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  1. So sorry to hear that my man. Really sorry. Im dropping my number for the office and my cell in your PM here and let me know if their is anything we can do to help.
  2. My first post would have got me banned.
  3. Not true. Crusher is very excited about this. I would use the word midget but Im afraid of getting mail from NYMick.
  4. No no no., You misunderstood me, it's lunch and Im typing with my mouth full. I said cussing and naked woman. Not high schoolish clicks and a ruling class that only communicates with the same damn 17 posters.
  5. NO. Chowder chicklet. The girl just looked older than 18 and didn;t have that motherly glow. To me it looked like the girl with the flowers.
  6. No but I bet he dreams of shooting them though.
  7. How about a forum that only adults can go to with all the cussing and naked woman that the bandwidth can fit? Have a secret word to get in like monkeyspank.
  8. I love going to hockey games. Beer never gets warm.
  9. Yes a matter of fact. I was talking to someone about that. Not sure if it was his oldest daughter or not. Wasn;t the youngest because she just had a kid at like 16. But very well may have been the older daughter.
  10. Back off brainiac or Ill give you a lobotamy with a ball point pen.
  11. Or go hunting with Dick Cheney and save a step.
  12. You think that was something? Wait till part two where his mom and that weeks uncle rush in tase him and force a Ritalin down his throat. Pure gold.
  13. I think you should get rid of all the forums and have one gigantic fat nasty twelve sandwich eating forum and call it Crusherland.
  14. I would but my heads kinda big so one of my ski mask would probably look like a black party dress on you with places cut out for the titties and the cooch. Though it may scare the bank employees not sure its going to work.
  15. Solid evidence that the drug trade has bounced back in New Orleans since hurricane Katrina
  16. No way Favre stops washing his balls. Wrangler jean sales would certainly plummet.
  17. Other than the deal Namath made with the devil to win superbowl III. No, no their isn't.
  18. My belly is queezy about this game. Thats huge.
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