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  1. err.. Jeff Smith was a practice squad player on this team.
  2. effort on both sides has been good all night.. that's a good sign for when the walking wounded return in 2020. it hasn't been that bad of a night for Gase.
  3. If Lamar got hurt the Ravens would be a .500 club if that... we've had to have lost 90% of the starters for multiple games this year.
  4. Mosely, Adams, Tru, Avery, Q, Hewitt, Roberts, Maulet, Poole, Anderson... that's off top of my head but I'm sure there are many more.
  5. shocked anyone is viewing this game and making judgements... JEFF SMITH is starting and playing an important role. like 70% of the starters going into the season are hurt including most of the best players. you can't take anything out of this game other than the effort displayed and it hasn't been terrible.
  6. like 5 of our best 7 players (including the top 2) are on D and injured.
  7. nice to not get frustrated.. it's not like this wasn't entirely expected. Jeff Smith is playing an important role tonight. Jeff Smith

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