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  1. OH NO YOU DIDNT!! I hope you get modkilled for that.
  2. Know what? Max should thank us for playing teh mafia goodness here. Everyone of the top poster for the last day are in this game except one. Klecko.
  3. So Im the inspiration of your funniness? Yeah me.
  4. You are very funny tonight. Did your lady friend stop by for a conjugal visit?
  5. Thats wasn;t an IROC Z, thats was a Z28. Irocs came out in the 90's.
  6. That reminds me last years bathing suit was getting a little tight.
  7. 1 copy of Jesse James and Sandra Bullocks sex tape?
  8. I don't drink wine, sulfites make my fat head hurt. But I do dig da Makers Mark
  9. Its because you know me so well. Your my Dan X.
  10. Slats go back a page I already did mine. Sharrow I know is known as a quiet player and a nighttime person but he has been pretty scarce.
  11. Just got back to the house. For me I have to go with AVM- Interesting post Dan X pulled for him and I agree that he's tip toeing. Not uncommon for scum to go lightly to not agitate anyone. Especially day one. Dan X- playing really clean and her defense of Slats is still sticking out to me. Also she said earlier I should know how she plays as scum from JVOR's game I was on vacation during and paid little attention, not sure why one game together as scum makes an expert on her scumocity. Bleedin- Dont want to let him feel left out and I know the less he seems like scum more likley he is. Record of crusing to end game and dogging the town.
  12. Actually you should be thankful he made you legendary.
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