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  1. ASJ, Leggett, Robby, Kearse, Enunwa, Hansen, Stewart... cut Forte, draft a RB in first 3 rounds shore up O-line with some of the treasure trove of cap space. move up if necessary to get your QB, resign McCown... punt Petty... This offense could be quite good next year.
  2. Name the delusional part.
  3. We weren't in a position to draft Winston or Mariotta and I'm very glad we didn't make a move to get either, correct. They have been spectacularly mediocre and once the Titans collapse is complete will have 0 playoff appearances between them in 3 years.
  4. Pretty much.. 8 Mil for 2 years with 4 Mil guaranteed but he must play in the slot.
  5. Does your cult actually believe your ludicrous assertions? I'd say it's far more damning that Winston and Mariotta are JAGs, and Garret Grayson and Sean Mannion haven't played a game in 3 years. Those were the QB's drafted ahead of Petty in 15'. Behind Petty you have Hundley who has been bad (sans the Pitt game), and Siemian who sucks. Once again your side is making accusations without facts. There were no QB's in 15' that would have saved the franchise. Thank god we didn't trade up for Winston or Mariotta.
  6. You better DVR the game then.. it might be the last time he plays a game for the NYJ.
  7. I'm already over it. He's another in a long list of professional athletes who get the ultimate pay day and let off the accelerator. While other guys might not be as overt about it - his story is more of the norm than the opposite. Only the greats get paid tens of millions and still play the game as hard as when they made next to nothing.
  8. So this is actually kinda good news. Makes cutting Mo an easy decision. How much money is Macc going to have to play with now? Accelerated rebuild in full effect.
  9. You're smarter than this. The mass exodus from the end of last year to the beginning of this one, consistent reports of team chemistry being great, and watching the team play hard every week are direct contradictions to this narrative the goon squad is trying to promote. It's annoying that you're making me defend Bowles.. I don't even think he's that great a coach.
  10. "Toxic environment" lol... everything I've read and seen shows the complete opposite. team chemistry is light years ahead of what it was last year.
  11. You're coming unglued. Every team has had to discipline players. Weak head coaches don't suspend the top players but strong ones do (see Belichick). I'm no Bowles fan but what he did with Lee and now Mo shows growth and are a couple of his finer moments.
  12. The people blaming Bowles and even Rex (which is laughably stupid) don't seem to get it. Mo was going to go Mo regardless of who the coach was. No GM in the league is free from making these kinds of mistakes. Luckily Macc had the foresight to make for an easy escape after year 2.
  13. Actually this is him not losing the locker room.
  14. Watching the tank crowd pull a 180 in mid Dec has made for an entertaining thread. Really looking forward to the Macc and Bowles sign extension threads.
  15. Playoff team next year?

    Of course we can be a playoff contender next year. We could easily be sitting at 7 or 8 wins right now. Another good draft and spending that 80 Mil wisely and this team should improve dramatically. Not to mention all the young guys on the roster who will be primed to take the next step.