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  1. I've been telling myself that Saleh and LaFleur are rookies and they will will learn on the fly. But so far that doesn't seem to be happening. At a minimum, I think the Jets need to let LaFleur and Saleh play out the year and then evaluate the situation. That said, I am skeptical that LaFleur will improve. If today were the end of the season, I would sign off on giving Saleh another year, but with a new offensive coordinator. By season's end, all that that can change with just some signs of ongoing improvement. Unless that occurs, I think LaFleur will need to take a hike after the season
  2. If they were going to spend big money, it should be to shore up the O-line.
  3. I too, remember him from JI. RIP Savage69!
  4. I think you might have meant to say Elijah Moore and somehow accidently typed Denzel Mims. Although with Moore, it would not be unexpected... at least to me.
  5. I hope Max isn't charging you by the amount of space you consume on this board!
  6. Pardon me, but am I on the regular internet or is this the bizarro internetz?
  7. The coaching staff seems to have a plan and they have shown their confidence in it by being disciplined and following it. You can see it in the steady way the offense is being run. You can see it in the competent play calling. Zach has been getting more reps in practice than many of us expected, but I believe it's all part the effort to get him as game ready as possible for opening day. Yet, when it comes to pre-season game time, the coaching staff has been very slowly and deliberately bringing Zack along. I liked seeing them install the offense incrementally, to avoid overwhelming Z
  8. For sure. I thought the offensive play calling was pretty good, especially considering it was LaFleur's first time out. It seems to me the staff is well organized and they have a plan. They have been very deliberate in how they are grooming Wilson to ready by opening day. I am also impressed with how well they have been bringing our young secondary along. Things are looking up!
  9. Best wishes and prayers to your wife for a fast and complete recovery!
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