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  1. I feel like I should care about this but I'm having a hard time. Its kind of whatever.. roll with Mike White and the Cpt. Damn the torpedoes!
  2. I have like 3 posts in 3 months. Sorry if thats enough to live rent free in your dome, son. Now go away.
  3. If pretty boy gets too cute with this he could get Wally Pipp'ed.
  4. A little long to wait to pick up your starting qb but in jd we trust.
  5. It does appear his bench press has finally hit triple digits.
  6. I legit forgot Mac Jones existed.
  7. You sound like my ladyfriend. Ill tell you the same thing I tell her. House is in my name - you leave.
  8. Looks like I got one for a QB.
  9. We're already having story time? What else did I say besides anyone who disagrees with me is delusional? I like good fiction as much as the next guy.
  10. I'm not pouting brah.. I haven't posted in over a month. I'm just expressing my blahness about the offseason. There's plenty of people willing to engage in a Zippy circle jerk if that's your thing.
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