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  1. The funny thing is looking at the last 20 years of 3rd overall picks we could wind up with 2 of the best in Darnold and Q. Larry Fitz looks like the best so far... Suffice to say the whining about Q is unfounded if you look at the history of the pick.. to put it kindly.
  2. 3rd pick overall should be sure-fire hall of famers like these guys picked in that slot: Tyson Jackson Marcell Dareus Trent Richardson Dion Jordan Blake Bortels Dante Fowler Joey Bosa Soloman Thomas Gerrard Warren Joey Harrington Braylon Edwards Vince Young
  3. Watson and Mahomes thru 2 years playoff record: 1-2 Mark Sanchez thru 2 years playoff record: 4-2
  4. Hopefully next week Mosely and Herndon make their triumphant returns and we see what the Varsity Squad looks like. #The Playoff RosterĀ®
  5. It's 2, but correct. Neither Ju Ju nor Saquon have been named on the all pro team yet.
  6. name the 2 who haven't been all pros yet.. hint - Adams ain't one of them.
  7. Pat Mahomes just lost back to back home games against a couple mid level teams. Perhaps it's time we stop pretending he's the best QB of all time before he's won anything. D Coordinators seem to be beginning to unravel the mystery.
  8. You could replace Adams name with Barry Sanders.... or Julio Jones this year, Jalen Ramsey, Von Miller, Ju Ju, Saquon, on and on and on this year.. all your supposed IMPAKT players. Stop pretending that any 1 player - other than a top shelf QB - can swing the record as dramatically as you expect Jamal to. It's the argument of a 9 year old.. I expect that from guys like 80 and Creepy but you occasionally create a post that makes me think you have a brain in your skull. occasionally.
  9. Give us a break.. you've been railing against our pop warner team for weeks but now want to keep giving Dallas excuses.
  10. Welcome to a little place many of us call no sh*t... nice to see many of you waking up.

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