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  1. Actually it was semi-grumpy.
  2. Bicepts aka spank master muscle maximus
  3. He probably doesn't like lint on boobies.
  4. Count me and the baby Crushers in. We won't be renting.
  5. Nope. you suck. Not win. Sorry, thanx for playing
  6. Can I try on your hat? It would look nice with my t1ts.
  7. In my universe I would clone all woman and have them fall madly in love with each other. Thats would rock.
  8. I cannot lend my support, though I do appreciate the effort and applaud it. Honestly I would prefer DLJ to hook up with Verde, JetsBabe, GG, or even the semi grumpy Patriot fan chick who's name escapes me...oh yeah Garb? Yet, once again. THIS THREAD SUCK WITHOUT PICTURES
  9. Gag? You mean no gigantic buffet? (sniff) (sniff) (whimper)

  10. OK. but, I sat down for 3 minutes while my girls where watching it and I immediately made the comment that he had to be gay. My wife told me I was stupid. First time she's been wrong in 11 years. I think he was alot more open than most.
  11. Borgo I appreciate you including me and my specialty in this epic event. I highlighted the items that should remain and be part of the courses. I left out some due to antiquity, grossness, or just plain old unsavory-ness. A couple i didn't know so I deleted those too, truth is if The Crusher hasn't eaten them yet, then they just ate worth eating. Other than that I think it's an excellent start and would contribute on any level you would like. On behalf of all fatmn thank you for you atttention to this matter. Signed The Crusher
  12. Every time I put my line in the water I said a Hail Mary, and every time I said a Hail Mary I caught a fish.
  13. "Crusher!!! Keep your hands off other people plates." Crusher's mom "Crusher!! Thats uncle Guys elbow, not a pork chop" Crusher's mom "Son, a drop of barbecue sauce on someones limb, a pork chop it does not make" Crusher's Dad "No your not going to get full, but eat it anyways." Crusher's first love
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