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  1. Dare I connect the dots? Could Connor be replacing DJ? Just a thought...
  2. I don't know who is "smarter" than who, but I do know intelligence and education are not synonymous.
  3. I've been meaning to tell you... every time I look at your avatar, I laugh!
  4. Must we draw a conclusion based on such a small sample size? Any conclusion, good, bad or indifferent, is meaningless at this time.
  5. You and your co-morbidities get well soon Warfish!
  6. So the Jets were drafting poorly. So the Jets fired Daniel Kelly, the former scout and author of this article. [END THREAD]
  7. My negative bias aside, I just don't see it. While there is no doubt he is knowledgable about football, any time I have seen him on video or TV, he comes off as very awkward and out of his element. He is painful to listen to (again, bias aside). Some guys are a natural on television. He is very unnatural!
  8. Flacco hails from Audubon, NJ, a suburb of Philly.
  9. With the addition of a comma, you can better understand his statement: “I’m prepared to play, whoever calls my name”.
  10. Exactly my point. Better receivers = higher QB completion rate.
  11. Additionally, some of the throws could have been more accurate. A few bordered on uncatchable. That said, the OP's point is well taken. Wilson could have definitely used more help from his receivers last season. I bet his completion rate goes up based on less drops, before considering any improvement he shows this year.
  12. Joe Douglas did not build this team in 2 days. This is his third draft, though only the second to include some of his own people in the scouting department. He has been executing what appears to be a well thought out plan. This plan is the one which was pitched to ownership and resulted in him being hired. Stuff like this just doesn't happen on a 2 or 3 day bender.
  13. It is notable, that in this draft (and in the last draft to some degree), Joe Douglas clearly went for quality over quantity. I seems to me, he has been learning on the job and I like the way his GM prowess seems to be trending upwards.
  14. I would normally be the first one to complain about a player's attitude, but I see absolutely nothing wrong here. He is very self-confident, and to me, that's a plus.
  15. It's a moot point. We no longer have enough draft capital to entice San Francisco into a trade.
  16. Metcalf. Deebo. Either will do. Just get SOMEONE who is a #1.
  17. Actually, I see nothing wrong with this video. He comes across to me as intelligent, thoughtful and likeable. That, said, I still prefer Hutchinson or Johnson, but I wouldn't hate the idea of drafting him.
  18. My perfect 1st round: 4- Hutchinson though I am skeptical he will drop 10- Williams, assuming the Deebo trade is doesn't happen.
  19. Since he was at the senior bowl the Jets staff got to see him up close and personal, even though he was the other team.
  20. The Niners said they will only trade if an offer "blows them out of the water". For Douglas to do that, he will need to pay above the going rate. IMO, he will need to give up at least #10 AND a 4th... maybe even the #69. He has to make an offer they can't refuse or this will not happen. I wouldn't be surprise to find out when #10 is on the clock.
  21. Assuming Thibs is there at 4, I am all for this with a caveat. That is, we get a second WR by either trading or using another draft pick. This will provide some insurance, should Williams be out longer than anticipated.
  22. Double down. Select Williams AND a second WR.
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