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  1. Translated: Ownership has never been been stupid enough not fire a crappy coach sooner!
  2. Four reasons not in any particular order... 1) Poor coaching. Instead of improving, it has gotten worse each year. 2) Lack of talent. 3) Injuries. Way more this season than last. 4) Poor player attitude (ie: not giving their all).
  3. Jet Blast

    Kareem Hunt Attacks Woman

    I just want to make sure I understand you correctly. Are you saying killing a man is not as bad as hitting a woman?
  4. She is very plugged into sports, a big Browns fan, and certainly has a terrific resume, including some sports related positions. Commissioner, consultant, even team president? Yes. Head coach? No way. She's not qualified.
  5. Jet Blast

    I hate to say, I told you so

    I hate to say, I told you so By Jetster, 36 minutes ago in New York Jets Message Board Then don't.
  6. The Jets always make no name QB's look like Joe Montana!
  7. He deserves what he gets. That said, he obviously was addicted to gambling which led to his downfall. It is no different than a drug addict who turns to crime to support his drug habit. I find it sad and sympathize with his family and his victims.
  8. Mac has been so-so, with some good moves and some bad. Mac and Bowles were a forced marriage. Each report to the owner. To me, that is a dysfunctional structure for a football organization. Fire Bowles. Keep Mac and let him choose the next head coach, who will report to him. If that doesn't work out down the line, then fire them both.
  9. Jet Blast

    Jeremy Bates

    "Can" should have been "can't" (darn auto-correct), but you obviously got what I meant. What you say is true, but I think it's the exception- not the rule. The combination of our receivers, a rookie QB and a good pass defense screamed for us to run it. They stacked the box and dared us to throw it. The coverage was good and we couldn't throw it either.
  10. Jet Blast

    Jeremy Bates

    I am in no way apologizing for poor coaching which the Jets have taken to new heights, but you can't have your rookie QB slinging the ball all over the field to no-name receivers. So you run the ball. The trouble was (injuries, lack of talent and poor coaching aside) Chicago knew we had to run it. So they stacked the box and killed our running game. We never had a chance. It was like shooting fish in a barrel for them.
  11. Jet Blast

    Let's Be Real Here

    If the latest reports are true, the sticking point is the circumstances under which the guaranteed money will void. The Jets are asking that Darnold's entire guarantee be voided if he's fined by the league for discipline or conduct. While I want Darnold in camp, I think the Jets' stance is completely unreasonable. There is no such wording in Mayfield's and Allen's contract. Sometimes shyt happens and the league can be very heavy handed about the circumstances under which they will levy a fine. I don't blame Sam- I would not want that clause in my contract either. IMO, this is all on the Jets!
  12. You cited a perfect example of something that could be circumstantial or meddling.
  13. I see your point, but I am interpreting the evidence a bit differently. Chris has been definitely been more visible than Woody, but I see little evidence that he is meddling. The ONLY thing I have read is that Macc went to him for his blessing before drafting Darnold. You cited what you believe are some examples, and maybe you are correct, but maybe it's just circumstantial. Conversely, Woody was less visible but seemed more meddlesome. Though it was pre-Macc, by all accounts he pushed very hard to land Favre and then pushed Mangini out the door when the wheels fell off.
  14. I know he has a philosophy, but that is not a plan. It's tough to see if he has a plan when ownership is interfering. I get the sense that Chris is giving him more free reign than Woody did, so maybe between this season and next we will be able to see a plan... if he has one.

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