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  1. THEY ARE SH!T CONSIDERING THE $$$, EFFORT and SUPPOSED 4+ YEARS of "Effort" Spent on the marketing team by Nike. OH, BTW, You should have just banned me after your petulant tirade, @Maxman - The "Stupod Clown" LOL.
  2. Those are ILLEGAL now thanks to 1998 Cap-ologist and eventual Jets GM Michael Tannenbaum in his structuring Curtis Martin's RFA Contract Offer AND then, IIRC, it became an OFFICIALLY BANNED Practice by the NFL AFTER Steve Hutchinson's RFA Contract by Minnesota to steal him from Seattle the following year. The NY Jets . . . ALWAYS setting NEW PRECEDENT in the NFL!
  3. Wanted him SO BADLY in '14, and he went RIGHT BEFORE our Glorious #18 pick of SS Calvin Pryor.
  4. They STILL have value. IF you can package those picks WITH OUR 3rds (or some combination of other picks) to MOVE UP INTO the 2nd round, a team like the Giants, TB, Raiders would be willing dance partners in DIRE need of Quantity over quality. WE NEED Quality over Quantity b/c Mac can't Draft for $hit unless it's "gifted to him." With our luck, we'll be "Gifted Ed Oliver in the 2nd round" LOL.
  5. WTF do you mean WHAT "Does Mac do??" THE OBVIOUS!!!! He'll stare down his pants and assure that HIS Nutz are STILL there, unlike yours by the question and implied fret in your post, and TRADES that 1 STRIKE-AWAY from Suspension by the NFL Speed Demon (Gase would be on board according to his glowing comments to "up" Robbie's value at the combine") TO K.C. & the Kool-Aid Man for a 2nd and 5th Round pick in THIS DRAFT!!! I LOVE watching Robbie, but YOU TAKE the value and WE NEED Starting OLine.
  6. Yeah, it's Little B!TCH syndrome and he's got a BAAAAD case of it. He can smoke a c0ck for all I care. I put the petulant ba$tard on Ignore, but "mgmt" is yet to admonish his 2 personal attacks. Whatever. "Cankles" was funny, but like his posts, wrong & inaccurate. lol. BBQ wings sound amazing right now. I'm STARVING! I fast during daylight for lent and sundown ain't until 7:04pm
  7. Lee DID replace Shazier at OSU, no? That was one of the arguments I kept reading over & over in "justifying" selecting such a small ILB in the 1st round: "Lee is the Next Ryan Shazier, the FUTURE of LBs in the NFL that are FASTER, MORE AGILE, and 'FLYS' to the ball." 3 years later, Shazier is learning how to walk again and Lee has been run over more times on the field than a speed bump.
  8. There's a reason you are what you are, par for the course Mr. "Dusty Whyat." I was NOT ADDRESSING YOU NOR Replying to you. So DO NOT reply to me with a Personal Attack. I don't waste my time with Trash so I'll make it short and quick like the Pr!ck you are: Don't Reply to ME and Place me on Ignore if you disagree with what I say to OTHER posters. Now go eat a chicken wing.
  9. PATHETIC! Die Hard huh? THANK YOU for BREAKING some KNOWLEDGE on those foo's
  10. It's one of the stupider posts I've come across this MONTH.
  11. B.J. Finney - 6'4," 318 lbs., 27 Y.O. Back up C/LG/RG, & emergency 4th TE. UDFA in '16 3 year Pro from Kansas State going into 4th year Earning: $3.09M in Final Year '19. Steelers Tendered 2nd round. IMO, a 4th rounder gets it done. Steelers extended Pouncey & Ramon Foster and Dave DeCastro are entrenched as starters. Steelers would gladly take a 4th rounder to dump a $3M backup and he'd be willing to come here in the HOPES of a Contract extension or MORE playing time to show-off for teams and '20 FA. Steelers are MORE than able to draft and coach up a 4th rounder to be a reserve Center, Jets . . . not so much and thus WHY they have to Pay to Play. Current Contract Year Age Base Salary Cap Number Cap % Dead Money & Cap Savings Cut (pre-June 1)Cut (post-June 1)Trade (pre-June 1)Trade (post-June 1)RestructureExtension Total $3,095,000 $3,095,000 2019 28 $3,095,000 $3,095,000 1.6% $0 $3,095,000 Receives second-round tender March 6, 2019 The Steleers placed a second-round restricted tender on Finney on Wednesday, Tom Pelissero of NFL.com reports. ANALYSIS After going undrafted in 2016, Finney has emerged from obscurity to become a valuable reserve along the Steelers' offensive line. The 27-year-old has appeared in 43 games in three seasons, making nine starts.
  12. LISTEN TO MICKEY DAMNIT!!!! Maaaan, I miss that Cranky Mick, lol.
  13. Cowherd is a shill and a fair-weather fan BUM who rants in an annoying voice like a coked-up Valley Girl. I HATE him and his pompous boot-licking to feel cool and "down" with his guests. Bill Burr put him in his place and exposed Cowherd as an idiotic fraud during an interview by calling him out and disagreeing whips points. AND SCHOOLED him on Baker Mayfield: The ONLY reason to Watch Cowherd's $hit show in FX1 WAS because of K. Leahy, who is now no longer his side-kick hype woman like Robin to Howie Sternberg: Could so some more squats and and leg curls, lol, jk. Sorry didn't mean to HiJack the Thread. Back to Stupid Band-wagon Colin Cow-Turd
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