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  1. Jet Blast

    Sean McVay: Genius or Overrated???

    Semantics, but here's my take: I think classifying him as a genius is a bit much at this early stage, but good head coach is not quite enough. I'll take the middle ground and call him a very good coach. As for Goff, A good defense and/or game plan can make a good offense look very ordinary... or even bad. That doesn't mean the Goff is not a good QB. That said, while he has looked good for most of the season, I think its too early in Goff's career to make a determination.
  2. Jet Blast

    Pretty insightful article from Cimini

    Truth be told, I believe Cimini has been improving of late.
  3. Put the pieces together: Gase and McCagnan report to Chris. The Jets had their eye on Williams prior to hiring Gase. I bet all three, Williams, Gase and McCagnan, report directly to Chris. Then what we have heard would add up. All the pieces fit. I wonder...
  4. Jet Blast

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    For the record, I am skeptical of this choice. To me, it's not so much that they hired Gase, but the fact that there were obvious better choices.
  5. The fact is that the Jets have been swift, proactive and thorough in this interview process. They seem to being doing much better on their own than they did with Korn Ferry, Charlie Casserly or Ron Wolf. Credit where credit is due. Now... if they would only make the right selection!
  6. I think many of you are thinking too much. Forget what you are hearing from all the sources and connect the dots. McCarthy would not be interviewing if he didn't want the job. And don't try giving me the argument that he is only trying to drive his salary up. He has no reason to do that because no matter what happens he is getting paid handsomely by Green Bay for the next 2 years.
  7. Those of you who are uncomfortable about Rhule are making the assumption he would be preaching to the team. There is no reason at all to arrive at that conclusion. Obviously, he would not be able to hold practice and a prayer breakfast together. The Jets are not a religious organization and I trust the man is smart enough not to treat the team as such.
  8. Thanks for the video. I never heard of him before today, but he comes off as an impressive guy.
  9. Your question is an exercise in futility. Like it or not, the only qualification required is to own the team or to be left in charge by the owner of the team.
  10. Point taken. Though, in my mind it is more important to be a leader of men (both players and coaches) than it is to be a coordinator since most HC's do not call plays. It is critical to me that whoever the coach is, he assembles a good coaching staff... particularly the coordinators.
  11. It seems to me he has pretty good resume and has worked under several noteworthy coaches: Age: 44 Starting QB for the Crimson Tide from 1993 to 1997 (3 years under Gene Stallings) Grad assistant on Nick Saban’s LSU staff in 2000 TE coach (including Jason Witten) in 2006 on Bill Parcells’ Dallas staff. Worked 11 years in Arizona under Ken Whisenhunt and Bruce Arians. QB coach for Carson Palmer’s four Arizona seasons.  Current Cleveland OC He is a tough, no-nonsense type coach, rather than a player's coach. I think that's just what the Jets need right now. Admittedly he has little coordinating experience, though that doesn't always guarantee success. He is an "out of box" choice, but I think his background would make for an excellent HC. At least, give him an interview to see what he brings to the table.
  12. I assume you mean Schwartz as HC and Kitchens as OC. That would be a lateral move for Kitchens unless he loses his job if Williams is replaced. I have been trumpeting Kitchens for HC and would LOVE Schwartz as a DC (again a lateral) but that's a pipe dream.
  13. Jet Blast

    Put Your Name On It

    Freddie Kitchens (Browns OC and my top choice) John Harbaugh (Rumor has it he MAY be willing to jump ship) Jim Harbaugh Mike McCarthy Mark Helfrich
  14. Freddie Kitchens is Cleveland's OC and an out of the box choice who I would love to see the Jets interview.

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