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  1. Give us Nelson, their first the next 2 years, their 2nd this year, and their 4th in 22'.
  2. Great thing about this is even if we don't get Watson the players are watching the Jets becoming the place to be. Bodes well for us in FA the next couple years!
  3. Offer Seattle's firsts and Darnold and tell them to only call back if they're going to do it. Give them till March 1st so there's time to plan for FA in either scenario.
  4. So you admit Rex was in fact a defensive genius? Another hot take of yours gone awry.
  5. I don't expect you to admit your entire platform disintegrated that year. That would be acknowledging the years your diabolical faction spent debasing one of the best QBs we've ever had was the folly most knew it was.
  6. Meanwhile Mangini cut Penny who promptly went to our hated rival and won the AFCE. The ultimate drop mic moment to hater-nation.
  7. Change if Watson was our QB last year to if Saleh was our coach and you can make the same argument.
  8. Its that 2nd overall that id hate to see them part with.. that could be worth 2 firsts and more.. Seattle's picks, Darnold, and maybe a 3rd.. 4 firsts, which could be 5 firsts if Houston trades down is too much. We were 1 game away from superbowl 2 years in a row with Sanchez. Thats further than Watson has ever gotten. We did that because we had a great team and Mark played well in the playoffs. If Darnold turns it around and have 4 or 5 first round picks the next 2 years we are in ******* business!
  9. I pulled up the fins board last night and they had a poll where like 70% said they would not trade Tua, the 3rd pick, and another 1st for Watson. Speaking for myself I do want Watson and would trade Seattle's firsts and Darnold to get him.. just not the absurd packages I keep hearing mentioned.
  10. I'll be sure to @ you when JD says we're rolling with Sammy.
  11. Its absurd.. 34th almost a 1st rounder and the 2nd pick can be flipped for another first plus. Pretty much 5 first rounders plus.. Nope. JD ain't doing that.
  12. How many 1st rounders is too much? Saying I'd trade Seattle's firsts as well as an additional 2nd OR the 2nd pick overall and a 2nd is not a "bit". Why not give them 10 first rounders? That oughta get er' dun.

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