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  1. It's not finger pointing, I find his play odd. He would have got my vote no matter who his vote was on for the same logic.
  2. It's not an OMGUS vote. I don;t think you suck, I actually think your a great player. But I find your play so far this game kinda odd. That might be a good thing because you are usually scum. Let's play it and find out.
  3. Not exactly CTM. My point was SMC talks about assimilate in the setup and obviously tis game will have a from of conversion. The game I referenced alot of us played and I was wondering if SMC was in that game and may have borrowed some of that games twist. I too think that game meachics talk this early could help the town get it's bearings early on. Later in the game not so much because its a good way for scum to get the town off purpose and get them off the hunt. Now I have three people on me and two of them make day 1 sense, but for one of them it's really odd. JiF's vote is a typical day one joke vote. He is jealous of my moonlighting at another site and hates it when I talk about his shark tooth sexy surfer boy necklace. Yet I was excited about my initilas tattooed on his azz. So no worres their. The third vote came from Inegriity. He's not sure if my joking around is normal or Im hiding something. Safe to say Crusher likes to yuck it up day one. Maybe scum trying to get on my wagon early but I get more of a "I'll just pick one townie" vibe. Hard to say. Slats number two vote on me is the one hat really stands out. Reason being Slats is one of the very intelectual players and his vote on me is really strange. Yet he just throws a vote on me because JiF kows me so well. A lazy approach for a pretty astute calculating guy. Almost like he's trying to do something but not wanting to really live up to it. Then this post is really odd to me. So because your usually scum your not scum this time? Then the talk about how taxing it is to be scum, dude , most players seem to enjoy that part of them game more. Just last game people talked about how they would stay on rather than drop out if they where scum rather than vanilla tow. So by no means an OMGUS vote but I'll vote: slats Odd play for him. Now maybe Im just use to Slats toiling away as scum and wouldn't know it at all if he is town. but until something better comes up for day one this is good for me.
  4. Im sorry. But all the attention your getting, especially from MY sweet Boopsie has me a little frazzled. Your right, us woman have to stick together. Hey, that sounds nice.
  5. He voted for me because he gets pissed off when I tell people about the shark tooth necklace he wears. Funny thing is JiF doesn't really knows me no better than anyone else here in reference to the mafia goodness. Even for Day 1 Slats this is quite the stretch. I do agree sweet Boopsie may be up to something, but truth be told seems maybe you are too.
  6. WRONG. CTM would leave you in the dust when it comes to the ladies. Check this out: http://www.gk2gk.com/ CTM would be the gk2gk version of Wilt Chamberlain. Yes.
  7. Yeah but your not like all tall and handsome like my sweet Boopsie. He surfs you know, and wears a really hip sharks tooths necklace with MT engraved in it.
  8. Nothing but the attention she is getting from my sweet Boopsie is a little unsettling, though Im trying to cope.
  9. In the future I see Dan X becoming your new lady friend.
  10. Boopsie your so cute feeling all bold and empowered after your first game as a Moderator of the mafia goodness. But you might want to start reading the thread in numerical order and you might noticed I said that before all of the guessing of game mechanics. Also no reason to be hating on my other mafia home. Ive been very patient with all your attention to Dan X and I think you should follow my example of tolerance.
  11. Personally I find Vic's greasy Chilean good looks just as attractive. It's just probably just me... and Dan x. This game may have similar mechanic to DPR's zombie wars game at DM/MJ. I know a ton of us played in it, but not sure if SCM did or not.
  12. While your at it any chance you can extend lunch? Like till maybe July, let's say. Games looks full of awesome mafia goodness.
  13. Jungle Fever with Wesley Snipes was damn good.
  14. I alwasy wonder where the parents are when this happens.
  15. Apparently not, nor do their fat friends.
  16. If theirs room Id like to play unless someone new wants in then I can wait.,
  17. Personally I think a bunch of Porno Stars and Hookers in front of the Masters with Megaphones screaming for Tiger could only help ratings.
  18. Just go's to show you that lynching CTM within a day or two in mafia isn;t a strategy it's a requirement. I'm still baffled you lasted the entire game.
  19. Initiative? Hi my name is Crusher, nice to meet you.
  20. I just had a cranberry bagel with low fat cream cheese and I feel unsatisfied. I sure could use another game of the mafia goodness to ease my pain.
  21. Well done Irish Jet and Dan X. Thank you for carrying Teh Doggin and myself.
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