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  1. Oh if you didn't post the thread never mind... completely different story.
  2. Ok finally found a house today and signed the dotted line so I can officially stop checking Zillow 75 times a day. Been a stressful few weeks. Not sure why you posted a screen shot of a PM Gata but have to agree that was poor form. He seemed to be trying to extend an olive branch.. Anyway... I haven't the first clue who scum might be. There hasn't been any content to dissect. I think we lynch whoever just to get a lynch in and go from there. As I've proven countless times, all I need is 1 post to catch scum.
  3. ^ 4% Jim Beam, 11% psychedelics, 85% as shole.
  4. been consumed with work, house hunting, and the craziness of the last couple weeks. I'm in fact not scum but I'm also not someone anyone has to worry about lynching. no qualms with the game and if I'm around long enough I'm sure I'll get into it and solve it but just kind of hangin' on the periphery atm.
  5. So... who won last game and was there a scene or.... I need closure.
  6. It was a high ankle sprain that kept him out a couple weeks. Williams commended his toughness saying the same injury keeps most guys out for a month or more. We obviously saw a physically reduced version of Q who still had some good moments. The people giving up on him or actually called for trading him are simply clueless.. to put it nicely.
  7. I still dont know who won last game.
  8. Pretty much everything in this post is incorrect.
  9. Oh please.. how ever will Douglas be able to overcome that 4 mill Quincy hit next year..
  10. So you wanted Douglas to give Kalil more than 10 mill?
  11. Woody can handle it. Qs contract did nothing to prevent Douglas from giving the worst center in the NFL 10 million dollars.
  12. Sadly last take out order of the red lobster was suspect at best. Not up to their standards of years past.

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