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  1. The guys name in the cartoon is Bernie. Classic.
  2. Play that commercial right after the Enzyte male enhancement commercial. I could see the divorce rate dropping rapidly and 1-800-flowers and Jewelry stores taking over as the backbone of the economy.
  3. I could see the application for married men, but do married men really have this problem? This seems like something that would affect younger dudes. That would be an interesting scenario. Meet a chick spend a week or so getting to know her and finally get her into the sack. You would obviously have to be in attack mode then tell her to wait a sec then whip out this huge can of spray and shellac your junk as she stares on in dis-belief. What do you say then? "It's nothing baby, I just have to do this so it doesn't explode." Maybe a little pre-date "me time" might serve the young lads better.
  4. Not sure because people keep talking about two cop teams? So is their actually two separate teams of rats. Because one rat did die in the night phase and to our knowledge it doesn't seem any more vigilantes are in the game. So it may be possible we have two precincts one against the other and both against us.
  5. I was waiting for Vic to weigh in. Then had to go back to work. Teh Crusher loves this family and Im very proud of all of you. Just remember this.... EY was on his way out, don't be surprised to find one or two scum in his voting tree.
  6. Last game my Dr role gave me info and I got pissed off when you scummy bastids kept lying and my hostility ended up costing the town the game. Bleedin painted me guilty at the end and I couldn't get JVOR and Jet Things to listen to me. So Ive tried and real it in, but Im still very active and contributing. Im being more agreeable so that I can help the town and not alienate them like last game. Plus I usually don't become the Bad Crusher till someone gets me going.
  7. Same train as who? Slats has been one of the more likely to be loyal. JB is playing for shuout, really hasn't done much to cause us to think either way. Minus her slower approach this game. No disrespect but I find you just slightly guiltier than JB. Yet I do respect you voting on your own accord and not lemming it up.
  8. Thats an interesting group of people voting for EY. Slats seems to be one of the more likely innocents in ths game. JB is not being herself this game, but did need time to catch up and could very well be innocent. Woody... Woody.. Woody,, very quiet this game and that way most games. Suspicious of him earlier, but not so sure right now. Tough to read bacause he doesn't say much. He hasn't faked claim yet this game, so thats good. Can't wait to here from ViC.
  9. Dude I confront and challenge the better players. I know I don't have the brains to, but Im a bad mother****er, believe that. I try not and let them run free and Pied Piper the town, I did it last game and Im doing it now. It's been tougher this game because I don't have that nice inside info like I did as the Dr last game. Ey concerns me. Doggin and SMC where opposite sides of the coin. i was keeping an open mind and I was wrong about SMC's role. I said it earlier. Cheating on you? Im 315 pouds and have had a thong lost in my crack for two weeks now. Yeah, Im in demand. Your the only chubby chasing sicko disgusting enough to give me the time of day. For that, I love you.
  10. It's not scummy, it's play early in the game without alot to go on. Unlike most of the half retarded lemmings in this game, I actually think for myslef. Why would I imply you are scum? You've done it with almost every post since AVM was railroaded. Here's the thing, Crusher will happily die today if that's what the town thinks they need to do. Just let them think about it for themselves. When I turn up a loyal memembr of this family will at least get you next. Thats one for one and Im ok with that.
  11. What do you do, cut and paste these and just add the name of the family member you are trying to get rid of? Your a poor mans EY. Only he's good enough at it too still have a thread of credibility left.
  12. Covering your tracks aren't you? Here you say lets not speed lynch him then you ask whats taking so long? Are you kidding me ratboy?
  13. This makes me worry about something between you and EY. What the **** are you in a hurry for? huh? Oh wait you did change your mind before the hammer dropped.
  14. At 6 votes you decided to pull off? Maybe Im wrong about you? Yeah right, the guy is almost deead but JiF decided to back off and act like he cares. "Let him talk first...jeez"? Who the **** talks like that, you should be voted off just for trying to sound innocent that bad.
  15. Nice, it's AVM's fault he couldn't explain himself in the short time you guys railroaded him and killed him. Gee maybe if he took a speed typing class he could still be here,,,,NO!!!! Because you didn't want to believe him, you just wanted to kill him.
  16. Gee, I would think you could do better than that. Alot of that is from day one when no one new what was going on. Especially my Dan X vote, that was during the guilty newb episode, I explained that later. nice try, but someone would have to be a freakin retard to get anything from that, other than you trying too hard. Take a class from EY, your weak precious.
  17. First off, you jumping of the AVM bandwagon was scummy as hell quite honestly. My problem was I didn't get to it until he was gone, but his argument seemed reasonable especially after MSC vs. Doggin role discussion/role blocker **** fight for the ages. To me, it just look like you where trying to distance yourself at the end. I apologize for pointing my finger at you, but this is sorta a finger pointing game. For now JiF, though it breaks my bacon greased engorged heart, is got me a little concerned. No, I don't care about the supposed case he got against me, it's probably similar to the one against AVM and again it will be false. Yet, if it does work and people buy in he will be dead the next day after I flip all family loyal. I just hated the way JiF discounted AVM's plea. He was in a hurry to whack him and thats obvious. Why? Especially after what has happen this game and the ones before.
  18. As of now who has killed more family members? The rats at night or EY led charges during the day? Minus bleeding because it's believed that SMC the vigilante got him. Myself EY, Im more concerned at this monet with the people in the back of the AVM bus than you. Namely JiF and JMJ. You seem to get things rolling and this produces people to act a certain way. I try to avoid these things. When I voted Norway it was more about an obvious scummy statement than your song and dance. Yet others like to use your skills to hop on and kill innocents.
  19. Im still wondering why cops are arresting cops. Are the two precincts.. At war, competing, is one precinct on the payroll?
  20. Why because I didn't take place on the absolutely bum rushing of AVM? Look at how that vote went down, and he never got a chanve to defend himself. Vic I actually think you are innocent. But I would like to put a huge FOS on JiF(sniff sniff), FOS on JMJ.
  21. Im going to have the old lady make you some nice Veal Marsala and have someone run it down to you. Do good time and keep your mouth shut. Good luck paison.
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