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  1. In a related story the poster known as Doggin was qouted in saying "**** this I will never mod a game again".
  2. No doubt their. They excell at getting free media coverage. I have no problem fundamentally as long as they are willing to pass the A1 sauce as I'm filling my fat mouth breathing self with tasty animal flesh.
  3. No more Ethnic than mine. Northern Va has more Northerners than anything else. Get below Richmond and you might want to purchase "Banjos for dummies" before your trip.
  4. Using chloroform to sedate someone and putting them in the trunk of a car before a Red Sox vs Yankees game does not constitute bar hopping. Even if you did stop off for a drink.
  5. Serious. She would have been better off finding a husband with a bigger penis.
  6. Wok with Yan was a Chinese cooking show starring Stephen Yan. The show was first produced in Vancouver, Canada by the CBC from 1980 to 1982. A second edition of the show was also produced in the early 1990s. The popular series was syndicated internationally in United States, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore for years. Even though Wok with Yan has been out of production for many years, episodes continue to be rerun on Omni Television. Sorry Boro. It was a different guy actually. This cat was funny as hell. He did a cool chicken thing as well.
  7. I love it here. I live about 10 minutes South of DC. Got everything here. School districts are awesome, having 5 kids thats a big factor. The nightlife, culture, and EATERIES are top notch. Not to mention awesome fishing within 15 minutes from my work or home.
  8. My name is Crusher and I like dieting and lying.
  9. Mostly pleasure, except the time I slipped on the fondu spillage and fell on you. Thank God you've been working out.
  10. Sorry.... when I mix ribs and hispanic food I get a little gassy. I still love you my tasty little taco.
  11. Well hell. If feeling about someone like I do JiF makes me gay, well then just go ahead and call me Irish Jet.
  12. Thats because you did 13 body shots off my gigantic buottcks the night you took it. All at one time.
  13. The key is to slather the teeth bit in barbecue sauce.
  14. Why? Quarter of a year too long for a single game?
  15. Calogero (now thats a damn name right their)
  16. Actually I believe he and Dean Martin used it.
  17. Isn't that precious? I believe my parents still have a pair they use to cover the boat. I'll get my dad a boat cover for fathers day and have mom send them down.
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