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  1. Actually that direct snap to Leon was quite sweet. Oh you meant... nevermind LOL
  2. No kidding. I accidently swallowed my fork....... again.
  3. Joe Namath. Now STFU and don;t question me. You must trust the fatness, the fatness loves you.
  4. I rep JiF outta love and because he's the best damn terribly under rated poster on this board. I know you find it hard to believe and swallow for that matter, but your the only one I give rep to for oral pleasures. Now are secret is out you will be a mod by Monday. Congrats
  5. The Crusher


    RIP and never to be forgotten.
  6. I agree with this. Sad to beg for rep. I save all mt begging for food. GOB? got any extra doughnuts?
  7. I like my stuff fresh man. I take it right in the garden. Besides the house rules have been firmly set by Ms Crusher, I may have sex with any produce I like, but keep my fat ass off the table.
  8. big deal. Ive been so drunk and so horny at times Ive banged produce.
  9. And if she didn't you would never get laid.
  10. If Klecko could rep himself he would never leave the house.
  11. Agreed. Grown man fitting in a closet. Preposterous.
  12. So your saying you never cranked one out to Ms Piggy? No way JiF and I are the only ones who have, no way.
  13. Says you. The little blonde with the 8 inch grin and cheerleading outfit begs to differ. Joe still has it.
  14. no idea. My ass is so big I could have them dance the Riverdance on it and I wouldn;t notice.
  15. What are you letting the fat girls get on top again? Cutting of the blood to your brain Boopsie, I was agreeing you have it. Though I think you may have just lost it.
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