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  1. Sorta looks like scuba flag for people who drown.
  2. Funny you ask. I call bull**** on EY and CTM as the town avengers. One of them is dirty. I'd say both but EY would pick on me again. He's been working out till soreness every night and drinking weight gainer, flexing his alpha. Doggin, scares the hell out of me. Like a mixture of yoda and the Al Pacinos charactor from The Devils Advocate. His smackdown on smashmouth this game was smakdownalicious. Jif. Sweet Boopsie, miss him terribly Pac, Slats, Kleck, Dan x, Bleedin, Smash, Arsis, Verbal, Nobody really seems dirty to me right now, some little more than others but everyone anywhere from neutral to annoying. LaOut New dude friend of Doggins, another case where Doggins friends get preferential tretment and use alts. JVOR its your game man. Norway is Norway toilet humor and burst of post nothing to disconcerning but keeping an eye on him, especially with JiF gone RIP Boopsie. (mild homo) Barmacral- Did this freakin guy get the opening day post. JVOR? Second to sign up and not even playing. Irish Jet An epileptic seizure more active than Barmacral but nothing to write home about. Arsis- He's either got a role restriction or he has the sense of humor of Don Rickels with shingles. Im leaning suspicious on him. SMC KIACTMEY Sharrow makes my wariness list, not sure why but gonna take another look at him Bleedin does get second look because Ive been duped by his low lying scumnanigans before. Kinda like I can't prove nothing but not convinced nothings their either. I could make **** up like someothers but I wont.
  3. Chan usually handles that. At some point during the game he will become a blister on my balls.
  4. Wine in front of me from Princess bride. Is the poison in my glass or your glass. You choose.
  5. Well lets just say unless that hero happens to have been Da Superman, then not so much.
  6. Only way I could kill sweet sweet Boopsie is if I fell on him. But, he's used to being around fatties so he has more moves than Houdini. You on the other hand only have one move "you suck"
  7. OMG, Im sorry. Did I **** up and accuse the great EY of being scum. Well steal my sausage bisckit and call me Nancy. He man would have never killed Superman, just saying.
  8. Im still sorta not sure why Doggin is a better target than EY and CTM? You don't think LAout might be in cahoots with EY or CTM or both? New guy nobody knows drops that post and diverts attention from them. I agree that it wasn't terribly difficcult to see SCM couldn't say much else, but wouldn't EY and CTM knew this as well if they where hero's?
  9. Because by killing sweet sweet Boopsie they effectively killed two players. This game is dead to me, I'll be swilling gravy and listening to Sir Mix A Lot if you need me.
  10. You don't own a single cat that you can still "hear" flatulate. This I know.
  11. I do miss Boopsie. Why did you kill him Doggin? Who's gonna rub gravy on my belly to keep it from chaffing now? You?
  12. Oh no, they killed sweet Boopsie. Who is going to make all the gigantic and tuboflardaliscious feel sexy, who? who? I love you sweet Boopsie, I will avenge you my love. Ironman? got that right.
  13. This I don't agree with. Beat the dead horse becomes more tender better for barbecue. Wow, you dudes from the other board are weird.
  14. Man you sure do talk alot for a dead guy. I hope I can still eat when Im dead.
  15. Don't be so hard on yourself. 'Handjob man" wasn't that bad a choice. Quite handy actually.
  16. Wow, you bring needy to a whole nother level. You should go immediately and get "hug me" tatooed to your forehead. Large font.
  17. The two of you and EY need a ****ing support group. "NADS" National Association of Douchebaggery Support. Im a friend and I want to help.
  18. This seems about right. Looking back he did a good job of letting us know, its just the pack was too busy hunting. I was unable to look at it much yesterday. Leaving for the beach this Sat for a week and trying to do a weeks worth of work in 3 days. I need more calories. Maybe chocolate cake for second breakfast. Mid morning confections makes a fat Crusher happy.
  19. I abandon that technique, my new technique I just suck as much as possible and almost get myself lynch day 1. I call it Teh Jetsbabe.
  20. I only know of the dude from Ji and little bit here. But the ***** bug bit that one but good. He looks happy with that post lobotomy glow. Good for him.
  21. Pac just because you have a girlfriend now doesn;t mean you should wear her panties, its cutting off the ciculation to your brain. I voted once and unvoted once this game. Trying readin and getting hooked on phonics. your girl will be impressed when you can read your own menu at Denny's. mmmmmm Denny's.. Ill tell you I love those Grandslams so much Im considering taking performance enhancing drugs*
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