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  1. That seems to be a forgone conclusion. I'd be shocked if Sherman wasn't a Jet when free agency comes.
  2. Once again, the Jets are winning the off-season.
  3. Did anyone else have CBS blackout? I have Direct TV and there is no feed... only a technical difficulties message. Where else can I watch this game?
  4. If Bienenemy lands there, it is also a possibility that he was who they wanted all along... and they had the balls to wait it out. And we would never know if that was the case.
  5. Eric Bieniemy is not available at this time for further interviews, due to the NFL rules. I think that no team wants to be left without a chair when the music stops, and they are not taking a chance on waiting. Perhaps, one will... but that remains to be seen.
  6. This doesn't pass the smell test. Ultimately, Bieniemy may get the job, but it's too soon to make that call. By all accounts JD is thorough and deliberate. He will not make up his mind before completing all the interviews and a second round is strong possibility.
  7. If he picked Sewell, then I would expect Becton to be moved to the right side.
  8. That's exactly what the Jets did with Gase and Williams and where did that get us? I want a coach who will hire excellent coordinators and assistant coaches. I want a coach who is leader. I want a coach who will oversee the big picture- not just one aspect of the team.
  9. He has connections to several good head coaching candidates. I have more confidence that he will pick a good coach than I do that he will crush the 2nd pick.

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