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  1. Vic? I sorta trust you. only nervoeu when you went after I did with my joke, i got aweomse reason
  2. Nope pooppy pants. Crusher wants town to help me. I really get to whack some, its awesome, I ****ING LOVE BLEEDIN GREEN
  3. Finally at my cpomputer hey baby, how you doing? No you can't. Causwe Bleedin gave me best role ever. Bullet proof and I get to whack someone/. Postmortem. Yep. if I have to be lynch just wnat help choosing who to kill problem i28 onlty one i trust I have adefens but Im toast, bunch a beer, ogt makers mark now, my life is good
  4. hey i also called you a gas station attendent lol
  5. ok, no mor I phone, be home in15.. if you lynch me just make sure you cut me into pieces first, dont want the sarlac to choke. poor sweet misunderstood sarlac
  6. Hessstation, i wish i was near the one you worked at, i would come get gas, and cornnuts, i ****ing lovveo cornhnuts
  7. \\\ boopsie!!! hey guess what? Im the godfather,, who you want me to shoot,, i will shoot anybody you like ecept I28,, hes my furry friend/
  8. I try to be aa good dad. I do but mydughter wont get me tacos, i be home soon, and my defwes wil be awesoem
  9. ****ing caqnadiens. no, just answer the questuion or Ill whack you,
  10. wheres I28 rodent azz. i need to aks him soenthig
  11. hinting, math dorc, i juust told yoju i dont ****ing care. this my mafia game, youn guys are pusssies
  12. not juast that. I cant be nighkilled;. nope. no way, Im abd mother****er, you;llsee whrn they lynch me, bad.. manm iwant tacos. i willdefdend when i get a keyboard
  13. ok im gonna be homw in. wait Im gonna stop and get tacos. my daiughrter keeps telling me fat dads donet get taco's. i hae to go home and eat hciken . I like chciken,. but right now I want to bounce tothe border. home in20 minute unless i get tacos
  14. defend what. Im just wnat to know who azz to kick. Thtas it, Im, ok withgetiing lynched. my fingers are too for for a I phone vic? could you wash the sperm of your I pad so ican use it?
  15. Vic guess what? Im the godfaqther. yep. Sharrow got pac man fever and saw me in his feverish dream. Vic I like you. Your always nice. who you think is second faovvetie scum behind me.
  16. Jif is abeutiful man. Pac's lady friend wont stop calling me.
  17. DPR I see you lurking you doirty little stinky pirate. I make you walk the plank if i had a pooll full of beer, then I would do a huge belly flop. Pleaae dot get mad and not plya here again., Smc didnt mena to be mean,. He just get cranky cause his Hentai tattoss where off sometime.
  18. Hess who you sevond faortie for scum.
  19. How about I let you sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas? Serious. Your my fvorite here. Boopsie is my mancrush., But you make interwebbing fun for me. You cann lynch me but I need I28 to help me first.
  20. Good call CTM. Not like the game ended and Im in traffic. I love beer CTM. I love makers mark. But beer makes my belly feel so good and useful. I love yout oo
  21. In traffic on daughters boyfriends I phone. ****ing Caps. I would just like to start by adding. I ****ing love beer at a hockey game. So cold so good so boutiful. I will defend when I get home. Just in case I get lynched quickly. Got a question for I28. Other than me who do you think is scum? Really important to the rebellion. you answer this question carefully. I cannot express that enough.
  22. ...And from the jungle of the Jets message board Mighty Joe awakes Damn this the most reasonable unreasonable nonsense Ive read in the last who da hell knows pages. Yes mofo's their is strength in numbers and every Rebel is worth saving. I truly believe that and Im gonna **** someone up if they roll on that. I love my rebel brothers, long love the south you mutter pucker. I dont think Klecko my Gecko, it's a matter of you being the quietest, it's the matter of you being so unlike your usually boisterous nonsmoking sexy self. Yet, being attacked earlier this game myself, just like you understood me I understand you. not sure how much you endured because I still aint done readoing. Just feel for you. I blame your quietness on the draft and the excitement of the board, makes more sense as an excuse for you than anyother person on this here meassage board rib Van Winkle. Really? Not sure why you think he would have investigated you so far. For me before last night you really haven;t been under that much attention? Have you? Dog? You've been mnetioned but mostly as more of a boredom vote. Yet, maybe your just being Kleck and doing your own little version of meaage board narcisim. It's cute and endearing to me. I have a pet pit bull, his name is Tu Pac, we're kindred eating spirits. I can of like the next one I highlighted. It does feel like SMC and CTM are either trying to pull of a very very impressive gambit, but I'm just saying that because I've been at DM alot and I've been trying to fit into the chess club comraderie and not so well. Last sentence Im thinikng your just getting a little flustered because thats kinda a wierd way to put what your doing. I understand if you hwere here and trying to find sucm but not getting to carried away and throwing a fit like I did earlier. Difference between us is Im bout ready to go cajun buffet fire breathin ninja on somebody if they step. You just seem sorta uncomfortable. Slihglty perturb, a little annoyed, awkwardly semi-normal. Just a little but understood. Keeping in mind the exciteable purveyor of bountiful blessing, aka fat ****s, like us have it tuff around here. Everyone has it out numbers and aint fraid to step on our gigantic toes to get us going. So0 anyways. Im not caught up but likes this post and thought I would add my thoughts on brother klecko, rather than accuse him of not contributing. Speaking of contributing? Wheres Sharrow? Probably wanking to a Sidney Crosby highlight film. I wont be on tonihgt. Wnaa no why? No *******s CTM, Sizzlers ian;t having a going out of business sale, and everything must go. No Im heading out to the Verison center to watch the mother****ing Washington Capitals bitch slaps the Montreal Canadien Bacon, not that I dont love bacon, but they bout to get friend and eatin. Oh yes Eventually Im hoping the main course gonna be some braized penguin, with sweet and sour sauce froma plum reduction. The Caps gonna gobble that **** up like the Sarnac when DPR and Doggin came a visisditng. Oh yes. Got cheap seats with my Daughter and her boyfriend. They envited me cause the tickets aren't complimentary. We got cheap ones because I got five kids and gonna drink 300 dollars of beer. I aint gonna see **** after the first period. Just sit their drunk as **** with all that cheering I start thinking Im at a damn Jets game. Begin screaming the Jets chant and try and jump on my daughters Boyfriends shoulders, killing him, then take my daughter to Georgetown shopping and try and convince her to not tell her mother and let her think the metro bus got him. Same thing. I will try and come back before I pass out trying to convince miss Crusher I aint drunk and she looks like the kinda girl that likes drunk fat slobs. Worked before, you never know. I love you all and GO CAPS!!!!! J-E-T-S Caps Jets Schnapps.
  23. No time to do much more. I have read up to here and not even close to voting for anyone yet. Gone for a couple hours and will return.
  24. OK, so maybe 6 maker marks during the draft was a little much.
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