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  1. OK, then forget you, I was just working on my politeness merit badge anyhow.
  2. I appreciate the well wishing from everyone. This board has been very kind to me, and I consider it my new interwebz home. Special thanks to War for getting this thread together. Max for the awesome site. Also BP for letting me know I won because I had no idea.
  3. HUH? Not even sure I know what it is. I thought Boroguy and Ecurb split all the rewards?

  4. Nebraska looks like she could preform an excellent corn husking.
  5. This will really make the polar bear commercial series pretty interesting. That grunt and smile at the end will take on a hole new meaning.
  6. That's a hell of an assumption right their.
  7. I hope it didn't spit at anyone, hell of a lawsuit their if someone loses an eye.
  8. That picture that Vic put up is horrifying. Yet it made me think immediately of The Big Ragu.
  9. I went through that in my first marriage as well. The challenge was my ex was having having sex three times a week.
  10. The beauty of that thread was SMC'S catch phrase at the end. Awesome.
  11. Wow, I skip a game and the gay increases exponentially. SMC? Are you going to talk later about your penchant for cranky pizza delivery boys later?
  12. Thursday night too. I love Thursday night games, feels like a bonus.
  13. She has a 4 and 6 years old to add to my 21,13,11,9, and 6 year old. So my typical 2 hours at night in front of the PC is going to be leaned out for now. Not to mention I have a temp at the office now that is less than stellar. Besides I would have dropped out any way with Pac showing up. Last time you and I played Mafia with him the ownage was so great I sorta feel less then challenged with him here.
  14. Sorry guys. One of the girls who works for me was involved in a severe car accident. She's a single mom(no local family) so my wife and are helping her out while she is in the hospital. In a week or so things should ease up. Set up look great, Pacs a Dick, JiF is hot, and the rest of you good luck.
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