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  1. Rick Dennison - C - Jets Jets hired Rick Dennison as their run-game coordinator/OL coach This was fully expected. Buffalo give up on Dennison after one season, but he has one of the better run schemes in the league. Jeremy Bates is replacing John Morton as the Jets' offensive coordinator. Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter Feb 14 - 4:49 PM *This is also my last post until the end of Lent. I have given up the NY Jets as well as Reading, Lurking, Posting, and Visting Jets Nation for the SALVATION of MY SOUL!!!! Hope this place doesn't implode by mid-March & the FA signing period. Cheers and TTY'all LATER!!!
  2. Bears expected to dump FA bust Mike Glennon ESPN Bears reporter Jeff Dickerson believes the "writing is clearly on the wall" that Mike Glennon won't be back with the team for the 2018 season. The Bears have already paid Glennon $16 million, and the plan is for that to be all he gets from them before he's due a $2.5 million roster bonus later this offseason. For $16 million, Glennon made four starts for Chicago, completing 93-of-140 passes (66.4%) for 833 yards (6.0 YPA) and a 4:5 TD:INT ratio while losing three fumbles. The Bears aren't going to pay him $15 million to be a backup. Source: ESPN.com Feb 14 - 10:25 AM
  3. Quarterback-starved Jets fans try to recruit Kirk Cousins on Twitter Prospective free agent Kirk Cousinss was watching SportsCenter on Tuesday when he saw his name appear in a graphic that teased an upcoming segment. "The best spot for Cousins," it read. The soon-to-be-former Washington Redskins quarterback apparently was bemused by the subject matter, so he tweeted a photo. He's sitting on a couch with his young son, and it says: "Cooper & I are interested in hearing where the best spot is for us. We have no idea yet." One of his potential suitors, the New York Jets, has a quarterback-hungry fan base. Many of them want to see Cousins in green and white, so they used the social-media opportunity to recruit him. Some of their responses appear on my timeline because I retweeted Cousins. Gotta hand it to New Yorkers; they can be persuasive. charles zarrell‏ @rustyztwo FollowFollow @rustyztwo More Replying to @KirkCousins8 @RichCimini Its nearly 50 years since Joe Namath won the Superbowl and Jets fans would make you king of NY if you lead us to the promised land. Young team with heart, good defense, and lots of money and high draft picks. Your throne awaits. 7:08 PM - 13 Feb 2018 Another fan suggests to Cousins that he could be immortalized if he comes to the Jets. Joe Danger Liberta‏ @CupONYJoe FollowFollow @CupONYJoe More Replying to @KirkCousins8 @RichCimini @nyjets have young talent, dedicated fans, and money to spend. You can help us compete for a Super Bowl for many years. And when you raise that Lombardi trophy, you will become an all-time legend in the greatest city in the world. 5:20 PM - 13 Feb 2018 This fan does some serious name-dropping. Andrew Fishman‏ @Fish428 FollowFollow @Fish428 More Replying to @KirkCousins8 @RichCimini Come to New York. It’s a great city to live in with the best schools for Cooper. Join the list Ruth, Mantle, Reed, Messier, Jeter, Cousins. 4:42 PM - 13 Feb 2018 Cousins has said in recent interviews that his No. 1 priority is finding a winning situation. The Jets haven't made the playoffs in seven years, but they might offer the most money. Cold hard cash, according to this pragmatic fans, is the most important thing. Dutch Schultz‏ @Dutch1968 FollowFollow @Dutch1968 More Replying to @KirkCousins8 @RichCimini I'm sure there are at least 6 teams desperate for you. You can weigh a lot of factors, but my advice is to go where you get the most guaranteed money. NFL careers are short, so grab the lifetime financial security. 2:44 PM - 13 Feb 2018
  4. Draft and BUILD depth with the picks! Extend your young players w/2-3 year extensions w/$$ loaded upfront. breaking the bank for a 5 year + veteran ,RB in FA is counter-productive and asinine. Leo Williams and Marcus Maye (can be extended in '19, if continues to progress) will be due a pay day within 2 years. To say this Roster is "already crippled" are the ramblings of a senile SOJF showing signs of dementia. The High Priced FA method DOES NOT WORK in building a solid contender (recall '93-'96 and '08-'10) and only saddles the team w/Cap debt which results in a NFL roster gutting & reckoning which resulted in the 2011-2017 season. Whigga PLEASZE!!!
  5. F*Ck Cousins, Bell and any OTHER FA w/ his Team-crippling salary demands.
  6. Ex-MLB pitcher Esteban Loaiza arrested with over 20 kilograms of drugs Former major league pitcher Esteban Loaiza is jailed and facing felony drug charges after being arrested in San Diego on Friday, according to online court records. Loaiza is being held on $200,000 bail by the San Diego Sheriff's office on three felony charges: possession of heroin and cocaine over 20 kilograms, possession of narcotics for sale and possession and transportation of narcotics for sale. Loaiza, 46, is scheduled to be in court on the charges on Wednesday. The right-hander last pitched in the major leagues in 2008 and had a 126-114 record in 14 seasons for the Pirates, Rangers, Blue Jays, White Sox, Yankees, Nationals, Athletics and Dodgers. A two-time All-Star, Loaiza finished second in American League Cy Young voting in 2003 when he went 21-9 with a 2.90 ERA and an AL-leading 207 strikeouts for the White Sox. He made just over $43.7 million in his major league career.
  7. That's messed up. So it's along the line of the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan scandal of '94. I imagine two dogs with a blonde and brunette wigs and funny figure skating outfits. Bless you @Larz for being a noble gent and rescuing an animal in need. May Good Karma bestow onto you, good Sir.
  8. He DID, up until like 1996, then all he did was settle for that drop step fade away J or the 4 step jump hook across the foul line after that. Ewing became a jump shot Center after '96 since his knees and ankles were SHOT and he practically had NO jumping/launching ability. It's sad really.
  9. Dogged: German shepherd overcomes major injuries to show at Westminster Dog jumps from van on highway, lands in show NEW YORK -- Exactly what happened to the dog on that New Jersey highway, no one really knows. This much is true: Fanucci the young German shepherd was so shattered, so bloodied after jumping out of a broken-down van hooked to a speeding tow truck, his life was in jeopardy. "You see the dog, you see the pain. You don't want him to suffer," co-owner Stephanie Schrock said. "For half an hour, we thought about whether we needed to euthanize him, trying to come up with the right decision." Come Monday morning, his road will be a lot smoother -- he'll step onto the carpeted ring at the Westminster Kennel Club, showing not a scratch from his 2014 wreck. There are 2,882 entries at America's most prestigious dog competition, plenty of them favorites. Ty the giant schnauzer is top ranked, Newton the Brussels griffon took the big Thanksgiving event, Striker the cocker spaniel has won a lot. "This year, it's as wide open as I can remember," show chairman David Helming said. In 2004, Helming's barking, slobbering Newfoundland named Josh was a bow wow, winning best in show. The new champion among 202 breeds and varieties will be chosen Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden. Rumor the German shepherd won last February, and then she retired. That leaves a clear path for 5-year-old Fanucci, named for a character in "The Godfather Part II" and considered by many the best of his breed in the nation. He's already twice competed at Westminster, once taking home an award of merit. It's been more than a century since two different dogs of the same breed have won this show. "If he never does anything in his career, he's done more than you ever have imagined," said handler Sue Condreras, a physician's assistant from Farmingville, New York. Back around Labor Day 2014, Fanucci was off to a fast start. He'd won two herding groups that weekend and was riding with a pack of dogs inside a van that stalled. It was hot, and co-owner Leslie Dancosse made sure to crack the window before climbing into the tow truck. They were headed to a garage, going 60 mph or so, when a car suddenly waved them down. The driver's words nearly paralyzed Dancosse: "A German shepherd just jumped out of the van!" Frantically, she ran back more than a mile along the highway and found a woman, herself in a full leg cast, cradling Fanucci in a blanket. "He tried to get up. He couldn't. There was blood everywhere," Dancosse said. Somehow, perhaps unnerved by the clanks and clunks, Fanucci had escaped his crate, pulled down the window and leapt out. He didn't get hit on the highway, but landed hard and was in rough shape. His right rear leg was dangling, as badly broken as anything Dr. Guy DeNardo had ever seen at the Valley Central Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. Surgery took five hours or so, cost about $10,000 and included rods, pins, screws and wire. "It was in quite a few pieces. It truly was a puzzle to put back together," he said. DeNardo's prognosis: Fanucci would eventually walk, "but to make it back into the show world, that might've been doubtful." Said Condreras: "But nobody told Fanucci this, that he wouldn't show again." Over several months, rounds of acupuncture, chiropractic care, massages, physical therapy and road work got him moving again. Within a year, he began competing again. And winning, too. Now, he's ready to possibly to take his biggest steps yet. Schrock, a retired vet tech from Milton, Delaware, has never been to Westminster. She'll be there this time. If Fanucci earns a place in the best-of-seven final ring, DeNardo also would like to attend. "I do remember this one, piecing that thing together," he said. "I remember saying that if he ever makes it back, I want to know." Also worth barking about, in and out of the rings: THE DOGHOUSE: Golden retrievers are sweet, faithful and absolutely perfect pets. So how come they never, ever win at Westminster? And what about Labs, Chihuahuas, dachshunds and Dalmatians -- why do those familiar pooches always get shut out? Maybe because they're popular, but don't pop. A perky wire fox terrier (14 titles) or a primped poodle (nine wins) is much more likely to catch a judge's eye. BARK-ETOLOGY: There is zero prize money for the best in show owner, who does get a shiny bowl, lucrative breeding prospects and bragging rights. But there's a $1 million reward for the person who picks the seven group winners and champ in the Purina Pro Plan contest. Former NY Jets star and current Mets outfielder Tim Tebow is pitching the online game. His choice is a Rhodesian ridgeback. But beware: No Rhodesian has ever won Westminster. Not even Tebow's own Bronco. WHAT'S NEW? For the first time since 2006, no new breeds will show on the green carpet. Next year, the Nederlandse kooikerhondje and the grand basset griffon Vendeen make their debuts; last year, the American hairless terrier, sloughi and pumi were the newcomers. The American Kennel Club decides which dogs are eligible.
  10. Vikings nix Giants' request to interview, hire Kevin Stefanski for OC, source says The New York Giants were denied permission to interview and hire Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks coach Kevin Stefanski as their offensive coordinator, a league source told ESPN's Adam Schefter. Stefanski was recently passed over for the Vikings offensive coordinator job. The Giants and their new coach, Pat Shurmur, who was the offensive coordinator in Minnesota before leaving for New York, had been waiting for several weeks to see how things panned out with Stefanski and the Vikings. It didn't turn out in their favor. Stefanski and Shurmur were known to have a strong working relationship, but the Vikings decided to deny that reunion, a somewhat surprising outcome given Shurmur's relationship with the organization and Stefanski losing out to former Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo for the OC position. The Giants now remain without an offensive coordinator. Some possible candidates that have been mentioned in recent weeks are former Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and Eagles running backs coach Duce Staley, who also has a previous working relationship with Shurmur. The Eagles could also deny the Giants permission to speak with Staley. He remains under contract with Philadelphia, according to a source. The Eagles recently lost their quarterbacks coach, and their offensive coordinator, Frank Reich, is in the running for the Indianapolis Colts head-coaching job. The offensive coordinator job with the Giants does not include playcalling duties. Shurmur intends to call plays in New York, much as he did for most of the past two seasons in Minnesota. Stefanski, 35, would have had playcalling duties as the Vikings' offensive coordinator. Instead, he will remain a part of Mike Zimmer's coaching staff for at least one more year as they decide how to proceed at the quarterback position. Shurmur and Stefanski helped the Vikings get the most out of backup Case Keenumthis past season. Keenum, an impending free agent, threw 22 touchdown passes and seven interceptions after taking over as the starter for Sam Bradford. He would have had increased responsibility with the Giants, most notably putting together the weekly offensive game plans. Stefanski, the son of Memphis Grizzlies executive vice president Ed Stefanski, was believed to be Shurmur's top choice. Shurmur does have most of his staff together with the Giants. Two holes remain at offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.
  11. How are they similar? Ewing was ALL ABOUT the Post-Up and playing strong within the Box w/a sweet base-line mid-range jumper to boot. KP can run the fast break like '84 Georgetown Ewing, but his game is NOTHING like the 90's Ewing's NBA style of play. KP settles for 3s and long jumpers. He has absolutely NO POST game whatsoever. There is NO POWER in his game and is a 7' SF with a predilection to shoot rather than bang with the big boys. He has the frame and quickness to be the next Olajuwon with grace and length; he's NO Patrick Ewing. I like KP, but unless he develops a post game, the NBA has figured him out and that's probably why his #s went down after the first 20 games. TO have Ewing's NBA/Knick's Prime style of play, KP needs WAAAAAY more strength and In-the-Box aggressiveness. I see KP and ask: