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  1. Who gave you smart pills? You're finally making sense. Picking offense just to pick offense is beyond idiotic. These guys may as well vent now rather than getting their Hope's up. If the Jets stay at 3 they are picking defense. Period.
  2. Pac

    Butt Fumble

    You clearly weren't around to see my Pennington posts.
  3. Pac

    Butt Fumble

    I think for fun you should to go tell your wife that GaryM butfumbling you is really starting to piss you off. Dont provide any other context. Then please report back with her reaction.
  4. Pac

    Kap and NFL Settle

    What a scumbag donating to all this bullsh-t October 2016 Silicon Valley De-Bug ($25,000) Causa Justa/Just Cause ($25,000) Urban Underground ($25,000) Mothers Against Police Brutality ($25,000) November 2016 Black Youth Project (25,000) Gathering For Justice/Justice League ($25,000) Communities United for Police Reform ($25,000) I Will Not Die Young Campaign ($25,000) December 2016 UCSF for “The Mni Wiconi Health Clinic Partnership at Standing Rock” ($50,000) Appetite for Change ($25,000) Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation ($25,000) January 2017 Black Veterans For Social Justice ($25,000) 350 Global Environmental Organization ($25,000) Center For Reproductive Rights ($25,000) CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles) ($25,000) February 2017 Meals on Wheels ($50,000) Somalia Famine Relief ($50,000) March 2017 Life After Hate ($50,000) Leaders Of A Beautiful Struggle ($25,000) Silence Is Violence ($25,000) April 2017 Assata’s Daughters ($25,000) Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure (H.O.M.E.) ($25,000) Grassroots Leadership ($25,000) American Friends Service Committee ($25,000) May 2017 The Dreamville Foundation ($34,000) Lower East Side Girls Club ($33,000) 100 Suits For 100 Men ($33,000) June 2017 DREAM (Formerly RBI Harlem) ($25,000) Coalition For The Homeless ($25,000) Justice League NYC: War on Children Program ($25,000) United We Dream ($25,000) 10x10 DeBug San Jose ($20,000 with Kevin Durant) The Advancement Project ($20,000 with Jesse Williams) United Playaz ($20,000 with Steph Curry) Mothers Against Police Brutality ($35,000 with Snoop Dogg) Imagine LA ($20,000 with Serena Williams) Angel By Nature ($20,000 with TI) Schools on Wheels ($30,000 with Chris Brown, Jhene Aiko) Communities United By Police Reform ($40,000 with Nick Cannon, Joey Badass) Youth Services, Inc. ($20,000 with Meek Mill) H.O.M.E, linked above ($20,000 with Usher)
  5. Pac

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Without having read any of the story I'd imagine he'll likely donate whatever money he got to causes he believes in. Just like the millions of his own money he already has. But for some people it's easier to call him a scumbag and scream about hating america lol.
  6. Not explaining this again.. If you want to bet $50 that Tannehill won't get $14 mill a year I'm in.
  7. Coincidentally enough, Quincy's contract will be pretty much what Tate gets when all is said and done. And it won't be from us. I mean you're just playing stupid, right? 26 year olds entering their prime get bigger contracts than 31 year old (when next season starts) overrated JAG's. Teams don't pay for past production. The only reason he'll get as much as he will is because it's a particularly weak FA class for WR's and he can point to his paper tiger stats when the Lions refused to establish the run and used him to supplement the run game.
  8. You're so confused.. let me make it easy for you. Neither Tate nor Tanehill SHOULD make over 10 Mil next year. Some idiot team might give Tate 10 mill but it won't be us. Tannehill should slide into very good backup money which is 5 to 7 mil. What is so hard to understand?
  9. That's the point.. I dont want it done.
  10. McCown was paid 10 mil because he was the starter the year before and presumed to be the starter this year. Tannehill has been hurt much of the last 2 years and hasn't played particularly well when hes healthy. No one is offering him 14 mil a year. Golden Tate is an overrated JAG. If you think hes worth 15 mil a year you're namesake is dead on.
  11. Who said 14 mil??? Pay him like a quality backup. I was thinking more like 5 Mil. The same 5 Mil I'd pay Golden Tate.
  12. Other than Jacksonville (and probably not even them) I don't see who he can be signed by as the presumed starter. Foles will be the only vet QB that will be given assurances he'll be starting. I suspect Redskins will be looking to move up for QB as they can't afford to pay Tannehill starter money given what they have tied up in Smith. Foles will probably wind up in Miami as the starter.. Jville will draft a QB and sign Flacco... Washington will try and move up ahead of the Giants for a QB..
  13. We do need a backup Tight End... amirite!
  14. Makes the most sense and Tannehill isn't good enough to go somewhere expecting to be given the starting role. Get him on a 1 or 2 year deal coming back from injury and keep Davis as the 3 aka the backup in training.

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