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  1. Wait, Baker did it too? WTF?
  2. 6 lackluster games then it’s, Super Bowl MVP time , I don’t want to watch another dreadful year of Jets football. With this roster? Flacco gets us close to the playoffs, if we aren’t already 0-7 before they put him in. He’s got at least one more championship run in him.
  3. @Pac I will let you provide the explanation.
  4. He owns the team and wants to look like he belongs. I honestly don’t see a reality he would say no, relax, it’s all for the camera.
  5. If I had to guess Id say Tua. Got guys who can make yards after catch and his short range accuracy is solid. Jets will likely struggle in the red zone until Flacco takes over.
  6. Not me, I’m still figuring out how to get out of McDonald’s breakfast for under 10k. Wish I could help.
  7. If I was Baker Mayfield I’d probably include phrases like “rub the wrong way” “stroke my ego” “ taint doing that” “tickle my butthole” in every conversation I have with the Browns from here on in.
  8. I wasn’t, spent my high school years in the cafeteria asking people,” you gonna eat that?”
  9. Stop, that’s not even remotely true. If the QB doesn’t perform well, he’s simply not the guy for the job. Other than Mac Jones none of the QB’s drafted were ready to start. Zach by far least ready to start partly do to lack of competition and an O line in college made the defensive front look like they were counting to 10 Mississippi before rushing every play. I know most enjoy disrespecting my boy, but mark my words, he’s got another one or two in him. I know this and the front office knows this. Rest assure. He stays healthy we play meaningful games Late.
  10. As a sexy 5’7” man myself, Braxton and I say “ GFY.”
  11. Got this as a gift. Way better than I would have guessed.
  12. Yeah my son's rocked Penny, Coles, Chrebet, Brad Smith (yes that Brad smith) and few others.
  13. Damn I thought we just sighed Shady macCoy in FA.
  14. My collection is Namath throwback (got married second time in it), Johnny Abe, Jonathon Vilma and Ronnie Lott (sue me, one of my favorite players ever). Also got a Dick Butckus Bears, I loved the nasty way he played. Wait did you just call me obese?
  15. Hey, you wanna go half on a Joe Flacco jersey? I’ll wear it during the week and you can take couple friends tent camping with it on weekends.
  16. You know who didn’t suck? Joe Flacco!
  17. The Joe Flacco hate on this board is beyond tolerable.
  18. I understand this but this was obviously not the year to take another QB. Next year very well may be, but once Joe Flacco takes over we won’t be drafting in the top 10. Same old Jets.
  19. Too funny, I literally started commenting how he seems to be taking a turn towards being positive and supporting the team. Poor guy, should have learned positivity will not be tolerated. Wish him well on his next gig.
  20. Jealousy is a a wasted emotion
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