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  1. Although the team that could really benefit here is Jacksonille. I could see interested teams being sold that the Raider would be picking Geno Smith, and if someone really wanted to jump over Oakland, Jax could get a decent bounty, move down out of the top 10 and gather some picks.
  2. I think this can work for KC. They have a shot to build an O-Line around him, maybe pick Joekel. he is a compentent and fairly accurate QB. He gives them a professional starting QB with playoff experience. He is still in his 20s. I think if the idea was to skip over picking Geno with #1 Smith is probably better than what they would have grabbed with the top pick in the 2nd round. I'd love Geno to slip to #9 so the Jets can maybe get a bidding war in and trade the pick, but I can't see AZ letting him get by them.
  3. You have to make room for A-Rod who will probably have to DH a few days a week when he gets back.
  4. that seems more of a business decision than a football one...saves money..since Kolb will cost less than McNabb...which would be..what gives the Eagles the best chance to build on last season....remove the franchise QB after 11 seasons and start the unknown QB....or try to squeeze 1 more season out of McNabb? Even the Aaron Rodgers experiment started with a 6 win season. So you have to ask yourself as an organization....is this the best way to produce wins on the field? I don't know if Kolb is going to be as good as Rodgers (I think he will be closer to Lienart).....so to me...it doesn't make much football sense...if McNabb were 37 or 38 it may make more sense, but realistically, McNabb has about 5 years left in him as a quality starter.
  5. not really a good analogy....Chad was never at the same level as McNabb
  6. McNabb is still capable of being a winning QB. He doesn't turn the ball over that much during the regular season, he has the ability to execute a two-minute drive, can make the big throw, and is an above-average field QB. Is he older, yes, are his legs a little weaker, sure, and has he ever really matched up to his hype....that is debatable. I think he is being moved solely due to the will of the fans. As a football move, this makes no sense. The Eagles are basically saying they are willing to waste two seasons seeing what they have with Kolb and taking the chance of missing the playoffs for a few seasons in a row. Eagle fans have no idea that what they wish for is very dangerous, all they can think is that this guy has not won the big game yet. McNabb can still play as a top 12 or so QB this season and possibly play at a high level for 3 more. In a Shanahan offense, he could see some success.... Not too many QBs have his resume....5 NFC title games and 1 Super Bowl in 11 seasons is something almost any fan would gladly take from his QB and team.
  7. surprisingly there are a lot of football players who are not willing to swallow their pride and do the exact same ting on their current team that they are doing for their new team. I guess it has to do with not having to face your teammates with a reduced role and pay cut. I think if it were just the money it would be one thing, but I think the idea he may compete for a job he feels should be his adds a little bit of discomfort to the idea of returning to the Jets.
  8. I always liked Leon Washington, but argued every Sunday with my buddy Jon who felt he should start over Thomas Jones. Washington is a competent back who is quick and an above average pass catcher. He is not built to be an number 1 RB. His numbers look better than Jones' because Washington was never required to pick up short yardage. Washington always reminded me of Leon Johnson, another RB that I remember many Jet fans claiming was an invaluable player. I didn't think that then, and I don't think so now. There are too many reasons why Leon to the 49ers works out well for the Jets. A great pick, compensation for a player who probably was not going to be resigned to a long term deal, and not having to rely on someone coming back from an injury. I think Washington has a lot to offer, but he is not irreplaceable. The Jets can find some combination of vet/rookie/practice squad to fill out the depth at RB. Justin Fargas seems like he would be a great fit behind Greene. I am actually more inclined to say that Richardson is more important to the Jets than Washington at this point.
  9. I don't know if I agree with you there...the biggest glaring deficiency in the AFC game was lack of quality DBs. The offense was humming, the idea though that they are free to improve the offense is a nice little plus.
  10. as a Jet fan I would trade a 2nd for a piece in a Superbowl championship............ of course, now we all know they are doomed.
  11. there is a 3rd option, Jets make a Super Bowl appearance and let him go....I think shoring up the secondary for one year with results would be worth a 3rd. Not saying that is a forgone conclusion...but it is a possible outcome
  12. well...it is easy to assume... For Jet fans the glass is neither half full or half empty but smashed on the counter with water all over the floor
  13. I agree...when you get a deal with so much upside you have to be happy....this seems pretty safe, even at his worst he can be an improvement with big play ability.
  14. I got lucky with a short sale at the right time for the market...it is a nice quiet little area of Bay Shore that I never knew existed. Even thought you are caught between the Southern State and Sunrise there is really no easy way to drive through so the streets are very quiet. The village down by Main St is really improving too, I grew up on the south shore and that stretch used to look really bad....
  15. I agree...I think Cro will be a lot better than the disappointed Jet fans think.....he really is a step up from who we had, and he is still young. For one year to take a shot with Revis on one side and Cromartie on the other seems to make sense to me...sort of like when the Jets grabbed Edwards.....high reward player with problems..... I am in Brigh****er Farms.....which I think is a made up part of Bay Shore just so people can say they live somewhere other than Bay Shore.
  16. I would rather hear she did sleep with a ton of guys rather than just saving it for hook ups with Brian Austin Green....I mean even his initial spell BAG
  17. I don't know if it is about smarts as much as about the situation..... Some people may say the same thing if the Jets trade Rhodes for a 3rd rounder or something like that. Talented players wear out their welcome all the time, especially when they are looking for big money.
  18. maybe Washington.....they will probably want every QB alive to compete for the job. A vet like Jake seems to fit in Shanny's m.o.
  19. It works for the Jets in a few different ways... Cromartie is now a number 2 CB which should improve his numbers. He will play more man coverage, he needs to play for a new contract as bad as any player with about 4,000 kids would and it frees up the Jets ability to draft less on need and more on talent. Conditional picks are always looked at favorably. If it costs the Jets a 2nd rounder that means the trade worked out well for NY. We should hope it comes to that. May also free up moving Rhodes and living with the group we have at safety, unless the Jets can pry one away from another team. Even at the level Cromartie played last year he is an upgrade over what we had last year.
  20. 3zKCIf-vfbc "We all have it coming, Kid." My favorite line in any movie.... The Kid's performance here is under-appreciated...going from Bravado to regret to fear of Munny in the entire scene.
  21. Boldin for Rhodes would be a fair trade off and an excellent piece for the Jets, part of building a championship team is not only focusing on the future but also on the now. Boldin would greatly improve the Jets passing game and help make up for the loss of Jones and the potential loss of Washington, and if he stays, the possible drop off when he returns from injury. Suffice to say, a Jet offense that would have Boldin, Edwards, Cotch, Greene and Keller with a serviceable vet RB and possibly one from the draft could really be something to contend with for opposing defenses. Forcing teams to concentrate on pass defense could make a rushing attack of Greene and ?? and ?? with the Jet O-line better than most of the league. The Jets don't need the number 1 rushing attack in order to contend. Now, if the Jets can't work a deal for a credible safety then they will have to live with Smith working alongside Leonhard. Is it a sexy name, not really, but the guy is a competent safety. If Washington turns into a 2nd round pick I can't really see the advantage of passing on Boldin for yet another pick in the 3rd. The upside of what you could get from him for even just one season is worth the gamble. Now, if the Jets were dumping draft picks all over the league for players then my opinion would be a lot different.
  22. A few thoughts: 1) In this strange crazy alternate time-line where the plane never crashes on the island there are a lot of crazy differences in details about these characters. Stuff that we were not led to believe existed in the time-line where they plane crashed. I wonder if the bomb also nullified any interaction Jacob may have had with the main characters after 1977, which may explain some of the differences. What is the theory about a butterfly creating hurricanes, change just one small thing, one chance meeting between Jack and Jacob and suddenly he has an ex0wife and a son. 2) So far no new dead people coming back from the grave, which helps to cement my theory (probably not mine alone, but I thought of it after last seasons reveal that Locke was Anti-Jacob) that every person who ever came back was Anti-Jacob manipulating everyone. Using the image of Jacks father, Ecko's brother, Linus' daughter, Walt in the woods, all to orchestrate Jacob's death. Not exactly a new idea, but a really cool one to watch the series back and look for, watching every mysterious appearance as being Anti-Jacob. 3) I see a lot of Cain/Abel more than God/Devil in the Jacob/anti-Jacob relationship. There are so many interpretations of the "first" murder....Byron's play/poem "Cain" was an extremely interesting take. The idea of Cain and Abel being trapped on this island, a sort of perverted Eden, and having rules to follow, regarding killing and whatnot really make me think that they can not be God/Devil types, but entities below that, ones with rules to obey, almost as if they themselves are chess pieces in a game played by greater beings. 4) The Island obviously fills voids left by people who die or leave the island. Claire is the new french woman, almost as if the island needs a french woman type. I wonder if that is how the whole Jacob/Anti-Jacob thing works? I wonder if that is where the candidates come in..replacement parts for an ongoing struggle...which makes me think, if this series is to end, something goes wrong this time other than just Jacob dying...and knowing the characters, the one I would see as not playing along by the rulebook and ending this on his terms would be Sawyer...who could be the savior of the island...which would be interesting...but who knows. that is all for my first post here in almost a year....good to be back!
  23. I don't think this analogy fits...Vick is not entitled to go back to the NFL, he needs teams to be interested in signing him. Being reinstated does not mean that he must get a job. Ex=cons are able to apply for work, they may not get hired, but they can apply. The difference is they do not possess the skill set Vick does. There are teams that no doubt will not sign Vick based on his transgressions. Just like there are teams that will.
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