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  1. I agree at the time everyone was very interested in what was being said. I didn't add to the numbers becuase it was just speculation and I was more interested in picking up something I thought might help the town. Not add to the confusion. In hindsight you guys couldn't be more worng because with only one Cultist dead we still have a game so the numbers in a word,, Sucked. Virgil you and I have talked quite a bit tonight and kept it very respectful. Please don't start with insults and turn this into something ugly. I am not voluptuous, Im fat. I'll let you slide this time if you let me try on your hat.
  2. Rumor is the owner is in need of money to complete his sex change and take his place as Chase Bono's lady love. NOTE: This joke may require reading the Chasity Bono sex change thread to make sense. If it doens;t after that please PM the word "Fail" to The Crusher. Peace be with you (fist bump)
  3. Welcome Back. So........ Tell tell what does Ginger taste like?
  4. Damn Garb is your semi-grouchiness keeping you away from anatomy class? The P.P (I use capitals to hide my insecurity,,,sssssh) is the long dangling thing that hangs ABOVE the nuts which hold the swimming nectar of procreation. If you do wake one up be very careful, because they have been known to spit when agitated. Be safe wear safety goggles.
  5. Ace when I first got the response back I was definately like WTF. The thing is, why would you really need to know? Remember this, we're not told if a protection worked or not except in the case where a player died. Ie Joe. But, whenever you protect someone your not told if that person had an attemtp and if it failed. I believe Virgil and I both agreeed on that. Now if I new for sure if I could only protect one or the other that may cause me to choose a player that is most likely the target of the group I can protect from, but all I was told is that I get to protect a player each night and this would include myself.
  6. I figured she was in your basement in a golden bathtub surrounded by bubbles and the scent of lavender.
  7. If you want to die... a stroll on MLK blvd comes highly recommended.
  8. I hated him before my mother started telling me how wonderful a dacner he is. I hate that twinkle toed faggot. I bought a $10 Skins jersey at Modells down here just so I could take a dump on it.
  9. Early it was Bradshaw and Staubach. After that definately Montanna.
  10. Wow, your like a convict life coach.
  11. +100 Welcome to the wild wild world of self-employment.
  12. Geeeesh, that was theme to the prom I couldn't get a date to.
  13. I guess necrophilia is a touchy subject.
  14. So is that a yes, no or maybe on the beheading.
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