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  1. and you are? your opinion of what constitutes a superior hiring process means about as much as the sh-t my pug just took on my neighbors lawn. The fact is that if this is a playoff roster, which I believe it could be, then it was Macc who built it. If Douglas can improve on that while being able to handle Gases mood swings then it was a good hire. no one cares who liked him in Philadelphia.
  2. Who cares... I defy you to find a teammate of Aaron Rodgers who likes him.
  3. Au contraire you fool... Macc left Gase and Douglas with a playoff roster and what we hope is the best QB we've had in 50 years. I appreciate his contributions but understand that this is Gases team now and he needs a buddy capable of handling his innumerable idiosyncrasies. I have no complaints about what's transpired.
  4. I agree. He didn't say anything and didn't inspire a lot of confidence but building championships isn't done in front of cameras. I'm sure he'll be fine but people are lying or misinformed if they say press conferences carry no weight.
  5. I don't care one way or another but just learning he's not a big believer in analytics is pretty funny.. all these DVOYROJ heroes who were yanking their cranks about getting rid of Macc for Douglas have been sold a bill of goods.
  6. Indifferent.. I'd like to hear what he has to say and what he actually does. Will take a while to form an opinion one way or the other. So far I really like what Gase and Williams are doing so this could work out quite nicely.
  7. Bill o'Brien on his 3rd gm only 2 years removed from the last one. Not sure why people are acting like that's a great destination. This is the better opportunity.
  8. Even worse is the degenerate who posts from happy hour to bash our future HOF safety in between Irish Car Bombs. Inevitably there's a minor comment thrown in about the chick with huge jugs at the other end of the bar. You know anyone like that?
  9. Yes I remember. He got it. From what I've read over the years, everything from the facilities to the off the field help the Jets provide is the opposite of an owner looking to save a few shekles.
  10. They just doled out some of the richest contracts every for LB and RB and now they're cheap? Don't let 11th hour tweets form your opinion. Discussing the budget doesn't mean they're looking for some GM Blue Light Special. It means they're discussing the budget.
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