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  1. We don't need no water let the mfer burn... Now go get me some damn marshmallows.
  2. From this post Im going to guess you either work at a blood donor clinic or planned Parenthood.
  3. I think he deserves a second chance as long as he agrees to foster a baby seal.
  4. I'm still trying to figure out what alt. stands for.
  5. So, your name sounds like a place.
  6. First time I've seen that in a game. I'll unvote until I decide what and if that means anything or until I read the thread again and have a chance to think this thru.
  7. Thanks Verde, Im sure to get a smiley sticker from the nutritionist when i send this badboy in.

  8. Wow that sounds perfect. I would like your permission to cut and paste this each time my Cardiologist and his hench person nutritionist ask me what I ate today. At your earliest convenience please add what I will be eating for dinner. Thanx.
  9. Only takes you a day? You should eat more.
  10. Summer: The good: 1. wife and her friends wear less and drink more 2. you don't need a reason to drink or barbecue 3. everyone else sweats alot in the summer too The bad 1. 5 kids in paid summer camps and daycare 2. my speedo is missing again (while Im still wearing it) 3. my next door neighbor wants to say hi to me and talk all the time The indifferent 1. Schools out, I don;t care not in school 2. Sunscreen, I don;t care, Im Italian 3. My abs are not quite defined yet, I don;t care I have a keg.
  11. Have an awesome birthday and it's fine if you decide not to share any of your birthday cake. After all it is yours and you only get one a year.
  12. Don't think of it is as an edge as much as the beginning of another journey.
  13. Damn it Hector. Thats exactly what I wanted to say. RIP Ed. You must be dumming it down some. So you catch that secretary yet?
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