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  1. Best wishes and prayers to your wife for a fast and complete recovery!
  2. You're right. San Fran's offense is run heavy. I agree with all your numbers except TD's. I say 3000 yards, 24 TD's. 2:1 TD/INT Ratio. BUT... my 4 extra TD's are rushing.
  3. The family tree has only one branch!
  4. I hope it's nothing too serious. Get well soon!
  5. Amazing how many years now that the Jets haven't been winning many games.
  6. Historically, the Jets haven't leaked ANYTHING since Joe Douglas became GM. Many folks are assuming the rumor that Douglas wants Wilson and the coaching staff wants Darnold to be true. If it is, it will be the first true rumor of Douglas's tenure. I think it's far more likely that Douglas and coaching staff have reached a consensus (whatever that might be). If the coaches really are saying they prefer Darnold, it may be just posturing. Or not. Either way, it will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
  7. Panthers owner David Tepper is known to be ulta-aggresive and was said to be desperate to land Watson. That seems unlikely now, which I think only will increase his desperation to land a franchise QB, or at least a QB with the potential to become one. I would be surprised if GM Scott Fitterer did not make a ridiculous offer to the Jets.
  8. If he doesn't have confidence in his own abilities, then he has no business being a general manager.
  9. I agree, with one noteworthy exception. I keep hearing that an edge rusher is the motor that drives Saleh's defense. If his defense is to properly function, an edge rusher is critical.
  10. We had too many needs to fill them all through free agency. They were always going to have to fill some needs in the draft- the only question was in which positions. That said, I'd feel better if we came out of free agency with at least one above average offensive lineman.
  11. Can't wait for? They've been going on for a while now.
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