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  1. Somewhere Tiger Woods is in a no **** zone and feels a little better about himself.
  2. Damn it my wife just threw me out and I have no where to live. What will I ever do, wait whats this?
  3. Maybe he met up with a hot milf and is discussing quantum physiscs as it relates to doggy style and mini vans.
  4. WHAT? This makes Crusher unhappy.
  5. Nice. The "Elephantitis of the skull" Mark Sanchez t-shirt.
  6. Is it ok to shave your nuts and face with the same razor. Does that make you sorta gay or just lazy. Asking for a friend.
  7. It's not that bad. Just wear sweatpants.
  8. Do you think Gholston will have a sack by then?
  9. It does have a sorta third world swagger? No?
  10. Nice reference. I just watched that movie for the 27th time the other night. I agree it's gotta to be predominantly mental. This is why I think getting pass that lawsuit may help, and hopefully we'll see a more focused and consistent Braylon in the playoffs.
  11. Do you think he could be worked with and improve to catch sorta like Tiki Barbers got cured for his fumbalitis?
  12. Seems they been working up to that. Keep showing it with no throwing then when we need it for the win, he airs one out. I just hope he throws the ball a little better than Lamont Jordan.
  13. For me it's hiding under a blanket like a little girl during big plays and asking my family "Is it over, is it over"?
  14. Absolutely. They guy is pretty amazing considering he can;t catch a football yet the other team STILL has to plan for him just in case he does catches it. I hope he stays and I really think as he gets comfortable he will start catching the ball better, and if he doesn;t the other team still has to run with him.
  15. Yeah if your banging one of their wifes or girlfriends, if not then no.
  16. Cause your a left eye dominant misfit like me.
  17. It's truly amazing. I live in Virgina and even the local stations are yapping about the Jets. One guy was saying they need to follow our recipe for building an O line. They would be right.
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