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  1. Lets discusses this over a candlelit booth at the Red Lobster my dear.
  2. Today is last day of Jan on my sales team.. It's busiest month by far. I may read this sht later.
  3. It is the most logical solution. Not sure how anyone could be against letting Zippy sit for 2 years behind his idol and hopefully turn into a player. Despite his abysmal play this year I still think he can turn into something if he gets the time he needs to mature. He is in no position to ask for a trade the next couple years nor would anyone trade anything of value for him. Getting Rodgers for 2 years and letting Zip grow is the perfect situation.
  4. The 13th pick, Becton, and conditional 24' pick that can become a 3rd for Rodgers and Bakhitiari.
  5. Holy sht we are on the cusp of another off season championshp!! We are the UCLA Bruins of March!
  6. 1 Rodgers 2 Love The end Not interested in Carrtastrophe or Glassappalo.
  7. Vote drums I'll get around to reading this at some point
  8. Simmons heard from Incarcerated Robert that Rodgers was "totally coming to the NYC".
  9. F the Bengals and that smug pick Burrow pretending every Sunday is Halloween. F Zac Taylor too. He exudes a dooshiness that is difficult to describe but is omnipresent.
  10. Pac

    Q Tweet

    Fake or he was drunk... Never heard anything but team first statements from Q. To do this for the first time on the heels of the biggest contract he'll ever sign seems unrealistic.
  11. Going with football guy on this one.. That mess of cords and antiquated equipment is unsightly and undermines his legitimacy. Cord concealers cost like 10 dollars. Have some pride in your cave.
  12. Different team, different year. GB has determined Jordan Love is ready.
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