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  1. Im not disagreeing. But what we did to Schaub last week will get flagged for the fag this week.
  2. Makes me giggle like a little fat girl with a box of jelly beans at a weight watchers meeting.
  3. Shhhhh, your ruining the moment.
  4. She could and already offered. But, he;s kinda funny, the only bad game he's had in 4 years was the one I wasn;t their at.
  5. I might be the only one not to be sure, but Im guessing the hot chick was Namaths daughter? Very well done, the Mr. Burns things was classic.
  6. One thing he won;t be doing that Gholston will be doing. Running.
  7. So in short Pats/Jets is not a rivalry but.... We are the Pats whipping boy. Sorta like stepping on an ant and considering him your rival?
  8. OK, since it was easy I decided to watch it and I have to agree thats an amazing video. Im not sure why they insist on singing during it, but thats some quality ass.
  9. I must be some sort of social retard because Ive never seen either one of those videos, nor will I. Yet, I do have a copy on my computer the video where Beyonce shakes her ass up and down while some black dude stands their. I never turned the sound on it but thats a quality video right their.
  10. Nice pick up. Fallen comrade. Mayo is done for the season.
  11. Im getting bummed the **** out. My son has a football game at 2:05 that day.
  12. RIP Patrick. That pairing in that movie was awesome. Guy had alot of great roles, but for me.... The SNL skit as Chippendale dancers with Chris Farley was hysterical. I hope I get put in the same part of the afterlife those two are. Oh yes.
  13. This little spat between EY and boopsie is starting to upset me. We need to have a group hug. The good news is Crusher big enough where nobody has to leave their home state.
  14. OOOO Modesty and humility. How can anybody not love Da Boospie. Schotty did seem to have the freedom to put his team in the best position to win. I was very impressed how he let Sanchez come out swinging after that pick. That pass to Dustin Keller for 40 following made my gigantic cholesterol engorged heart swell with pride. I even let my son have the last chicken wing after that. First time ever.
  15. +1 Besides my sons and I met him a few years back at 16H and he let my then 7 year old wear his hat. The kid was just as excited about that as getting Wayne Chrebets autograph. Fireman Ed is cool as hell. Can't blame the guy for enjoying his fame, unless your a classless hater. Im sure he has his off days and Im sure you do to.
  16. What the hell did my fat ass just walk into. Some kinda creepy opposite day. I will now leave this thread and I hope not to see this again.
  17. I think Sanchez should pick one pleasantly obese fan to buy a steak dinner for.
  18. Early Chad = Chad before Raiders playoff game, he was more exposed in that game than i am when I bend over in my sweat pants with the bad elastic waist band.
  19. Boopsie. Im not sure I agree with this. I wouldn't want Penny to go anywhere but our division honestly. hell I would like to see Brady retire next year and the Pats pick up Penny after he is cut from Miami. No place better for Penny than a team we play twice in our division.
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