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  1. Then go ahead and grab another corpse. Plenty to go around.
  2. Im sorry only had 3 Big Macs for lunch, low blood sugar. My bad.
  3. If Im on one of those downed airline and where running out of food. No doubt. Everyone else would be wrestling with the humanity of it and I'd be roasting somebody's carcass over a flame asking "who wants ribs"? Matter of fact I start priortizing people in the terminal before we take off just in case.
  4. Actually I love veggies. I happen to be a very accomplished gardener.
  5. Somewhere theirs ten cats thinking to themselves. "How you like it b1tch?"
  6. Wishbone is salad dressing lettuce head.
  7. My mom used to slap me in the head when I use to take food off other peoples plates.
  8. True, what would a punch a chick in the face thread be like without you?
  9. Maybe you should stop sticking other peoples phones up your ass?
  10. Yeah don't say "here Kitty Kitty" like you usually do in these scenarios.
  11. karate is fine. Just find a school that caters to youngins.
  12. Its awesome for them. My daughters all did TKD when they where little. Start them off in the TKD because its made for little ones. Later on the other disciplines are fun. My 11 year old son Sal does Mua Tai and Joey (Baby Crusher) does Brazilian Ji Jitzu, except during football when he just plays football.
  13. Both my sons have been studying the martial arts since they have been 5. My oldest son, Baby Crusher is age13 5' 10 182 pounds and does competitive grappling. but two years ago when he was still doing TKD he use to get upset when he had to spar with girls, because he knew he wasn't supposed to hit them. I use to love watching him get pummeled by the little girls because he didn't want to hit them back.
  14. Mick mistook idiot juice for orange juice this morning.
  15. Thats because ESPN knows a true dirtbag and criminal when they see em.
  16. I could drink some beer and enjoy the hell out of that music. What one are you?
  17. I really don't. I just remember being really horny when I was your age. never felt threatened by any woman. Except my mom or grandmother when i was a bad Crusher.
  18. See thats my point. Good porn is funny porn. I actually almost worked in one of those places but the owner didn't want to spring for the crane I would have needed to get my gut out of the way. I always wonder what could have been.
  19. Poor Mick, he's being victimized by those big bad mean girls, he has to protect himself.
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