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  1. Yes, "Glutony Man", eats faster than a speeding a speeding bullet, flatulence more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap Jif's last three dates in a single bound (not really). Look at that Buffet, its a hippo, its a blimp, its Glutony man.
  2. I think I would be horrified at how many time you've pleasured yourself to your avatar. Horrified. Klecko is a victim here.
  3. Nice job JVOR FOS Doggin, for his open display of disdain towards those of us who wrassle gravity more than most. Also remember this, he is Doggin.
  4. Since it took you bunch of Nancy's 3 weeks to sign up for this game I would just tell you that I leave for my vacation next Saturday. No effect on the game but I wanted to share because Im really excited. Bought a new bathing suit. If anyone overly pisses me off this game, say CTM just for a random player. I will pm you a picture of myself in it going for the blue dot left hand while playing beach twister. Good luck and welcome new players and semi new players and semi noobs and new noobs. I like boobs.
  5. We don;t care who you are. We are just glad you decided to come play teh mafia.
  6. Holy crap. I hate to be their when the reality check hits the mailbox.
  7. Mac Have Serena and Venus as your teams owner or have a Woody
  8. Yes it does. Do you work parties?
  9. I wish I was close enough to you to give you a hug. I really do. You need a hug.
  10. Serena and Venus behind noodles in the wildcat? CHAMPIONSHIP
  11. You actually happen to be one of my all time favorite posters, providing you're the same neckdemon from JI. If your not, I don;t like you that much either.
  12. I thought you rinsed them and handed them out to the talent at "Rico's house of Cellulite and raw bar."
  13. My 3 year old Pitbull will have one of these. He's very open minded.
  14. I sometimes wonder how good fried chicken taste. Does anyone here know?
  15. Sixth sense scared the hell out of me. I actually stopped pumping popcorn into my mouth during that movie for about 4 seconds. haven't happened since.
  16. Yeah like I can reach it by myself. Your stoopid is showing.
  17. He is certainly the most dynamic playmaker. but hey if that's not your thing, defense does win championships.
  18. If Plaxico shot himself in Va... They would have gave him a band aide and a ride to the gun store so he could choose a weapon with a more absolute safety. Then enrolled him in a gun safety class.
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