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  1. Hmmmmm. Not sure I like this. Dan X mysteriously gone and Sweet Boopsie mysteriously busy at work. I feel a Hagendaz moment coming.
  2. Not really. I love teh Ms Crusher so much not really interested in sampling groupies. But if they have one of those fancy green room musician buffets, this is something I would happily do.
  3. Im really struggling here. I keep reading this thread and though caustic as usual Pac is really just being Pac. So hard with him because he's an absolute a tool as a townie and so easy to want to kill. Bleeding Green's post about Pac being easy to go after because he is such an overeactvie toolbag is kinda hitting me like Danx's defense of Slats. Kinda makes sense. Yet neither JVOR or Integrity is pinging me. So rather than take the easy way out and lynch old nasty caustic smelly Pac Im going to back off and re-read. But if I find out at the end of the game Bleedin and Pac are scummates and I was duped I will beat you both over the head with a stick of pepperoni. then eat it cause it's yummy. Also Pac did do a good job last game locating the scum just is such a dink nobody wanted to listen to him. Besides it's kinda funner to verbally abuse him than lynch him. At least for now. unvote
  4. No kidding. It makes me think of idiots who think they can potty train a puppy by sticking their face in the poo. "Bad Sandra, Bad Sandra"
  5. Why do you think they where pushing it? Because you have earned that reputation.
  6. Thats part of it. Even when you do have the mafia nailed no one wants to listen to you because your you. I actually commented that early on you had two of them FOS, Yet again everyone has you pegged as the Doc and cop killer. If you remember the town lost last game. So maybe you should relax on the back patting.
  7. I love pork chops. Got a chance to read thru since leaving the game last night and though I need to go back thru again this is what I think so far about the vote getters. Integrity- Interesting train. Seems to be based on his on and off vote of me. Strange indeed but not sure too scummy. First off people jump on and off scum hunting alot. CTM did it earlier but didn;t get noticed, cause thats what he does. Integrity defended himself pretty well and we need to keep in mind he is only in his second game. I'm leaning towards noob finding his way on this one and doing pretty well at it. JVOR- Toiugh one for me because he pwned my jumbo azz in the crazy cop game and now I sorta have mafia induced mild disdain for him. His reaction seemed a little heatd towards Pac but Pac is Pac. My challenge with him being scum is he has made some pretty town friendly post. Now I know scum does that at times, but Im not feeling that. Besides I think alot of his game meachanics discussion was early enough in the game to not be a mafia distraction and seemed genuine. Pac- Oh Pac. Our lady friends second choice. He did seem to come into the game quiet and got to be Pac "the destroyer" rather quickly when called on it. Also his case against Integerity kinda border on bullying, which is 100% normal for Pac, but still makes me nervous. Pac is such a hard call because he is usually so brutal as town it's hard to get a feel for him as scum. Though Vic's talk about the timing of Pac's typical nonsense actually makes sense to me. It does seem l.ike Pac caught himself not being Pac enough and decided to go ito full Pac mode. Plus to put it bluntly, short of him possibly having a town role, he is really not of much value to the town. Some may say an actual detriment, alot like his palsy walsy CTM. Nothing else on anyone seems to stick out to me. Slats was my early favorite but Dan X made some good points and even my second time through he seems a little off but fine. So I'll vote: PAC Partly because of his timing coming into the game and then deciding to get all Paccy on everyone and secodnly because if an innocent does die today it may as well be the second most dangerous one to the town. If he got somevotes I would also kill CTM for the same reason. Well that and for fun.
  8. Maybe you should adopt me. I can almost play the triangle and tap my foot to the beat.
  9. Sorry guys but Im getting hammered at the office today. Got a girl out with the pregnancy bug and my assistant had a scheduled day off. So I have to work rather than enjoy the mafia goodness. I do lunch at 1:00, very excited about that, I will catch up the read and chime in during my ceremonial slaughtering of my vittles.
  10. Thats true. My bad. Just so you know my interwebz persona is no longer a fat ghey dude, now Im a fat ghey chick. The power of the interwebz is endless.
  11. What? Do you live under a rock? Dan X and I came out a game ago. The mafia goodness brings out the best in people.
  12. I think your the only one interested in the answer to that question. I blame CTM.
  13. Wow your even twisting words in non-game related post. Just can;t help yourself could you? Your unwrapped this game.
  14. Once again your fascination with other men's bodies rears its ugly head.
  15. Your a disgusting nerd boy. JiF and I have constantly assured you are relationship is purely based on a mutual cyber respect for each others impressive ability to mack. JiF and I both mad skill at pulling lady friends. For real. .
  16. Those are good points. You and Slats play very similar. I almost remember him whining about being scum. I was on vacation that game and wasn;t really concentrating. Maybe he is switching his game up, he might be more relaxed in his role with time to enjoy the game tonight before he sleeps as we work. I'm going to unvote because you convinced me, but if he comes up dirty I will gently place a gigantic swollen finger of suspicion on your shoulder and tell you, "Missy you got some splaining to do." unvote
  17. Damn last games beaten has turned you into the grinch. I will try and tone down my affection for Sweet Boopsie. Last thing I would want on my concious is you getting super upset moving to a mountain hide away with your dog and only coming to JN once a year at Christmas and even then try and ruin it for everybody. no way I would do that, no way.
  18. It's not finger pointing, I find his play odd. He would have got my vote no matter who his vote was on for the same logic.
  19. It's not an OMGUS vote. I don;t think you suck, I actually think your a great player. But I find your play so far this game kinda odd. That might be a good thing because you are usually scum. Let's play it and find out.
  20. Not exactly CTM. My point was SMC talks about assimilate in the setup and obviously tis game will have a from of conversion. The game I referenced alot of us played and I was wondering if SMC was in that game and may have borrowed some of that games twist. I too think that game meachics talk this early could help the town get it's bearings early on. Later in the game not so much because its a good way for scum to get the town off purpose and get them off the hunt. Now I have three people on me and two of them make day 1 sense, but for one of them it's really odd. JiF's vote is a typical day one joke vote. He is jealous of my moonlighting at another site and hates it when I talk about his shark tooth sexy surfer boy necklace. Yet I was excited about my initilas tattooed on his azz. So no worres their. The third vote came from Inegriity. He's not sure if my joking around is normal or Im hiding something. Safe to say Crusher likes to yuck it up day one. Maybe scum trying to get on my wagon early but I get more of a "I'll just pick one townie" vibe. Hard to say. Slats number two vote on me is the one hat really stands out. Reason being Slats is one of the very intelectual players and his vote on me is really strange. Yet he just throws a vote on me because JiF kows me so well. A lazy approach for a pretty astute calculating guy. Almost like he's trying to do something but not wanting to really live up to it. Then this post is really odd to me. So because your usually scum your not scum this time? Then the talk about how taxing it is to be scum, dude , most players seem to enjoy that part of them game more. Just last game people talked about how they would stay on rather than drop out if they where scum rather than vanilla tow. So by no means an OMGUS vote but I'll vote: slats Odd play for him. Now maybe Im just use to Slats toiling away as scum and wouldn't know it at all if he is town. but until something better comes up for day one this is good for me.
  21. Im sorry. But all the attention your getting, especially from MY sweet Boopsie has me a little frazzled. Your right, us woman have to stick together. Hey, that sounds nice.
  22. He voted for me because he gets pissed off when I tell people about the shark tooth necklace he wears. Funny thing is JiF doesn't really knows me no better than anyone else here in reference to the mafia goodness. Even for Day 1 Slats this is quite the stretch. I do agree sweet Boopsie may be up to something, but truth be told seems maybe you are too.
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