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  1. I'm probably the farthest thing from jealous. Seems like a tool move to post your BF% on a message board that is not a bodybuilding/fitness forum. Are we gonna start comparing bicep size next?
  2. No one cares about your body fat percentage.
  3. It's not beer, but it's my pregaming beverage of choice. Drink two of these, and I'm good to start my night.
  4. The article is talking about the length of time breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served, not the amount of time each employee is allowed to break for each meal.
  5. I'm gettin my first tat next month. Where should I go for it?
  6. what the **** is upppppppppppppppppppppp
  7. What ever happened to DefenseWinsChampionships? That man was entertaining.
  8. Good to hear from you again, BP. It's been a while. I'm down at the University of Virginia now, but I still bleed Branchburg blood. I was back home last week and Somerset County was just how I had left it.
  9. Hello. I would like to introduce myself, as some of you know me, yet many of you do not. I am Mr. Yankee, and I registered at JI in 2005. I feel that a new era has been imposed upon me, as many former JI posters whose posts I thoroughly enjoyed reading have migrated to this fine website. I have stopped by JN occasionally over the last few years, but recent events have inspired me to register. So here I am. I look forward to enjoying some healthy discussion with my Jet brethren.
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