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  1. You are starting to crack me up. Seems you attack any QB mentioned on this board not named Sanchez.
  2. CLASSIC. But why does he get all the doughnuts. Doesnt seem fair.
  3. I read this and immediately heard the Dire Straights song "Money for nothing... " Im sorta hoping he's at least paying for chicks.
  4. Since people are making free sigs, I would like one combing Rex Ryan, a huge Buffet and a stripper named desire. Thanx in advance The Crusher.
  5. All of that is nothing more than silly talk and "what ifs" useless. The fact is Mark Sanchez started the season a a rookie and finished as a QB with two playoff wins. The rest is talk. One day I hope Henne can do the same. Orrrr maybe I dont.
  6. Hey I d like you to know that my son may own the only Brad Smith jersey ever made. So now your blaming Klecko, join the club pal, join the club
  7. I like you, you remind me of rainman. Lets see Crusher talks about two starting QBs for two divsional teams and you compare one of the best receivers in the game to a rookie guy who wasn;t drafted? Dude, come on thats dumber than Im fat.
  8. It left when the PLAYOFF leading rusher left the game with an injury. I knew the game was over at that point. Even the food started tasting bad.
  9. He didn;t. Then who did? Someone was playing QB and we dont have anyone on the team named running game or defense. Just because the Jets have a better running game then you guys. funny how that changed when it mattered. Just because the Jets had a much much better playoff game winning caliber defense than you guys. He still played QB so he still lead the team. Did he put the team on his shoulders and tkae a game over, no not yet. But maybe we should let him start a couple dozen times after high school ball before we judge.
  10. You forgot one very important stat. Playoff wins Sanchez 2 Henne 0 I know the Jets are a better team and all but playoff wins are a little better than QB ratings. Unless your a Pennington guy,.
  11. No doubt Henne has shown ability to play well with diversity. But again, I don;t agree his extra playing in time hasn;t helped him, Sanchez came onto a team after 11 college starts. I think that matters. Hene is at least a year and a half ahead of Sanchez. This year? No way Sanchez uses his arm to come back against anyone. We haven;t use him that way and honestly Im glad about that. Klecko is having fun with you guys. Personally I was impressed by Henne this year and think he will be a very good QB. Definately will improve as his reciever core improves.
  12. Your confusing me. I just ate so it's not my blood sugar. I understand we are a run first team, but he did have a few key passes for firstdowns and touchdowns during some wins. He also has two play off wins. The kids did enough. Considering this is the first year he was old enough to drink, thats pretty good. I was still trying to convince ugly woman to sleep with me at his age.
  13. Im sorry man. Thats awful and so is this. As a Dad of 5 I couldn't even fathom it. So important to talk to your kids everyday and see whats up with them. so important.
  14. Your my most favorite Pats fan. But i don;t agree with this. We got hot late and thats the difference. until we can smack you guys around and win the division consistently, I still think the Pats are the team to beat. Besides Chowderella, what about the Dolphins sweeping the Jets. Huh, what about that?
  15. I like you your funny. Sanchez is a rookie QB with 11 college starts. he was used the way he should have been and his struggles proved our staff was right. But again he served his team well. You stick with your Aqua and Orange because I start to giggle just saying that. Dolphins are also known to be mistakenly put into cans with tuna. This is something i could live with. Funny to me that you have only taken flight with gay male attendants. I usually get unlucky and end up with big titted chicks with 1000 dollar smiles. Maybe you should stop flying Dolphag Air?
  16. Facts are for pusssies. Real men just make sh1t up and insist it;s right.
  17. Sounds like someone gets it and wants to win a playoff game? Maybe two? Maybe not?
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