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  1. I agree with that but back to back safeties in round 1 and 2 is a special kind of terrible. Least Joe has made pretty solid positional decisions and targeting guys that by position could help. But yeah, so far? His choices have been suspect to deplorable.
  2. He has a really good feel for not overpaying vets and cap friendly acquisitions. But dudes playing pin the tail on the donkey on draft night and so far he’s the donkey,
  3. Sound too much like Crypt keeper to me and that dude always freaked me out.
  4. Most NFL ready QB I've seen in a long time. Dude showed up ready to go.
  5. I like your chances. Personally I’m thrilled he can play catch again!
  6. Evident in what they did on offense in FA and the draft. It’s all on the kid, he has everything he needs this year to be the guy.
  7. I’ve never felt this understood. Like ever!
  8. You ain’t the boss of me
  9. Make moar room for look at Becton’s baby belly threads!
  10. Off the ground! Mine drags.
  11. Uhhhh, dude? I’m 5’7”
  12. Nope, not me. I either lost interest or knew it the whole time. You decide,
  13. Sympathy weight. He'll be fine.
  14. I’m cool with it, Just stark difference from last pre-season.
  15. Well he did reach the hot Milf at the beach milestone, so I think the sky’s the limit,
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