking to himself, "no way that bits be spouting if I was still her man."
  13. How da hell did you catch that reference? I though you where a twenty something? Thanx for the rep.

  14. Did we talk about Vincenzo being Italian? ahhhh YEAH.
  15. I'll say over under on Gholston mentioned in this thread is 12 post. Alkili Smith
  16. United kingdom was a continent? What a bunch of idiots. Everyone knows The United Kingdom was an excellent wild life show from the 60's starring Marlin Perkins.
  17. I think its over the line insinuating what you happen to be insinuating. Butt (mostly Vics) thats just me.
  18. Oh shut up Arsis or you'll be next.
  19. While your at it I'll come with you and eat all the food in their fridge. we'll teach those bastids.
  20. OMG that is terrible. I bet Big Jenks loves pusssy (cats too). Someone should tell him.
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