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  1. Sorry about the burger Boospie. My first guess is he ****ed his daughter, beyond that probably drugs.
  2. Tears for Fear "Everybody Rules the World" I can't get mt staff to stay away from the 80's on 8. Damn you Sirius.
  3. I wonder how long before the bath time photos surface?
  4. I only have one in college now and she also works 20 hours a week and holds a 3.5 GPA. This I really don't mind paying for. Trust me, first one of my kids who blows off a semester Im paying for, they will learn about financial aid in a hurry.
  5. Nice find. Its funny watching this defense. I live in Metro Dc so I catch a lot of Ravens games and been a big fan Rex's defense. Still almost surreal to see them playing in green and white.
  6. Unless your covered in jello with 3:1 odds on you, your going to jail like anyone else.
  7. You should of got it custom with "Mad Backer" on the back. No way that doesn't get you laid.
  8. Your being facetious. No way the Redskins are that high.
  9. Because thats not what happen. Tommy had a little gas and those weren't bullets. It was the platinum custom made butt plug jizelle got him for a wedding present.
  10. Quite the change form a "Magnina Type" player. Your players emulate your coach, Mangini was a chess nerd trying to be a football coach. Ryan is a football coach trying to be a football coach. Easier transition and shows up in his players.
  11. Shoot that ain't so bad. Thats almost $10 free dollars everyday for life. Hopefully they get a couple cost of living raises and in no time thats one free Old Country Free Buffet per day. That sound you here is Crusher getting his camera and kids together for bath time, getting ready to go to Wal Mart. In this economy thats practically financial planning. Thanks EY.
  12. The announcers where making excuses and it was funnier than Leno's new show.
  13. I win I win.... HAHAHAHAHA predictable and patheitc, Chad is a ****ty QB but one hell of a multi-tasker
  14. Im kinds glad they got it,, its too funny to end now, I say pick in the endzone,,, hail mary is scary when playing CTPF Crusher wins all hail the fatty,,, Id like to thank ACM for helping me make this day come true hahahahahah
  15. You have to make this play because your QB shot put it like a little girl
  16. Dude just said "its the slowest 2 minute drill he's even seen".. seems to me it should be around two minutes ,,,, no?
  17. They need a touchdown, they will end up running out of time around the 27 yard line. We've seen this enough. I love Sanchez
  18. Damn you see that 1 yard strike Chad threw. Gee pressure rises and Chad folds like a church chair when I sit on it.
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