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  1. Im at the beach with my family shrunken treasure shorts. Im catching up as I can. The only reason your trying to get legs on my case is becasue Im not on that much. You know you have to get me lynched when Im not here or I will pwn your ass. Its happen. I really can;t get much of a feel. I do feel better about EY actually, but CTM is hard for me to really get an unboased view on cause he ****s with me alot and I usually swat him like a mosquito. Its not going to help this game if he is just being his typical pain in the fat guys ass or dirty. Im leaning towrds one but not sure yet. I pm'd JiF a few pics of myself in my new speedo, he could share them if you like. Might when to wait a couple hours after eating. In your case Cahn you may want to swallow that load before you look.
  2. Defend what Scrabble head? I attacked you and EY because you guys always play this game with your cerebral boners out run'n-a-round the game mind ****ing anyone that doesn;t agree with you. Then your interwebz mafia muscle come out and you lynch innocents. Have I missed anything? Actually Im starting to see maybe EY is just being is hyper aggressive townie self, after all he has known to self lynch himself as town in numerous creative ways. You on the other hand will never get me off thinking about your shenengins as SK. Hard to tell who is leading here. I will stick to my gun and tell you I think one of you is dirty. By the way my speedos fit fabolous though you can only see them when I inhale.
  3. I didn't quite get thru it yet, but have to go play with my sons. I hope Im still in the game when I get back, if Im not then you guys suck. Anyhow, I will get on tonight to read and go thru things. My toes look like fat fat hawians that are wearing black hairy hula skirts.
  4. No they haven't Boopsie. Just like they haven;'t listen to a thing I have said about CTM and EY in cahoots. Boith of these players lead the town astray in every game they play. Unless EY slips up and decides he wants to be modkilled or Pac decides to slap CTM around like the little briany b1tch he is. So Im the next logical choice because of my spat with Smash and my slow 2nd day, because packing a family of 7 to the beach for a week might not take some of my time. Anyhow, Im going to continue to catch up on this thread becore I go play thunder frisbee with my sons. By the way Speedos' rule!!!!!
  5. I love the I'll vote the quiet guy rather than the guy that kills townies strategy. I was quiet day two because I was catching up on work because Im at the beach right now. Here all week. So don't expect me on except at certain times. I have to use the cyber cafe. My laptop is old and it sucks. Im not sure what makes me more appealing to you rather then EY who likes to lead silly posse's and kill innocents until he finds a badguy. Sorta like taking a shotgun to a mall and start shooting people thinking eventually you'll get someone who deserves it. Im expecting more will come of this. Not sure what this is yet. For now Im taking my fat ass upstairs and Im going to drink some beer and see if Ms Crusher is up to a game of Everest.
  6. Interesting that he died despite his protection. A pumpkin bomb, green goblin no? I
  7. JVOR best ****ing mafiamoderator ever. Like a dream come true, my sweet sweet Boopsie has returned. God is real b1tches.
  8. I ask my mom and she said should would but because we leave for the beach tomorrow she won't have the time. She did say she was happy that I was hanging out with the smart boys.
  9. No chuck full of nuts. Im feeling somewhat dreary and emotional because of the loss of sweet sweet Boopsie. He was in the prime of his life, surfing the outlaw waves of the surfin guantlet know as the east coast and making every young lady who knows what its like to fear old lawn chairs feel good about herself, for at least a moment anyhow.
  10. 8oo lb gorilla. In a cage full of howlers monkees you are. Got any chest hair coming in yet?
  11. I thought your getting laid now? Man bunch of brutes. Let the mafia persona go, its unsettling.
  12. Whats with the aggression EY? Talk to Crusher. You don;t get your weight gain from the same store as Calvin Pace do you?
  13. Any real football fan would have to appreciate that. Long passes with 11+ secs of hangtime give plenty of time to grab a beer, and take a piss before it gets pick 6ed. CPF
  14. Max, I wen thru this exact same thing a couple years ago. I did what I always did and asked my dad the best thing to do. My old man been around awhile and is a car enthusiast. His advice to me was........... "Go for a jog you fat ****. "
  15. They should post a list of people that its ok to kill because they are bad. This would help streamline the court systems and help keep the prisons empty. Maybe have a specific season.
  16. Thansk to cheap beer and the clock hitting 2 am, most of us have.
  17. Negative. Christine from Stephen King/... Im old
  18. No kidding. I feel like a ****ing battered housewife, Im waiting for EY to decided he doesn't like the way Im smiling and bitch slap me across the face and tell me to get his turkey pot pie B1tch. Might have to stay at my moms until he cools down.
  19. Two hot chicks making out? What the hell does that have to do with MJ?
  20. I have to be honest, I suck big fat donkey schlong when it come to this game. I do not really see the case on Smash. Some of the stuff he said is somewhat shady but damn Ive seen worse. Doggins point about investigating him seem to be the best thing I read today. But lets just kill him instead. Sometimes the Lobsters in the tank at my favorite seafood joint seem to have a better chance than some players once the egotistical mafia witch hunt crew gets a run at them. Call me fat, but Im not feeling good about this. Either that or I should have stopped at six Chipotle Burrito's today.
  21. No I don't understand Chowderella. Why can;t he just post from his waffle house? He could have wifi their and you can hammer pancakes , get tomaine poisoning and visit JN all in the same visit. Little bit of heaven right their.
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