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  1. Mostly I've gotta say that the Crusher sucks a bunch of butts. Which is actually harder than it sounds, I hear.
  2. Nice! This will go down as one of the best draft picks of all time.
  3. Good post Slats, very succinct. I agree. I think the defense will be even better, with a higher level of comfort after a full year in the system and the additions of big Jenks, Cromartie, Taylor and Pool. I'm so excited to have jenks back, one of my favorite Jets ever despite his brief time with the team. i don't expect Taylor to have huge numbers but unless tape shows he;s cooked, teams will still account for him on the edge and he'll have 6-7 sacks. Can't have too many pass rushers or corners in our defense. While Hollywood made a few plays and was a decent blitzer, I like have a more no-nonsense saftey back there. Also, Eric Smith proved he could be an asset last year.
  4. Very interesting read and perspective. I hated cops when I was in HS and in my early 20s because I was a knucklehead and getting in trouble often. Stupid stuff like fights, drunken disorderly, weed, etc. Some of it was in sleepy suburbs, some in cities (although Providence, RI is not exactly the South Bronx ). Sometimes cops were cool, sometimes it seemed like they invented douchebaggery. For people who really have had consistent harrassment from cops over the years, it's easy to see why they hav esuch a negative opinion. Me, I believe I deserved most of what I got. Now that I'm not acting the fool anymore, at least not in terms of the law, I have no issue with law enforcement.
  5. Nope. Pretty sure I couldn't handle it, and not looking to find out. It really is a thankless job, and of course there are a measureable number of a-holes. That's life.
  6. Good. You have great seats at a game, put your phone away dooshey.
  7. Maybe in some cases it's an age thing. It sounds like some anti-cop posters have bad some crappy treatment from cops, maybe b/c of the color of their skin. I just turned 40 and the older I get, the more I'm grateful to see cops around. Other than enjoying green goodness and on occassion driving when I shouldn't (not cool, I know, but I'm just trying to be honest), I don't do anything that I'd get arrested for. I'm white, but I could pass for Latino. Do the cop-haters really wish there were no cops around? Am I the only one totally creeped out whenever I read about more cops being laid off? Between our good old American gangs, and the lovely criminals we're importing from 3rd world countries, how long until sizable parts of cities fall into "Escape from New York" status? 10 years? Maybe?
  8. Let's see what happens when the Mehserle comes down later this week. Oakland just laid off 80 cops, it could be like Thunderdome.
  9. OK, gotta squezze in a pre-work tug now.
  10. Yeah but most of us have almost no chance of dying while on the job, and we don't have to deal with savages.
  11. Sweet. Now crack him in the head a couple of more times and then deport him! Unless he wants to hang himself in jail, of course.
  12. I don't feel bad for this little rat at all. If she dosen't interfere with the cop and put her hand son him, she dosen't get punched. I love her outrage after, like she didn't do anything wrong. When I was 17 I knew better than to put my hands on a cop, when he was arresting em or a friend, and I had ample opportunity. I was raised by a single mom and we had little money. But she'll largely get a pass because she's disadvantaged.
  13. So TBand/or Thor are my worst case scenarios. And kids. I can do this. No I can't. I'm so ill equipped yet complacent. Ehh...it'll work it self out .
  14. Thanks dude. I realy don't have much apprehension about tomorrow at all. Great wife, great cat-boys, etc.
  15. Thank you, and it's funny that you mention the bolded. In the last month or so, when I go to empty my azz bag at work, my beans dangle down into the water, which is extremely unpleasant. Upon visual and manual inspection, I don't notcie any sack expansion. I've considered asked a buddy at work if he has a similar experience, but have so far thought better of it, for obvious reasons.
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