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  1. Good thing they didn't go with Holy Diver. No way I let the Dolphags play in my stadium. No way.
  3. Holy Diver is truly Blessed to have you as his sidekick, truly blessed. I love you G.S, and Im not just saying that because I know you still have half a sandwich from lunch in your Holy Diver lunchbox.
  4. Maybe but Holy Diver keeps his wallet in his ass crack. Max will need time off for this. Excellent job, GS
  5. Holy Diver has changed nothing, nothing has changed holy diver. I like your name you dont have to change it.
  6. Excellent choice I approve. Holy Diver and his sidekick "guacomole survivor" Holy Diver feels more powerful than ever with his new sidekick. G.S., that short for guacomole survivor, please use your powers of intelligence to embed our theme song into our thread.
  7. Yes CTM Holy Diver has approved you as his sidekick. Max is working on your namechange as we speak.
  8. You know what you are? Shiny diamonds Like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue Something is coming for you Yes this is true. This something will be sleeping in bunkbeds and getting Holy Divers autograph Super Bowl Sunday.
  9. Holy Diver is not to be gotten nor is he to be forgotten. He just is. HOLY DIVER
  10. Holy Diver loves Johnny and both of his green balls. I hope one day I can share in the majesty that is your flatulence. Your wife is very lucky. Very lucky
  11. Holy Diver = Championship. We will not being playing the Browns, we will be playing a team with purple helmets. Their QB will be a Doosh. THE HOLY DIVER HAS SPOKEN.
  12. Holy diver thinks you may want to avoid exchanging anything in the mod lounge. Especially body fluids. You've been warned.
  13. Holy diver isn;t fat. He's abundant.

  14. This about Holy Diver. The thread title is a dead give away. No I never look at my food before I eat it. Blind calories weigh less.
  15. You needed in the Holy diver thread

  16. Johny Green Balls you may have the same color testicles as the Incredible hulk but that does not give you the right to name Holy Diver.
  17. Thanx but Holy Diver is a non-profit. Besides Max is working on the name change as we speak. Max is all powerful and will grant the wish of Holy Diver. He is working on the name change as we speak.
  18. The name has change but the appetite stays the same. By the way I hope you don;t mind me saying this but if your not paying attention i may eat you. (no homo, I think)
  19. Bob since your name suggests buoyancy float me a little love and refer to me as Holy Diver. Max is working on the name change. Thank you and fleece be with you. Its cold out.
  20. Please refer to me as Holy Diver. Max is working on the name change as we speak Thank you. Holy Diver You've been down too long in the midnight sea Oh what's becoming of me Ride the tiger You can see his stripes but you know he's clean Oh don't you see what I mean Gotta get away Holy Diver Shiny diamonds Like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue Something is coming for you Race for the morning You can hide in the sun 'till you see the light Oh we will pray it's all right Gotta get away-get away Between the velvet lies There's a truth that's hard as steel The vision never dies Life's a never ending wheel Holy Diver You're the star of the masquerade No need to look so afraid Jump on the tiger You can feel his heart but you know he's mean Some light can never be seen
  21. I keep forgetting your also blessed with abundance. We may just have a few people help us out, we could call it "hands across our fat azzes" maybe make an albunm or at least a trip to Sizzler.

  22. Fine if thats the way you feel then Im cutting back on my reach arounds

  23. A boner? Hmmmm, I can;t really tell from where Im standing. I'll have to find either a shoe mirror or a midget and get back to you. Thanx.
  24. Thank you sweet sweet Boopsie. It's a labor of love. Unlike walking which is just a labor. EY.. nicely done.
  25. Following RJF excellent advice this is how it should work. Boys getting ready for night out in NYC from EY's famed Manhattan Bachelor pad. cousin: I miss my sweetheart EY: NO cousin: I can;t wait till Im back with her EY: NO cousin: She's the only woman for me EY: NO EY's girlfriend walks in with a couple stellar girlfriends. EY's girl: Hey, this is Angela and Amy. Amy wearing a hot jean mini and a little sexy and a little loose lifts up her skirt showing no panties and her nicely shaven muff. Cousins cell phone ringing cousin: Hello ball and chain: I miss you come back to Kansas I need you cousin: NO EY: YESS!!! RJF saves the day.
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