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  1. Oh hell no. This is a trap. Last time I called DPR out in a game, I died at L7. 3 votes out of 10 and wham, my family is looking for a used piano case for a casket.
  2. I picked Taylor because we need sacks. Plain and simple.
  3. Me too. Im almost considering dropping a bunch of weight to be like Rex. ALMOST.
  4. Thats awesome dude. Not that I know you but Im very proud of you. Make sure you work hard at it and make the most of it. Make sure you keep in mind the whole time your in school that eventually you'll be turning this into your career and a long successful life. Besides for the most part educated people make more money on average and more money equals better Vajayjay.
  5. Not me but the situation I put myself in. I meant more of an easy lynch after I turn up town because my outburst would be a great excuse for lynching me. I said that if you read the whole post.
  6. Yikes!! I think you have philanderer fail my friend.
  7. He's 100% correct. This wa s way more aggressive because I thought Slats was saying I was laying low with Sharrow last game at the beginning. He said this at the beginning of this day so I thought he meant the same thing. Truth is I posted like a mad man early day opne last time because I was alnoe and trying to get something going. Slats meant about before AVM's lynch and he is 100% correct I did lay low then. No doubt. Slats and I misunderstood one another and I explained it about 10 times now. The thing is as scum this game do I go off like that after a single vote. No, I haven't done that since I first started playing. Even last game I sloft off the first few votes and trains as scum because I wanted to do my best in SMC's game. This game I was relaxed and enjoying it and Slats post caught me off gurad and I reacted. But nothing like I reacted to my FIRST vote last game. They are comparing a first vote of a game (this one) to many votes after numerous trains and a bad case I made on Pac(last game). If it takes me to get lynched for people to see that, fine. They meaning Doggin and JVOR seem like oppurtunistic scum. Slats Im sorta halfway one but honestly read my last few p[ost Im thinking it was a mistake. On my part for assuming he was talking about early game. I should have asked nice before I went off. Just still tired and weary from that last game.
  8. Fine go get 6 more people who I agree and find out how badly your reading this. Everything is based on my reaction last game and this game and the situations are so different its silly. But honestly, lynch me and find out. I dare you JVOR.
  9. Not framing but taking advantage of an easy lynch. Also I have said that Im not sure about Slats in my last comments about him. Actually once I calmed down and realize where the confusion was between us I have pretty much apologized and really not expecting much from Slats. This what I see with you and Doggin. You first. I blow up becsause Slats and I where both talking about different parts of the same day. You jump on it and agree with him because of my reaction? I just found it very odd that you and him had the same thought at the same time about a day that he mentioned in the game he was thinking about it. Or my first post was so damning it was an easy choice. It was snaky and frustrated its your vote that sent me off. So you seem like oppurtunistic scum. Thats it, all I have. Doggin on the other hand seems off but in realtion to the vote he made on me. It makes perfect sense. I get into it with Slats then you pile on and I get even more pissed because Im still thinking about a part of the day that was opposite to what Slats says. Now Doggin knows how I play and he knows I get super defensive when Im town. But insiste on keeping his vote. Why ? Because he thinks Im scum? No, I dont think so. He's at #3, I turn up innocent which I will and every and anyone can just say... "Gee Crusher sure got mad just like last game" and everyone half nods and a Twonie dies. Perfect way to lynch a townie and I just believe it's a play Doggin makes as scum and may not make as town. It's a guess like everything day one. If thats not good enough then lynch me and find out.
  10. Man, we so owned in that game. Twas Teh Awesome. Matter of fact it was I believe my second game ever. I've read and caught up. I do only have about 15 minutes before having to leave and will be back around 9ish. Doggin does make some goo points and that should not surprise anyone. He is Teh Doggin and the reason some of us do enjoy Teh mafia goodness. I love him for that. But, this game he is playing off in my opinion, either making mistakes no one would expect him to or trying to set something up. Or it may be DPR is here and it's making it harder for Doggin to get anything by because they have played a ton together and DPR is a mafia savant. Doggins post about the Doc protect reaks to high heaven to me. maybe Im wrong, but Ive never been in a game where the Doc doesn;t self protect for a couple nights until someone seems worth saving. Ie the cop or other power role. His reasoning is.. it's ok because their are so many people in the game no way scum hits the Doc. by the same token though no Townie is expendable, any townie is expendable compared to a power role. I mean most games start off Day 1 with a townie lynch and a townie night kill no? Not always but more than not. So though I love I128 how does the scum killing him different from the scum killing any other townie. Now I know it's a good thing to know we have a confirmed innocent but at the expense of losing a power role? No matter how small the chance of them gett ing lucky. Doesn;t seem right to me. Combine this with a mafia watcher and you have a brilliant mafia play. They watch I28 and see who shows up and lynch another twonie. The next night the night in shining armour is dead. Also I do realize that my reaction to Sats was over the top. But I also explained very clearly about the mix up in what part of the day in question we where both talking about. Not to mention Doggin has played and modded many a game I played and has seen me lose as an innocent a few times, hell probably three times on CTM alone. Also with all hye has played with me and everyone else has played with me? Answer this? Is Crusher more likely to go nuts after one measly vote he doesn't think he deserves by the other person reasoning as Town or as scum? This isn;t halfway thru a day phase and numerous votes and trains like last game. This is a single vote that just ahppen to piss me off because I got cunfused about what time of the day Slat was talking about. I know Im not like Teh Doggin but Ive played enough mafia to not go nuts after a single vote. many votes and crazy pressure plau a ridicolous failed case on Pac sure , but a single freakin vote, no way. I wouldn't. Few games back I saw Kleck lynched for the same thing. my reaction was that of a wronged townie. Everyone else who plays with me see's that but Doggin who played with me as much and mossed just as many games doesn;t buy it? Really? Now Im not taking my vote of JVOR because I think he's not guilty. No not at all I think he very well may be dirty. But, I really think we found one in Teh Doggin this game. So unvote vote Teh Doggin
  11. Damn Jason Taylor is already in Football shape. Sweet.
  12. Hey, it was only that one time and STM was drunk. Doggin seems scummy day 1 regardless of his alignment. that said I will have to re-read when I have time tonight. But, he has pinged me all game. Ever since that really early Doc protect I28 post. I know he defended by saying it was too high a number of players for scum to figure out who was the Dr, but still little too pushy and obviously a bad idea.
  13. Truth his he would have done it for 12.
  14. I remember sitting next to my grandma crying like a little girl watching Joe Willy playing in a Rams uniform. It was awful. But as soon as he retired I easily let it go. Now I only cry when I run out of food.
  15. Do that got one called, "Holy Shiit my state is bankrupt?"
  16. No. But when I go swimming in Myrtle Beach the Outer Banks get flooded. I sorta took the hint from that.
  17. Interesting, thats about the same time I was potty trained. Hmmmm
  18. Awesome job Kleck. Probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. I too have been struggling with my weight, but Im just fat not an ex smoker.
  19. This. More than likely it's nonsense released to obscure our plans for draft day. All of sudden we have needs in positions that people thought are filled. This sounds like poo.
  20. Well then, let me get this out of the way. Your a dude, right?
  21. You shirtless smothered in gravy laying on a bed of Kentucky Fried checking. Oh yes.
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