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  1. As usual Boopsie is spot on. The age of our defense is showing. Need some young blood.
  2. No doubt. A maniac of a performer. Rest in peace Captain Lou. (tearing up)
  3. When you can get a house safe either bolted to the basement or if you live in a house with no basement to the slab. Keep money and guns in it. This is what i do and when Im feeling bad I grab a sandwich, open it up, sit down and all of a sudden Im happy. Money and guns practical Prozac.
  4. The Crusher


    Your still young and in time you will learn to control yourself after a loss, but we will all be here for you till then. it's important to be rational and not get too upset, after all its only a game. The trolls are people too and they deserve our understanding. I would happily offer as a mentor to you on your journey towards peace and rational. See nothing to this self control thing, like butter.
  5. I thought Jetsbabe gave up on the journalism and decided to coach high school football in West Virginia.
  6. Boopsie. Ijustfinishedmy6thMakersMarkof the night and haven;t had any Sambuca.Yet. It was# 25. In another hour you could convince me it was SantaClaus.Butnot now.
  7. Didn;t he save the last touchdown. They eventually got in. But he knifed past the fullback and twisted his body to go low and tackled either Ricky or Runny at the 3. That was a nice tackle.
  8. Why is it so important to be nice to the other teams fans when they come here to gloat? Normal trolling and our regular trolls are just fine and add flavor to the board. But after a loss they come here and get all uppity because some of our fans got carried away. Why wouldn;t the Jet fans get carried away on a Jets board? Isn;t fan short for fanatic? So when the Dolphins beat us and their fans come here to rub it in our faces in the name of we deserve it because we talk smack on our baord thats ok? Nope. I already said it 23 times today, they can go **** themselves. Thats makes 24. I especially love when they react to our snapping back by saying "I only come here to talk about the teams", yeah whatever GFY. So to end to all the Dolphin fans. Congrats to a great game that you won fare and square. Congrats on your young QB who looked awesome last night, congrats on the number one rushing offense in the league, congrats on Ginn catching a ball. Now GFY and I hope we rip your ****ing swim bladders out in three weeks and I promise not to come to your board and gloat. Truth is I have a hard time siging up to other boards. Confusing as hell. GFY
  9. Im glad Im not the only one willing to actually watch the next game before predicting anything. Im fat, my heart can't take no more.
  10. I might have had one two many chicken wings but it looked like Revis gave up on the play to Ginn. Maybe its my TV but he looked like he could have got a hand on the ball 1. he knew it was coming and 2. if he tried.
  11. Im sorry. My post are not all that good anyways. I should just stick to what Im good at. GFY
  12. \ Again I watched the game and looked at the score. You did beat us in every facet. Though you gotta be honest and admit you where more surprised than Darryl Revis when Ginn caught that ball. You guys played the best game of your year last night. I just don;t see it happening every week. But who knows. Henne looks for real. I was impressed. Oh yea, and when you get a minute gfy.
  13. I disagree. I think its already painted us in the corner but if we win the next meeting its all good. Lets be honest, the season is still young and last year at this time we both trailed the Bills. No they didn't back it up and got their ass kicked last night. It happens. Our organization is actually ran by Mike Tannebaum, but I understand you meant coached by. Rex got out coached last night and his team got outplayed. The score reflects that. As far as him eating little boys I don;t know. I thought he preferred bacon. No idea. Though I hope the deal to sell a piece of the team of Springsteen so we can trick people into being fans go's through. Good game and Henne looked great. GFY
  14. Not justified but they are talking themselves into a corner. The re-match is going to be awesome to watch. I was absolutely shocked by how badly the WildCat made our defense look. Im still in shock. So don;t take this personal because of my shaken state. But GFY.
  15. Say what you want about Pace and Rex's comments. but you can't tell me it doesn't make the rematch exciting. Because if the Dolphins beat us again, talk will go from cheap to pathetic in a hurry. By the way. You guys looked really good last night and put a beating on our highly touted defense. Henne looked really good. Also GFY and I hope you drown during your bathe this month.
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