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  1. I'll say over under on Gholston mentioned in this thread is 12 post. Alkili Smith
  2. United kingdom was a continent? What a bunch of idiots. Everyone knows The United Kingdom was an excellent wild life show from the 60's starring Marlin Perkins.
  3. I think its over the line insinuating what you happen to be insinuating. Butt (mostly Vics) thats just me.
  4. Oh shut up Arsis or you'll be next.
  5. While your at it I'll come with you and eat all the food in their fridge. we'll teach those bastids.
  6. OMG that is terrible. I bet Big Jenks loves pusssy (cats too). Someone should tell him.
  7. Bob Kraft picks his nose and eats it.
  8. Pats rhymes with fats and this makes me want to go to Jenny Craig. But boopsies love keeps me whole.
  9. Well that ****ing settles it. Im donating all my Wrangler jeans to habitents for humanity.
  10. Oh girl don;t get me started. Im pretty sure Rex has Bart and David running around the locker room chasing chickens to work on their ability to hit something small and quick. I am hoping to see welker run a slant and catch a full dose of one of them. I will have "Fly on the windshield" from Genesis's Lambs Lies down on Broadway" quedm up to celebrate with my childrens when it happens.
  11. Really? Who has.? Please understand that a player has to COMPLETE all full game to be considered and what happened last year stays in last year. Considering it's "player of this week".
  12. Especially because he's back with Kim Kardashian again. But keep doing those "bunz of steel" tapes and you never know.
  13. Im not disagreeing. But what we did to Schaub last week will get flagged for the fag this week.
  14. Makes me giggle like a little fat girl with a box of jelly beans at a weight watchers meeting.
  15. Shhhhh, your ruining the moment.
  16. She could and already offered. But, he;s kinda funny, the only bad game he's had in 4 years was the one I wasn;t their at.
  17. I might be the only one not to be sure, but Im guessing the hot chick was Namaths daughter? Very well done, the Mr. Burns things was classic.
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