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  1. You and your co-morbidities get well soon Warfish!
  2. So the Jets were drafting poorly. So the Jets fired Daniel Kelly, the former scout and author of this article. [END THREAD]
  3. My negative bias aside, I just don't see it. While there is no doubt he is knowledgable about football, any time I have seen him on video or TV, he comes off as very awkward and out of his element. He is painful to listen to (again, bias aside). Some guys are a natural on television. He is very unnatural!
  4. Flacco hails from Audubon, NJ, a suburb of Philly.
  5. With the addition of a comma, you can better understand his statement: “I’m prepared to play, whoever calls my name”.
  6. Exactly my point. Better receivers = higher QB completion rate.
  7. Additionally, some of the throws could have been more accurate. A few bordered on uncatchable. That said, the OP's point is well taken. Wilson could have definitely used more help from his receivers last season. I bet his completion rate goes up based on less drops, before considering any improvement he shows this year.
  8. Joe Douglas did not build this team in 2 days. This is his third draft, though only the second to include some of his own people in the scouting department. He has been executing what appears to be a well thought out plan. This plan is the one which was pitched to ownership and resulted in him being hired. Stuff like this just doesn't happen on a 2 or 3 day bender.
  9. It is notable, that in this draft (and in the last draft to some degree), Joe Douglas clearly went for quality over quantity. I seems to me, he has been learning on the job and I like the way his GM prowess seems to be trending upwards.
  10. I would normally be the first one to complain about a player's attitude, but I see absolutely nothing wrong here. He is very self-confident, and to me, that's a plus.
  11. It's a moot point. We no longer have enough draft capital to entice San Francisco into a trade.
  12. Metcalf. Deebo. Either will do. Just get SOMEONE who is a #1.
  13. Actually, I see nothing wrong with this video. He comes across to me as intelligent, thoughtful and likeable. That, said, I still prefer Hutchinson or Johnson, but I wouldn't hate the idea of drafting him.
  14. My perfect 1st round: 4- Hutchinson though I am skeptical he will drop 10- Williams, assuming the Deebo trade is doesn't happen.
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