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  1. You cited a perfect example of something that could be circumstantial or meddling.
  2. I see your point, but I am interpreting the evidence a bit differently. Chris has been definitely been more visible than Woody, but I see little evidence that he is meddling. The ONLY thing I have read is that Macc went to him for his blessing before drafting Darnold. You cited what you believe are some examples, and maybe you are correct, but maybe it's just circumstantial. Conversely, Woody was less visible but seemed more meddlesome. Though it was pre-Macc, by all accounts he pushed very hard to land Favre and then pushed Mangini out the door when the wheels fell off.
  3. I know he has a philosophy, but that is not a plan. It's tough to see if he has a plan when ownership is interfering. I get the sense that Chris is giving him more free reign than Woody did, so maybe between this season and next we will be able to see a plan... if he has one.
  4. I look forward to seeing both Nathan Shepherd and Frankie Luvu.
  5. Jet Blast

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    It is quite remarkable to me that so many of you are compelled to criticize a player who you never heard of and have never seen play!
  6. There is a theory that it originated from an unnamed team, hoping he would drop to them. Interesting.
  7. You're right, but I was sticking to the 4 so called "first tier" QB's.
  8. Has not what? Played his cards pretty close to his vest? Made unexpected picks? Or both? I think the Jets are buttoned up tighter then they were during the last few management teams. As for unexpected picks, I suppose that's in the eyes of the beholder.
  9. I certainly am not endorsing this idea but I found it odd that the possibility has been completely dismissed. Stranger things have happened, and after all, we're talking about the Jets here.
  10. Josh Allen. I haven't heard a peep about this possibility. Mike Maccagnan has played his cards pretty close to his vest in previous drafts, often making unexpected picks. Just saying...
  11. Jet Blast

    Board redirect on new browser tab?

    Max, I have been noticing this for about a month now- maybe even longer, across all of my platforms. My iPhone gets redirected to a Russian page. At home, where I use Firefox, I alternately get redirected to the Russian page or sometimes (more recently) to Google's search page. At work, I use MS Explorer and I also get redirected to the Russian page or Google's search page. My work computer is isolated from my Iphone and home computer, so I know it didn't "catch" it from my phone or laptop. So, that's IOS, Firefox and Explorer that are all affected. Next time I get the Russian page, I will take a screenshot and post it for you.
  12. I hope they don't. Then we'll have a fighting chance of getting the right guy.
  13. I agree. As a footnote, it would be interesting to revisit this thread in about 3 years or so when we know how all of this draft's QB's have fared.
  14. I agree that it is certainly preferable to check every box on the list. I further agree 5 of the 7 rules narrows it down. My point was that today, more than in the past, if you were to rigidly adhere to Parcell's list you would be dismissing some high potential prospects. The rules I excluded (1, 2, 3, 4 & 7) were all related to a longer college career. According to your final tally, by following Parcell's rules, Jackson, Allen, Rosen and Darnold would all be undraftable. My conclusion is that those rules are outdated.