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  1. It's QB's vs Left tackles really.

  2. I didn;t think he was going to survive the episode where he broke the ribs and couldn;t breathe. Dude lived ruff. RIP Captian. Phil.
  3. Wait, wait, wait a damn minute. So your telling me it's not my terrible diet, my robustness, and my epic laziness causing my High blood pressure? It's cause I'm a dummy? Awesome gotta tell Ms. Crusher to stop with the healthy diet, trips to the Cardiolisadist and I can **** can my dietitian. Just go renew my Library card.
  4. Actually Thrombin is a coagulation protein also found in humans as well. The idea of sticking meat together with it really kinda grosses me the hell out. If any of you ever had blood work, this what they are testing for when they fill up the little light blue tube. YUCKY, YUCKY,
  5. That's not just stirring the pot, that's pissing in it as well. Kinda thugturd-ish, No?
  6. You should tell her your from a land down under where you could hear the thunder.
  7. A hot blonde bringing you beer on a hot day at the beach, yeah better avoid that one.
  8. Go to work with no pants on and introduce your dick as a new employee to everyone. Then explain he's a pretty good guy who at times can be stiff and sometimes throws up when you shake hands with him to long.
  9. Can you imagine. We'd be in the back grilling during office hours and both end up too big to fit through the door. As it is now, I could make it with 20 gallons of vaseline and a gigantic shoe horn.
  10. Thats not Crisco Chan, thats evidence.
  11. Taint no problem. I didn;t expect anyone here to help or understand. I wish Johhny ****ran was still alive.
  12. Left overs? Please read the damn thread Vic. I said Max and I. What the **** would make you think anything was leftover? Nothing, he just slapped me on my gigantic ass and told me to clean up before I leave.
  13. Yeah but fatman on fatman crime is a serious problem.
  14. Maybe you should misrepresent me in my civil case.
  15. He told me it was the VIP lounge. He was very gentle and dashing in the beginning. I just wanted to be held.
  16. No he's not. What CTM is really thinking is "What no Crisco?"
  17. It was as much emotional as it was physical.
  18. Agreed, Im in the process of seeking misrepresentation in the matter.
  19. Did he call you piggy piggy too?
  20. You know how these high profile fateletes are.
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