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  1. I think it was the first day. Not sure it was 30 minutes, not sure he was bent over but he did have to take a knee and a breather. Hope that helps. Like any player he will get better when he gets in football shape. If he gets in football shake you say? Exactly. Let’s go Mekhi!!! We need you big Poppa!!!!
  2. If this fool can just control his impulses and zero in he could be pretty special.
  3. This thread reminds me of that movie Knifes out. Woody and Chris are the rich creepy Uncles that have a football team for us to I inherit when they die but we all kill one another before that happens and it go’s to the cats.
  4. At times your attention to detail is nothing short of astounding,
  5. Basically less than a quarter per complainant. Not too shabby?
  6. So your head shouldn’t be used as a fulcrum for the entirety of your body weight?
  7. Dude stop. Jordan Philips did that because Zach already……. Stop being a Zach hater spoot!
  8. Holy hell, it’s a good thing you don’t post much or I’d be forced to fix it.
  9. I got bad news for you this thread isn’t for your support for Zach Wilson even though you already 100% knows he’s a bust. The worse news is “you gone” Hey guys, please feel free to go to another thread and post your support for Zach Wilson even though you already know he’s a bust. Thanks. Leave this thread for it’s intended purpose. So please don’t quote anymore quotes about Zach. Im really not in the mood to go back and clean up the mess in this thread. Thanks.
  10. Ok, I’m at the pool with my 1 year old grandson and after that I’m going to take him to lunch and teach him it doesn’t matter how big a mess make while eating as long you leave a generous tip and smile a lot. I’ll pop in later to try and figure this out. Haven’t looked to much at stuff in here but I did noticed it drifting that way. Thanks for the heads up brother.
  11. I think the QB you start with is way more important than the commitment in the long run. I’m not sure anything we could have done would have made Geno, Hack or Sam any better than they turned out. It does look like this time the front office is at least sticking with the plan and achieving the continuity a young QB needs to succeed. They also seem to be putting resources into the offensive line and improving the skill level of the guys surrounding Zach. But at the end of the day, I think it comes down to the QB they start with. Just seems that way,
  12. “Hey Slim, remind me again what year Josh Allen was Super Bowl MVP?” -J. Flacco
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