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  1. It’s amazing to me this surprises anyone. Do any of you guys still make payments on cars you don’t own anymore? This is a cash cow for the Johnsons and nothing else. They make believe they care about the product because one time at meeting Jerry Jones told Woody,” Fans like a winning team.” To this day Woody still doesn’t understand why.
  2. Ok. It was nice run but I see this heading in the wrong direction.
  3. Have no issue with it. I will be happier when we got couple nice top shelf offensive lineman next year thanks to the Prez. Go Prez, do you.
  4. Id love to trade him for picks to bolster the offensive line.
  5. Russell Wilson is probably best QB in the league right now. I don’t even watch much football anymore, at least not like I use to, but that guys performance in last nights was astounding. Dude came up big with his arm and his legs. True QB that can put a team on his shoulders abs win games. League MVP right there.
  6. Clowney played the type of game last night that we all expected after his senior year in SC. It was amazing to watch a guy so big, so fast, so strong and try every play like that. Last night was best football I’ve seen this year.,
  7. Russel Wilson is on his way to the HOF barring anything crazy happening. Shotty took the right job. The Jets, well, that would be the wrong job.
  8. Yes if half the female participants outweigh you.
  9. Russell Wilson is unstoppable. Even kick the refs ass
  10. OMG ,, it’s like football out there. Awesome

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