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  1. Corey Coleman - WR - Free Agent Free agent WRs Corey Coleman and Rishard Matthews worked out for the Jets on Tuesday. Coleman was cut twice by the Patriots in September and he's not a bet to make a 53-man roster anytime soon. Matthews is the better receiver of the two and would make sense from the Jets perspective given Quincy Enunwa's injury. The Jets also worked out RT Derek Newton (both knees) and RB Donnel Pumphrey. Related: Jets Source: Adam Caplan on Twitter Oct 16 - 7:14 PM
  2. Derek Newton - T - Free Agent Free agent OT Derek Newton worked out for the Jets on Tuesday. Newton is a player everyone should be pulling for as he tries to become the first NFL player to return to action after tearing both patellar tendons on the same play. One source said Newton "looked good" at his tryout on Tuesday, but the two parties haven't signed a deal. If Newton is able to come back -- he might have a better shot at a return playing guard if he's less mobile -- in any capacity, it will be one of the biggest comeback stories of the season. Related: Jets Source: Mike Jones on Twitter Oct 16 - 8:05 PM
  3. Has Sam Darnold made Jets kings of New York over Eli Manning, Giants? Jordan Raanan Rich Cimini While the clouds continue to hover over East Rutherford, the sun appears to have peeked through in Florham Park. The New York Giants sit at 1-5 and in last place in the NFC East while their aging quarterback struggles. The New York Jets are 3-3 and realistically thinking of the postseason with their promising rookie leading the way. These are two franchises seemingly headed in opposite directions, and their fates can be traced back to the offseason. The decisions that will be debated for decades occurred atop this year’s NFL draft. The Giants passed on a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick and selected running back Saquon Barkley out of Penn State, in part because they had Eli Manning on the roster. Barkley is proving to be a breathtaking playmaker, no doubt, but his star has been shining in defeat. The Jets happily grabbed quarterback Sam Darnold out of USC with the very next pick. He is proving to be the franchise pillar that they’ve desperately desired for decades. They’re happy with what they’ve received from him this season and even more excited about what the future might hold. Now six weeks into the season, we’re able to see a bit more clearly where these teams stand and the long-term effect these picks will have on each franchise. One quarterback has won two Super Bowl MVP awards while the other hasn't yet played half an NFL season, but Sam Darnold has made Jets fans optimistic about the future while Eli Manning's critics are wondering how much longer he'll be around. AP Photo/Julio Cortez Does the development of Darnold and decline of Manning keep hammering home the mistake the Giants made in not drafting a quarterback? - Hell, yeah. The Giants made a shortsighted decision, thinking they could squeeze another productive year or two out of Manning to fulfill their win-now game plan. Now, the organization and its fan base have an up-close view of what might have been, as Darnold continues to make progress in the same city. Look, the Giants wouldn’t have been a contender this season even if they had drafted Darnold. He would be backing up Manning or experiencing on-the-job growing pains, which has been the case with the Jets. But at least they’d have a succession plan. Now, in a case of role reversal, the Giants will go into the offseason in quarterback limbo, desperate to find an answer in free agency or the draft. Desperation makes teams do dumb things. Look at the Jets; they drafted Christian Hackenberg in 2016, for crying out loud -- and they were desperate last offseason too, but they aggressively traded up and benefited from a little draft-day luck to escape potential disaster. The Giants will have to do the same thing in the offseason, which means they might not be a viable contender until 2020 -- if everything goes right. It’s compelling to note that Darnold passed Manning this week in ESPN’s QBR rankings, which take into account all aspects of quarterback play, not just passing. They’re ranked 25th and 27th, respectively, with Darnold at 44.7 and Manning at 41.4. Using this objective measure, Darnold already is as good as Manning, which is stunning. -- Cimini - Until the Giants find a suitable replacement to build their franchise around, yes. It’s the most important position in football by a wide margin. The opportunities were there for them to find their franchise quarterback at No. 2 overall. Instead, they chose a running back. It’s not that Barkley isn’t a sensational player. He is. It’s just that he plays a position that they’re realizing isn’t nearly as vital to winning as quarterback. Just look at Thursday night, when Barkley was the best player on the field. He had 130 yards rushing and 99 yards receiving. What kind of outcome did it have on the game? The Giants lost by 21. If a quarterback is the best player on the field, you don’t lose by 21. Darnold has shown signs of being everything the Giants need and the Jets wanted. He has the arm, the mobility, the smarts and temperament that would suggest he’s on pace to have a successful career in New York. That might leave serious envy on the other side. The Giants are stumbling badly with Manning. He’s 37 years old and eroding behind a leaky offensive line despite having perhaps the best weaponry in the NFL. It has become hard to watch. The Giants have scored fewer than 20 points in four of six games, but they are standing behind their quarterback through the struggles. “We believe in Eli,” Giants coach Pat Shurmur said on Friday. The Giants wanted to desperately make one more run with Manning. It didn’t matter that the timing was perfect to take a quarterback with a new coach, a new general manager and an aging quarterback, coming off a 3-13 season and with the No. 2 overall pick in a strong QB draft. They didn’t. And now they’re paying for the mistake while simultaneously watching Darnold shine across town with the Jets. -- Raanan Which team appears to have a stronger foundation on which to build and why? - I’d give a slight edge to the Jets, but this is tricky because there’s some projection involved. Let me explain. Right now, I’d say the Giants have better talent on paper than the Jets, but Darnold’s presence tilts the scale in the Jets’ favor because we all know the NFL is a quarterback-driven league. This, of course, is based on the belief he will develop into a playoff-caliber quarterback. No one can say for sure after only six games, but he certainly seems to have the traits –- tangible and intangible –- to be that kind of player. And that gives the Jets an edge in the rebuilding process. In terms of non-quarterback talent, the Giants have more blue-chip players than the Jets -- Odell Beckham Jr., Landon Collins and Barkley to name three. Jamal Adamsis approaching Collins’ stature, but the Jets don’t have anyone close to Beckham and Barkley. Those are terrific building blocks for the Giants. To complete the puzzle, they need the quarterback, and that could cost them significant assets if they have to trade up in the draft. Another reason to favor the Jets: In cap space, they have approximately $150 million more than the Giants in 2019 and 2020, according to overthecap.com. -- Cimini - The Jets. The Giants have the skill position players (Barkley, Beckham, Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram). The Jets have the quarterback who appears will be their centerpiece for years to come. The latter is significantly more important and harder to find. Just ask the Jets. They had trouble locating the next Joe Namath; they’ve been searching for a true franchise quarterback for almost 50 years. Maybe they finally did. The Giants passed on their first opportunity to find the next Manning. Who knows how long it will take for them to find his successor. Maybe he’s in next year’s draft or already on the roster. Or maybe he has not even been born yet. Anything is possible in the search for a QB. The Giants are in a spot that nobody in the NFL envies with uncertainty at the quarterback position. Aside from that, the Giants' roster has the better building blocks. Beckham and Barkley are among the league’s top playmakers. Collins has proved to be a Pro Bowl player on defense. The Jets can build around safety Adams, defensive lineman Leonard Williams and linebacker Darron Lee. They need to add a difference-making playmaker (or two) to support Darnold and a dominant pass-rusher. Still, overall, they’re in better shape because they appear set at the most important position in football. --Raanan What should/can the Giants do with Manning in the short term? - It’s kind of funny when Shurmur gives a strong vote of confidence to Manning. I mean, really, what are his options? Alex Tanney? Kyle Lauletta? It’s not like he has a Josh McCown on the bench, a capable veteran who can win games. The Giants should ride Manning until they’re mathematically eliminated. Remember, this is a new coach, trying to change the culture. Winning matters, and Manning gives them the best chance to win. When they’re eliminated, give Lauletta a shot, assuming he’s more prepared than Davis Webb was a year ago. It won’t be pleasant for Manning, a franchise icon, but the Giants must think of the future, not the past. -- Cimini - It’s becoming clear that the Manning era in New York is nearing a close. If the Giants can trade him (a big if ... but maybe to the Jacksonville Jaguars?), they should. If not and they continue to sputter along offensively, they need to put Manning on the bench. They have no choice. The Giants won’t be able to justify starting Manning much longer if they remain impotent offensively over the next two weeks against the Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins. At least some players in the locker room already have lost confidence in their quarterback. The Giants will need to look at rookie Lauletta after the bye week for a Monday night matchup on Nov. 12 at the San Francisco 49ers. Lauletta might be able to make some plays with his legs; that could reinvigorate the offense, to some degree, for the final eight games of the season. The Giants can then give Manning one final goodbye later in the season in their final home game. The two-time Super Bowl winner deserves a better farewell than where it appears to be heading right now. One last hurrah at MetLife Stadium on Dec. 30 against the Dallas Cowboys would be a good way to say goodbye to a Giants legend. --Raanan
  4. Gas2No99

    IF WE WIN!!

    This Jets team can be pretty good and always competitive as long as they play mistake free football. They're too young and not talented enough to overcome self-inflicting penalties that have been Drive-killers or abort a GREAT play (Enunwa's 49 yard reception nullified by a holding penalty a few games back, Jax?). They have to be focused from the Get Go like last week and play mistake free football - no holding penalties, personal fouls, dropped passes, etc. The defense can contend as long as the coverage holds up and the offense has shown it can be explosive (Crowell, Powell, Enunwa, Robbie And) and Darnold is only growing stronger by the week. Jet SHOULD win, but I think it'll be a close game and we'll see WHO shows up to play tomorrow.
  5. Gas2No99

    who is our rb3?

    I expect a good dosage of HB screen to Powell and Cannon getting some snaps if he can gain positive yards (don't dance too much east-west) and NOT fumble. Indy has a middle of the pack run defense and my only concern would be Powell coming away injured from this game if he ends up getting 20+ carries. My sense is that Powell will have a huge day receiving in addition to a solid day running the ball.
  6. Gas2No99

    Jets vs Colts Tailgate Menu

    Breakfast: Black Coffee w/cinnamon and a dash of Cardenal Mendoza Solera Gran Reserva (it'll be 50 degrees out by 8am), Mixed Yogurt, Oats and Fresh Berries. Lunch: Teriyaki-marinated sh*take Mushrooms and Wild Spanish Mackerel, grilled Brussel Sprouts, Red, Yellow, & Orange Peppers, North Korean Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Jersey Corn. 2 inch Salmon Steak in a Lime Cilantro Sauce all over Hickory Wood. Libations: ShöfferHofer Grapefruit Wheat Beer and Fat Tire Amber Ale
  7. Gas2No99

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    not upset about anything. You're trying to provoke some reaction out of me but I've already relegated you to the equivalent of wet dog excrement, so I pay no mind. "Adorbs" is pretty effeminate of you, so another Millennial is par for the course. Good day
  8. There should be some fan twitter barrage Friday night on all the Jets' defensive players' social media accounts to see who abides by Jamal's new dictum.
  9. Gas2No99

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    IT doesn't like ANYONE. It's a scourge of bitter commentary for the most part.
  10. Gas2No99

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    AS much as I dislike the cited poster, IT has a point and you should realize it is pointless of you to "worry" about something you have NO CONTROL over & someone you only knew in an abstract sense. There is no REAL relationship between you & @T0mShane. It's as if Eddie Murphy had gone missing, yes you were a fan of his comedy, but if he suddenly disappeared there's NOTHING in your power to make him suddenly reappear. Same goes for anonymous internet forum participants.
  11. IT actually isn't and when you go to the games on Sunday, it is SHAMEFUL how many "adult fans" curse freely in the presence of younger children. It's actually one aspect I DESPISE about our fan base - we're one of the MORE Foul-mouthed fanbases in the NFL, IMO&O.
  12. The Jets' uni makeover awards revealed Stay tuned for a new look for the New York Jets. Gavin Baker/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images The New York Jets will have new uniforms in 2019. The new designs won't be revealed until next spring, but we didn't want to wait that long, so we recently issued our latest Uni Watch challenge: Redesign the Jets! Now, your friendly uniform columnist's favorite color happens to be green, so the anticipation level at Uni Watch HQ was high. What could be better than sifting through a ton of green-centric design concepts? And the response from our readership was strong, with more than 100 people participating. But in this case, alas, quantity did not necessarily correlate with quality. While many of the submissions had some good elements -- a strong logo here, a decent helmet there -- it was hard to find one entry that was an improvement on what the Jets are currently wearing. Part of this might simply be due to the strength of the Jets' longstanding look, which has held up pretty well over the years. Also, the Jets' entire color scheme for most of the team's history has consisted of only green and white -- an unusually limited palette -- so adding any other colors to the mix, as many of our contestants tried to do, tends to be visually jarring. Still, some entries stood out above the rest. Here's a rundown of the best and most notable designs we received (for all of the images shown, you can click to enlarge): Best overall design: Bob Green Leave it to a guy named Green to come up with a good look for Gang Green. Bob Green's proposed wardrobe for the Jets isn't perfect (let's hope the real Jets never go with a black alternate uni), but it combines a solid primary logo with just enough changes to the team's current look to qualify as modern update. Good presentation, too. Nicely done. Best jet depiction: Hix Myrick Hix Myrick's entry has some issues (those notched cutouts in most of the letters and numbers are particularly unfortunate). But man, that little arrowhead-shaped jet leaving the oval contrail in its wake -- that is perfect. The arrowhead is beautifully simple, and you could put just about anything inside that oval, and it would look totally slick. Here's hoping the Jets go with something like this for their new logo. Best hybrid logo: Alex Ridore Over the past half-century, the Jets have essentially had two primary logos: the football and the speedbird. Lots of readers tried to come up with designs that referenced both logos, but Alex Ridore was the most successful. His logo feels like equal parts Broadway Joe and New York Sack Exchange. "I wanted something that looked new and modern while still feeling appropriate for an old-school franchise like the Jets, and I also wanted the redesign to feel familiar to Jets fans." Mission accomplished. Best presentation: Tim Fesmire Let's be honest: Tim Fesmire's uniform concepts are pretty unremarkable. But he presented those concepts in a completely engaging format that looks and feels like storyboards for The Incredibles 3 (an apt comparison, since Fesmire's Color Rush concept looks like a superhero costume). Remember, kids: Presentation counts! Best entry for NFL fans in Winnipeg: Andrew Arena Many hockey teams over the years have been called the Winnipeg Jets. Andrew Arena is particularly fond of the uniforms worn by the Winnipeg Jets of the 1970sand '80s, who later moved to Phoenix and became the Coyotes. Arena was disappointed when the latest version of the Winnipeg Jets, who used to be Atlanta Thrashers (are you following all of this?), opted not to use the previous Jets' uniforms, so he decided to repurpose that design for the football field. Hey, why not? It works surprisingly well -- except for the "J" shaped like a hockey stick. Honorable mentions • Anyone else think the inspiration for Bruce Genther's entry might have been Sacha Baron Cohen's "Borat" bathing suit? • Of all the "NY"-based logos, Ian Lee was the only entrant whose proposed logo included a visual reference to New Jersey, where the team actually plays. • Speaking of "NY" logos, Brent Hatfield had his logo's "Y" double as a goalpost -- nice! How is it possible that no New York-based football team has ever done that before? Want to see more? You can see all of the design submissions here. Paul Lukas enjoys paging through this Jets branding booklet, which he acquired sometime around 2004. If you like this column, you'll probably like his Uni Watch Blog, plus you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook and sign up for his mailing list so you'll always know when a new column has been posted. Want to learn about his Uni Watch Membership Program, check out his Uni Watch merchandiseor just ask him a question? Contact him here.
  13. Jets hope late-Friday film work leads to happy hours on Sunday Jets safeties Marcus Maye, left, and Jamal Adams talk during a timeout last Sunday against Jacksonville. The Jets had communication issues throughout the loss to the Jaguars. David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- After getting roughed up by Baker Mayfield and Blake Bortles in consecutive weeks, the New York Jets are planning to work overtime in an attempt to clean up their issues on defense. After Friday's practice, the defense will hold a players-only film session during which they will review their calls and adjustments in a final prep for Sunday against the Denver Broncos. The objective, of course, is to eliminate any potential communication breakdowns that might occur on the field. Safety Jamal Adams mentioned the possibility of the meeting Tuesday in a radio interview, and several players confirmed Wednesday it would happen. Truth be told, it had been a topic of conversation since last week. The dreadful performance in Jacksonville, where the Jets gave up 503 total yards, escalated the sense of urgency. "We're going to start doing it every Friday to make sure everybody is on the same page and make sure we see everything together as a group," middle linebacker Avery Williamson said. Obvious question: What took so long? Actually, the defense played reasonably well for first 2½ games, not falling apart until the second half of their Week 3 loss to Mayfield and the Browns. Evidently, the Jets figured that was an aberration. Then came the Bortles beating, which put the Jets -- losers of three straight -- in crisis mode. At 1-3, there's a feeling that the season is slipping away, so this is a unified attempt to prevent it from happening. In six quarters against Bortles and Mayfield, the Jets surrendered 589 passing yards. Do the math; it's 98 yards per quarter. Players sit in meetings for several hours a day, listening to coaches discuss the game plan and scouting reports on the opponent. The defense is separated for a chunk of that time, with the line, linebackers and secondary meeting in different rooms. The players will have more together time in the Friday sessions, which they hope will translate into a smoother operation on the field. "We have only so much time to go through every call together as a defense," linebacker Brandon Copeland said. "We have to split up as a group to go through certain things, which means certain little things and nuances might be lost in translation or lost from room to room. By watching film together, the hope is we're all on the same page now." The Jaguars did a masterful job of confusing the Jets with their route combinations, resulting in ridiculously open receivers. The most blatant breakdown came on T.J. Yeldon's 31-yard touchdown catch. He came out of the backfield and ran a criss-cross with wide receiver Dede Westbrook. Linebacker Darron Lee, responsible for underneath coverage, followed Westbrook for a couple of steps, then realized he was supposed to cover Yeldon. Too late. It was a walk-in touchdown. Inexcusable. If a defender gets beat in a competitive situation ... hey, it happens. But when receivers are running free in the secondary, it creates the perception of confusion and unpreparedness -- and that reflects poorly on coaching. "We harp on it all the time," coach Todd Bowles said of on-field communication. "Some of it wasn't communication issues. They were individual issues that had nothing to do with communication." Bowles downplayed the Friday meetings, saying there's nothing unusual about them. He said they've been occurring every Friday since he became the coach in 2015. Evidently, the players believe something extra is needed. Former Jets and Ravens linebacker Bart Scott, a co-host on WFAN radio in New York, said the Ravens held Friday film sessions on a regular basis. "Ultimately, we feel like we're moving as one heartbeat, but this is just something we feel like we're doing to take that next step and ultimately be better on Sunday," Copeland said. "We're trying to get it right, as opposed to other teams that might not necessarily take that step."
  14. Gas2No99

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    WOW - 9 pages in an people are still choosing to be naively optimistic as to the most likely scenario? I guess hope is good thing,

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