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  1. Good for him. Jets have a history of short white boys from small collges becoming great players. haters mov e to another thread. Plus Ms Crusher and I where at the Baltimore game and the Ms's noticed he was about the same size as the Pop Warner kids at the half time exhibition. So now I can get my wife a Wouldhead jersey and always know the answer to the question. This is great news.
  2. Too bad the fifteen year old boy died. NOTE: I would like to apologize for this horrible post but Jetophile started it.
  3. For me it's the fact the seat and part of the frame always gets stuck in my gigantic ass crack. not sure about the rest of you.
  4. Get in front of me in a drive thru and I will run you the **** over.
  5. If its existing it would have to be Ray Lewis. I love the intensity he plays the game with. you would almost think he's a real killer.
  6. Sign up. So you have to wear training wheels. big deal.
  7. Just mail em: Da CRusher 317 Heavey Weight Lane Fairfat , VA 20000
  8. Crusher in his Pinezapples carrying about 45 bags oif Masterpiece Barbecue chips? I like Jbro22 he's like the sarcastic chronically masterbating little brother I never had.
  9. Im at the beach so missed this thread. The water is great and the eskimo hunters have poor eye sight so all is good. Happy birthday Garb and I hope you enjoy a wonderful football season.
  10. I see their expanding the Belli-cheat collection.
  11. I would like to take a chance and apologize. JVOR great set up and Im sorry I didn't have tooo much time to play this awesome game that obviously took alot of work to set up. The beach was awesome and nobody even came close this year with a harpoon. Sorry to my mafia team for not having the time to put into it. I really thought this game was going to kick off a week earlier. Lastly I would like to apologize to Chan from life. Better lucky next time cupcake.
  12. Just call your girls cell phone and you'll find me. I'll be the fat guy with La Vita Loca playing from his zipper.
  13. At least you can reach your ass, I wipe something just not sure what.
  14. You sit next to me in church, don't you?
  15. Sanchez will be protected by big poppy Rex this year. When Markie gets tired he will hide away in coaches pouch (approx. 665 sq ft). Like a baby Sanchezaroo. He will have good games and he will have bad games. But he will look better every week and the cool aidd of green and optimism will flow freely across the land.
  16. No flaw in your logic. I would have to understand it to find a flaw. I go by good EY verses bad EY in my head. I think your town but I haven't had enough time to look at this and make sure your not wrong again. Plus their are other people with stuff worth looking at. I know you think your the boy from Toy Story but thats not the case. Some of your toys can think. It is good that Sid aka CTM is dead. I will be on for a bit this afternoon and will look thru it. Don;t want nothing fast and stupid happening.
  17. Just when I get comfortable with you, you start going Charles Manson on us. I want to think your on it, since the beginning of the game I figured either you or Chan would be and the other was dirty. Now your scaring me with your ego-maniacal approach and Im losing confidence. I think your town EY, I really do, but Im not sure your right. I have to unvote pac I have to look at this again and I want to take a look at what my sweet boopsie is selling. Im going out today to shop for sweet Boopsie and get him a memento from my trip. I was thinking one of those Old Fashion picture with me dressed up as a sheriff in a water tower form a small desert town. Bathtubs are for sissy's. Plus they don;t fit.
  18. Told you guys. I knew it was either him or EY, nicely done. Nice work SK. I've finally gotten thru the game and Im very excited that CTM is dead and mafia. The next logical choice is taking out Pac. His revel isn;t nearly convincing and EY is on a roll and I believe he picked the right hill this time. vote Pac Back to the beach. I will be on around noon. Good work guys. Im going back to the beach and will be back around noon. I have to be careful today that i don't burn my nuts. My nuts always try to peak out of my shorts for air and sometime get burned. These are the only nuts i don;'t enjoy roasted.
  19. Guy played the game the right way. Hated him as a Jet fan but loved the way he played. I like physical badass players. I was happy when over the hill Ronnie Lott cam to NY, he could bring it. You watch TV? Weird.
  20. Keep this up and your going to be require to have a nanny co-mod with you. Your like an intelligent demented child with your modding. Whats next you going to peel off someone wings, and fry Chan with a magmifying glass.
  21. Im at the beach with my family shrunken treasure shorts. Im catching up as I can. The only reason your trying to get legs on my case is becasue Im not on that much. You know you have to get me lynched when Im not here or I will pwn your ass. Its happen. I really can;t get much of a feel. I do feel better about EY actually, but CTM is hard for me to really get an unboased view on cause he ****s with me alot and I usually swat him like a mosquito. Its not going to help this game if he is just being his typical pain in the fat guys ass or dirty. Im leaning towrds one but not sure yet. I pm'd JiF a few pics of myself in my new speedo, he could share them if you like. Might when to wait a couple hours after eating. In your case Cahn you may want to swallow that load before you look.
  22. Defend what Scrabble head? I attacked you and EY because you guys always play this game with your cerebral boners out run'n-a-round the game mind ****ing anyone that doesn;t agree with you. Then your interwebz mafia muscle come out and you lynch innocents. Have I missed anything? Actually Im starting to see maybe EY is just being is hyper aggressive townie self, after all he has known to self lynch himself as town in numerous creative ways. You on the other hand will never get me off thinking about your shenengins as SK. Hard to tell who is leading here. I will stick to my gun and tell you I think one of you is dirty. By the way my speedos fit fabolous though you can only see them when I inhale.
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