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  1. Im a victim of 40 years of Jets football and I read this post and want to go hide under my bed. Problem is I don't fit. Oh yeah and Yes you are crazy but Im not sure that adds or takes away from your post.
  2. Its like chopping off both of your kids arms and then being surprised he didn't make the swim team.
  3. I would like to add that I love my job. Someone brought me cookies today. Look mom, I made it!!
  4. No its because you went thru 1/2 a bottle of Jergens and a half a box Kleenex doing it. but hey, Im not judging.
  5. Thats what all the hookers in China Town say as well.
  6. Thats funny. We got a school here where they send all the pregnant high school girls, and male students with authority issues.
  7. Arsis you should look into becoming a parole officer. Maybe work with youths.
  8. Pennington is the king of the winning the meaningless games. Guy could win a sprint but slip and break his leg on the way to the podium. Biggest win of his career Reggie Tongue produced more points than he did. If anything in this world is right he will be aQB coach by this time next year at a small college in West Va.
  9. GG I always respected you and enjoy your post immensely. But this post is very unsettling to me. How is it possible to compare a weekly chat in da box to starving? I know you said a "little" fasting, that's like saying oh he's ok, he's just a little dead. If Im late for lunch by 13 minutes I break out in hives and hear ringing in my ears that sounds exactly like the lunch bell from my high school, exactly. So if your going to talk about a subject as emotionally charged for folks (mostly fatties), such as eating, I think you could be a little more sensitive.
  10. Incredible Hulk can, and he's already green.
  11. Saints score a lot of damn points. A lot of damn points. Over 100 already this season, thats a lot of damn points. They sure score a lot. The Jets have let up very few points this year. But damn the Saints score a lot of points. This game scares me because the Saints score a lot of damn points.
  12. Just a matter of how much you have drank that particular night. Of course here we all juge as harshly as we can. Yet 1:55 am, you had 12+ beers plus shots, and its either the solo hustle or taking one of the Brits home? Hail to the Queen and you know it.
  13. The key to victory is to have at least one more point at the end of the 4th quarter.
  14. Hoping you a speedy recovery and blessings on your family. Dont be so hard on yourself. Find the bastid you got it from and kick their ass. Be well Bergen.
  15. I already called it in the what coach is going to go thread. Talk radio down here has been buzzing all week, and Sny-napolean is enough of a penis licker to do it.
  16. The only complaint I have is he has to wear a shirt during the game.
  17. Nothing short of great news. We now have a better chance to win. I hate it when people get on the Jets train. We only win as underdogs.
  18. Holy crap. I finally figured out what all your negativity is about. But Im afraid to say anything because I don;t want my sweet Boopsie to stop loving muffin top. What to do? What to do? Fine Im gonna fat up and say it. Listen up people, JiF is having a hard time adjusting to the Jets being a potential contender because he's been hurt before by this team. Just like we all have. But, Ive been using the deeper recessesses and getting to the smoked part of my bacon brain and figured it out. JiF is upset and sorta disenchanted because Mark Sanchez looks better shirtless than Tim Tebow. Their I said it. Please forgive me Boopsie, but I think its better this way. Don;t worry Sanchez is Spanish they usually age badly, it'll be ok.
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