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  1. Who cares (rhetorical question)?
  2. Jet Blast

    Craig carton arrested by FBI

    I have been a federal employee for 39 years and will be retiring in 2 years. I started in CSRS and after 7 years switched to FERS (a questionable decision, but I had my reasons at the time). My retirement will be partially CSRS and partially FERS. Between them, SSI and the money in the TSP (the 401 K), I will get about the same as if I had stayed in CSRS... BUT... I had to contribute a much larger portion of my pay than you, in order to plus up the TSP enough to be able to do that. BTW, the government matches 5%... not 10% (I wish). Fortunately for me, my job is high paying, because between FERS, SSI and TSP, I contribute about 21% of my gross pay towards my retirement.
  3. No doubt, the Jets investigated the candidates behind the scenes and contacted people who have worked with and knew the candidates. I would like to think that is why they never seemed to be too hot on McCarthy. While many of us scratched our heads and wondered what they were thinking, I am guessing they knew things that are only now beginning to surface. Dare I say the Jets did a good job in this coaching search? I am beginning to think so, but let's see how it goes.
  4. To my surprise, I like them.
  5. Maybe something about Kraft just rubbed Schiano the wrong way?
  6. Jet Blast

    Cryptic Tweet From Francesa

    I wonder if it has to do with Snacks. They have been feuding on social media.
  7. Once again, we are winning the offseason.
  8. Maybe. The Jets needed to improve the O-line, Bell or not. Regardless, if this is so it should get his attention.
  9. Cimini just tweeted Paradis is in NY.
  10. If we get a pass rusher in FA that puts us in a better position to trade down and fill more of our many needs.
  11. Jet Blast


    Of course there is no denying the tremendous effect Belichick and Brady had on the Pats getting to and winning the championship. My point was that this super bowl, more than any in recent memory, showed how a suffocating defense can win a football game. As good as Belichick and Brady are, the play of the Pat's defense down the stretch (surprisingly) played a large part in their run to the big game.
  12. Jet Blast


    I take it you didn't see the super bowl this year?
  13. By many accounts Johnson was the best CB available at the time we signed him. At first it appeared to be a good signing, albeit an expensive one. No one could have predicted that he would under-perform as he did. Mac has made many bad decisions but I can't hold him responsible for this particular one.
  14. Jet Blast

    Sean McVay: Genius or Overrated???

    Semantics, but here's my take: I think classifying him as a genius is a bit much at this early stage, but good head coach is not quite enough. I'll take the middle ground and call him a very good coach. As for Goff, A good defense and/or game plan can make a good offense look very ordinary... or even bad. That doesn't mean the Goff is not a good QB. That said, while he has looked good for most of the season, I think its too early in Goff's career to make a determination.
  15. Jet Blast

    Pretty insightful article from Cimini

    Truth be told, I believe Cimini has been improving of late.

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