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  1. That's it. If you opt out, it is for the whole season and there is no coming back.
  2. I believe a large contributing factor to a QB making it or not making it in the NFL is the circumstance that he falls into. A really talented and driven player may be able to overcome circumstantial misfortune, while a mediocre or less talented QB may not. Conversely, a less talented QB may be put into a great situation and become a franchise QB. In this regard, I think the NFL football gods have not been kind to Josh Rosen.
  3. Even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes.
  4. I vote "none of the above". Why do the choices have to be mutually exclusive? I'll take Brick's iron man like career AND Becton's upside. I want it all!
  5. So far, I couldn't be happier with Joe Douglas's performance. However, while the future looks bright, it is way too soon to anoint him the savior.
  6. Snyder, to this point has held firm. But the times... they are a changing. Pressure is mounting. BTW, FedEx is not just a sponsor with stadium naming rights, but Frederick Smith, the chairman, CEO and president of FedEx owns a minority stake in the Redskins. Recently, it appears that Nike has removed all Redskins gear from it's online store. For those who will ask, my facts come from here: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29401445/stadium-sponsor-fedex-asks-redskins-change-nickname The point is that this is the beginning of this issue hitting Danny boy right in the wallet. It will likely get worse for him and ultimately he will be forced to give in. Because money talks.
  7. So maybe Joe Douglas DID know what he was doing when he drafted Ashtyn Davis.
  8. Would it be too much to ask to see Le'Veon Bell behind a (hopefully) improved offensive line and C. J. Mosley play a full, healthy game before deciding anything? Ask this again halfway through the season.
  9. It seemed to me like he usually came up short when there were contested catches. To me, that's an important factor.
  10. It says "... training and even competition...". To me, that means games are included.
  11. I like where you are going with this, Jets Voice. There is a definite problem with the lack of hiring minorities. The problem I have with this idea is it is potentially unfair to the the teams who get leapfrogged and drop down the draft order. It could encourage teams to hire minority coaches for the sole purpose of maintaining their draft position. There must be a better way and I have no idea what it is.

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