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  1. My afternoon is starting. I will try and and check in but won't be on fully until tonight.
  2. Mine better start with the word luscious or you may be calling 1-800-flowers pretty soon.
  3. \ Jetsbabe took over for shut out and she really hasn't put too much into the game yet. She has the built in excuse of having to catch up, but it's been a bit and she seems to be very tentative compared to her usual flamboyant boisterous style. She is one of those players that seems scum when she's not. AVM he has a couple of very interestingly timed votes that scream he knows something, but Im not sure it's necessairly something bad. Or anti family in this case. Woody has been all over the place and just lurking without saying much.
  4. I voted Norway for the simple reason I thought his comment about protecting Doggin was kinda odd. Especially after EY just railroaded a rat for the town, and most of us thought he would be the target. I think looking at who voted for irish is as valuable as who didn't because scum don't protect thier own. If one of them is going down they commonly will vote for them to distance themselvfes.
  5. Photo copy what you have 3 times and tell your teacher you stutter.
  6. For what they get for those pictures a little gun play is pretty reasonable.
  7. Pre injury Crusher 5'10 245lbs Post injury/Thyroid Crusher 5'10 315lbs
  8. WOW, no way that cat doesn't give me nightmares tonight. Thanx Vic.
  9. Ddin't you already kinda kill a game like that?
  10. I think he shouldn't capture it and show us.
  11. I think it was your two charismatic testimonies that whipped this game into a destructive vortex of cerebral jousting. Damn near killed us all, you my friend should come with a warning label.
  12. Personally, I would have mod killed you as well.
  13. Your talking to a guy who can only ride an elevator with two friends.
  14. Shut up rat boy!!! This is all your fault.
  15. Holy crap!!! I leave for half a day to take the baby Crushers swimming and this game gets flushed down the crapper? SMC's techniques where shady but it's not like anyone really took him serious. He made himself look scummier by doing it, that and making up such a stupid fake reveal. OOPSIE Got me. CTM I love ya man but I do think you might have slightly over reacted with the double Mod killing. Sorta reminds me of a different time on a different board............ SMC bro, sending it in like that is a little selfish man, we all put time into this game and I know your pissed, but thats a little thoughtless. I do hope you decide to play again, because you are great at this game and it makes it fun. The hot head thing you could work on, I can PM you a real good anger managment class if you like. Just don't post it for everyone....
  16. I like him better when he's naked and covered in bacon gravy.
  17. Doggins story is getting thinner and it looks like he's not going to make it today. SCM has me so nervous right now my dyslexia is acting up, not to mention my dislexia as well. SCM is the family vigilante and he killed Bleedin by accident the first night. Then missed against doggin the second night because he was role blocked. This is because the lawyer/ DR was killed the night before. So with no Dr left in the game it had to be a role blocker? Has anyone asked why Bleedin just didn't take out Doggin the first night? Is this because our Dr who was short lived died the morning after. I find it hard to believe Norways would have saved anyone but EY after day 1. So on night one SCM had to chose Bleedin over Doggin? I rememebr someone asking if we knew who Norway protected that first nihgt? Common knowledge would guess EY.
  18. Thats a little harsh. What about Brad and Angelina, they like babies too? Honestly, Octoman is practically her own third worl country at this point.
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