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  1. I'd punch you in the mouth if you'd like to try it for real.
  2. Maybe Im a little slow from not eating dinner yet, but isn't that sarcasm?
  3. Im sorry but I would like to recant my statement about CTM's crisco's fetsih. I was being an insensitvie fat jerk and Im very very sorry. I will leave now and never return.
  4. Combine them. Have a contest too see what midget can rope climb up Oden's gigantic schlong first, the first midget to his belly button gets 20k in v cash.
  5. Change to an elastic waistband and hand out with people fatter than you. I'll pm you my schedule.
  6. I know dude. I'll never understand CTM's fascination with you. Im amazed at how well you conduct yourself in such dire circumstances. We can only hope he gets some help.
  7. We have a consensual fondness of one another. Neither violent nor physical. Unlike your Crisco fetish of Klecko's gigantic azz. Thats downright scary and sometimes I fear for him.
  8. He's single, he still thinks he has a chance.
  9. I covered that earlier but I guess you missed it.
  10. Funny they don;t mention Randy Moss's age in the article. I guess WR's get faster as they get older. I do agree Pat's are the team to beat but to act like Jet's running attack is insignificant is just stupid.
  11. I think it's brilliant. Lets say your on vacation and you try to grab something off the stove that too hot and burn all ten of your fingers. The squares are big enough where you can use your penis to navigate. Kinda chauvinistic, but it is a mans world baby.
  12. It;s peer group too. He see's the way other guys get paid and thinks he's every bit as valuable as them so why not want that big chunk of chang?. CTM is exactly right, the more you have the more you want. Im proof, the bigger I am the bigger I get. Easy really.
  13. Bible Bernie just called and wanted me to let you know your going to he.... Ahhh you know the rest.
  14. Vince is fat and groceries aren;t cheap. End of story, pay his fatazz and get on with it.
  15. Dude Joey Porter is a headcase on the downside of his career. Stop trying to unload him here, I know you where born in the back of a pickup at a flea market. But still, try to break the cycle.
  16. Ok, but nothing cuts the wind like a layer of blubber. Ask my personal trainer Tubby.
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