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  1. Maybe he came full circle and he will give us 3 or more games like he did earlier this year. This would be a very good, grapes will flow.
  2. Hmm, un-comfortable. Great game tonight. Go Jets. Talk to you later.
  3. Thanks dude I feel like a chunky but sexy Alice in Wonderland. Yes, being a Jet fan and feeling this good at this time of the year is at least that weird. I
  4. He has come on like heartburn after chilli. This guy is peaking at the right time for us, this is very good.
  5. Barm nice to see you. I think its awesome that church reaching out to the wicked and down trodden. Never been a fan of shops, Im way to big a load to be able to convince myself nobody sees me.
  6. Really? I miss one day on shaving and stores start complaining when I walk inside with Mrs Crusher. Maybe I should lose some weight and stop walking on all fours?
  7. Play action Sanchez to someone for some yards and some cheers. Tommorrow will be epic. HD
  8. Makes sense, this is a Jet message board.
  9. Mock if you must EY. These guys will be stars. No way they don;t end up on "America's dumbest criminals" Suddenly I fear for every 7-11 on the planet.
  10. Thank you I remember the pic now. I feel better. if you where here I would buy you a sandwich of your choice and only eat half before I gave it to you.
  11. I could feed you grapes while you drive, Im good like that. Maybe even if a reach around if the mood strikes.
  12. Id sneak up on a cow take a bite out of his ass and be happy personally. I love steak. Two that I like that are in the DC that haven;t been mentioned are. The Scotch and Sirloin or The Red Rock Canyon grill The first is a classic steakhouse with aged Colby and they bring it to your table to pick out your steak. ****ing nice right their. The second is a high end eating joint with alot of menu choices but silly silly steak. I usually have to go to the mens room to crank one out once or twice during dinner because its that good. Not sure how it is in Boston because I won;t go to a state without a Sizzlers, Dr's order you know.
  13. This is weird to me. Everyone knows I started at JI and then came here to play teh mafia. I loves teh mafia. But, I have no idea who this DWC dude is. Did he have another name first because I have no idea who he is. Except what I here of him. Who was he? the vinny loving kid? Kobe? Or is it possible my fatazz just missed this dooshbag? He doesn't seem very nice. Thats why I like JN better, its a kindler gentler interwebz for Jet fans.
  14. **** it, if only you where born with dyslexia you could have been a contender. Always a winner in my eyes Boopsie.
  15. Do welcome wagons usually have a dining cart?
  16. It's 2009 and your defense is pedestrian. I think Belli believes he can plug in anyone and win. Not to mention you guys haven't really kept too many draft picks around in resecent years. I know Mayo and Im sure one or two more but you been swinging and missing as well. Seymour still had some good play left and he's a known commodtiy. I actually meant Vrabel not Bruschi. Sorry my bad. Good looking out.
  17. Well some idiot sent Seymour packing. Tossed Bruschi too. More of belli's genius no? We only have one pro bowler on defense. What's you point?
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