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  1. How will Jets fans celebrate a Super Bowl win? Once again, the Jets have won the Off-season Bowl. It seems many of the posters here already are celebrating the Super Bowl win! Let's not get ahead of ourselves... wait to see what happens when they start playing the games.
  2. FIXED: I just want everyone to know that I did lose a power struggle with Gase and now I am manager of Dunkin Donuts Store #2817291029
  3. In this video, Chris Gardella is the voice of reason. I like his take and completely agree with him.
  4. I did not. This morning I was listening to Press Coverage with Vic Carucci & Dan Leberfeld on the SiriusXM NFL channel. They were discussing whether CJ might have a hard time finding a GM with Woody's impending return, should Trump not get re-elected. They were referring to the uncertainty caused by Woody possibly coming back and changing what CJ has done. Leberfeld did not think that would be an issue since Woody is not the majority owner. He said that Woody, CJ and their mother own equal thirds of the team. I had no idea. On another note, it is worth mentioning that he felt the NY media has been blowing the dysfunction at 1 Jets Drive out of proportion. While he agrees there are many problems and there hasn't been a cohesive plan, he thinks it's not quite as bad in the building as the press has made it out to be. The media exaggerating? Imagine that!
  5. For the sake of debate, let's just say Mac is actually fired. Those of you who say you do not want to see Gase running the whole show are making the assumption the Jets are firing Mac to allow Gase to consolidate power. I think that's very unlikely. I didn't see any inkling of that in any of the chatter on the subject. Furthermore, his GM skills by most accounts were not very good in Miami. Additionally, Gase is the new kid on the block and even the Jets wouldn't hand him the reigns this early on. If this is true, I believe they are firing Mac for his poor record and his inflexibility- not his relationship with Gase. Don't forget there were a few names floated out there as possible GM's in some of the reports. I would expect the Jets to at least appoint a temporary GM until there is a permanent replacement.
  6. it's all about double teaming. You can't double team both. This will leave one of the Williams open (single teamed). .
  7. I hate to agree with this guy about anything, but he is right. The new helmets DO look cool!
  8. Because the Poll appears on the top of the thread. Your post appears just beneath it. I read from top to bottom, so I vote and then read comments.
  9. Damn. I voted before I realized you specified what the offer was. For that kind of haul, take the trade. I withdraw my vote for Bosa.
  10. I have been a federal employee for 39 years and will be retiring in 2 years. I started in CSRS and after 7 years switched to FERS (a questionable decision, but I had my reasons at the time). My retirement will be partially CSRS and partially FERS. Between them, SSI and the money in the TSP (the 401 K), I will get about the same as if I had stayed in CSRS... BUT... I had to contribute a much larger portion of my pay than you, in order to plus up the TSP enough to be able to do that. BTW, the government matches 5%... not 10% (I wish). Fortunately for me, my job is high paying, because between FERS, SSI and TSP, I contribute about 21% of my gross pay towards my retirement.
  11. No doubt, the Jets investigated the candidates behind the scenes and contacted people who have worked with and knew the candidates. I would like to think that is why they never seemed to be too hot on McCarthy. While many of us scratched our heads and wondered what they were thinking, I am guessing they knew things that are only now beginning to surface. Dare I say the Jets did a good job in this coaching search? I am beginning to think so, but let's see how it goes.
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