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  1. We are toast without Reggie Tonuge. he WAS our offense in that game.
  2. If they did that to me, as a young Crusher, I would hunt them down and put one in each of their temples, eat the ice cream and take a runny dump on their corpes. But hey, thats just me.
  3. You can;t really blame this lady. Who the **** decided to make the lunch lady Mayor anyhow. Thats the person who should be strung up. Give her a hair net and get her back handing out salsbury steak where she belongs., The childrens are probably hungry.
  4. Make me a cop. Problem solved. I ain't chasing sh1t.
  5. No kidding. If this is from a Olympic set. He's not chief of his tribe, he's a freakin horse.
  6. Settle down vagi-whiners. Guys got a little inflamation in his knee, not multiple sclerosis.
  7. No I was actually assuming you had a special somebody. but if your into 4' 8" 205 pound 76 year old Italian woman with a mustache that any porn star would be proud of, I could call her for you.
  8. Boopsie, Boopsie, my sweet sweet negative ninny Boopsie. We very well may lose this game, and Klecko may finish that entire bottle of Masterpiece love sauce one shot at a time, but neither of these are written in stone. Ok, the Barbecue sauce is toast, but you know what I mean.
  9. I like this ***** you talk about. It the one thing you can constantly eat and NEVER run out of. Victory.
  10. No, but the next time you can convince her to toss your salad it'll be extra zesty... and who wouldn't appreciate that?
  11. Calm down, take your finger off the caps button and google the words "big **** and relaxation." Then let nature take over.
  12. Hey hey, you calm down too, go get a bottle of Fresca out of the fridge wedge a lemon in your butt crack and shtogun the entire can. Then relax, it'll be ok.
  13. You calm down too. Go to Barnes and Nobles and buy "Ranner, Jammer, Yellow Hammer" by Warren St. John, poor yourself a Makers mark let the children have the ice cubes and relax. Then read it. I just read it. Cool as hell. funny funny
  14. Boopsie? We beat this team last year. What makes them tuffer to beat this year? Im not saying its a lock either way, but I think your being over dramatic. Go catch some waves, get a couple shots in you and go make nasties with the first chick you find with a degree in Pshycology. Makes for excellent pillow talk.
  15. Nom'd Now step away from the computer put down the Bottle of Masterpiece Barbecue sauce the shot glass and get a grip. Its not unexpected that some Jet fans may be short in the shorts considering our history of letdowns, as recent as last year.
  16. You can never tell. Im starting to think its more the team a young QB starts with is just as important as the talent they start with.
  17. Me either. IM fat with high blood pressure 5 kids and a gorgeous wife. No reason to tempt fate.
  18. Hole crap dude. You where those? You must love granola dn hairy armpits.
  19. Ten years ago right after my divorce I went out with a couple girls that worked for me and tried it. I was 100 pounds lighter and I sweated like I do now when Im ****ing. My pupils where blown out like I head trauma and I preferred water to whiskey. Some kinda sissy drug right their. I'd rather grind my teeth off and beat someones ass. JUst saying.
  20. Thats what the Patriots do. Their system creates can;t fail players that go places and fail. Brilliant really.
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