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  1. And so begins the pre-draft misdirection. This FO has always played their cards close to their vest. They have their eye on someone, but I am fairly certain it is not Josh Allen.
  2. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    I LOVE this season! I thought Maccagnan was out of his mind letting all the veterans go in the off season. What have any of them done this year, if they were even in the NFL? I wanted to see the young QB's play this season. I was wrong... Keep playing McCown and the hell with the young QB's. Maybe Maccagnan DOES know what he is doing after all (Hackenberg pick aside). Maybe Bowles is growing into the job. We seem to be building a culture with the young players that will serve us well in future seasons. We can worry about a long term QB in the off season (and we better). My low expectations have helped make this one of the more enjoyable and fun seasons in recent years. I have never been this happy with a 4-5 team, and it's nice to see things trending in the right direction.
  3. Ammo needed to move to #1 from #10

    1) No. It will take all that and at least a future #1 (and probably more). Good QB's and demand will drive the price up. 2) In a heartbeat... whatever the cost, we must. 3) Too early to speculate.
  4. Powell has an afterburner. He is surprisingly fast and outran everyone on the field.
  5. McCown on 3rd Down

    I am falling for nothing. Much to my surprise, McCown is a seemingly good choice to carry the torch this year. However, I don't want him on the team next year unless it's as a backup on the cheap (lesson learned from Fitz). He would make a good mentor for our new franchise QB (too much optimism, perhaps?). The key to me, is how the coaching staff manages him through the rest of the season. At some point he will need to yield playing time to one or both of the younger QB's.
  6. McCown on 3rd Down

    I wanted to dislike McCown but he's not letting me.
  7. Realistic 2018 starting QB

    The Jets have hitched their wagon to the hope of landing a high draft pick in 2018. Therefore, they MUST draft a top QB. There is no other option and no excuse not to. If they believe they are not high enough to do so then they MUST trade up, at whatever the cost, as the Eagles did to land Wentz. A high cost will be mitigated by the team having a franchise QB for years to come. If they don't do this then this season will have been all for naught. Of course my opinion is based on the basic assumption that they make the right choice. Hmmm...
  8. I wouldn't bet the farm on the Jets picking #1 anyway.
  9. Credit where it is due. Morton has done terrific job.
  10. I have such conflicting emotionsand I am confused. I don't know what to feel and I must seek counselling.
  11. NFL may scrap moves to LA

    You can't look at this issue in a vacuum. There are other factors that come into play such as CTE, the upcoming labor agreement (and likely strike), declining television ratings and half empty stadiums. All of these issues affect this situation and looking at the NFL globally, this COULD (with emphasis on could) be the beginning of a downward spiral for the NFL after riding high for so many years. The NFL will take action to try nip this in the bud, even if it requires a radical move. Billions of dollars are at stake. BTW, I agree with your feelings about the Spanos family.
  12. This is pure supposition from the writer. The writer makes an assumption based on the rest of this quote, and this assumption may or may not be true. Its very possible he said he admires Mac and Bowles only to show solidarity. Furthermore, no one really knows if Woody will have any say in Jets matters. IMO, it is a mistake to draw any conclusion from this.
  13. I like what I have seen from Morton so far and I would be thrilled to see him take over. And he's not stubborn like Todd and Rex and is willing to change things up.
  14. I like what I have seen from Morton so far and I would be thrilled to see him take over. And he's not stubborn like Todd and Rex and is willing to change things up.