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  1. Petty has played numerous games exhibiting a steady level of suck. That's a "fine" selection. Hack, who hasn't yet played any games and was a mid 2nd round pick is "spectacular failure". and you wonder why I take none of what you guys say seriously. I'll be looking for you when the Macc extension thread pops up.
  2. Our punter Tom Tupa had 0 reps with the first, 2nd, or 3rd team when Vinny went down on opening day against NE. That day Tupa went 6-10 for 165 yards and 2 TD's. Yesterday Petty went 2-9 for 14 yards.
  3. Will you be wishing him well when he's re-signed to back up the draft pick?
  4. I didn't write the article. You've been dry humping Petty for 6 mos and yesterdays game just gave you a little taste of why he's been riding the pine. I'll be looking for your posts when they announce the Macc and Bowles extensions and re-sign McCown. You can tell us all why it's worse than the Hindenburg.
  5. Josh McCown deserved a better ending than this Cannizzaro DENVER — Josh McCown knew right away. He knew he was done. Definitely for the rest of Sunday’s game. Likely for the rest of this season. And possibly for his career, which has spanned more than 15 years and eight different teams. That’s why, when McCown emerged from the trainer’s room in the bowels of Sports Authority Field at Mile High after breaking is left hand late in the third quarter of the Jets’ 23-0 loss to the Broncos, his eyes already were red from the burning of tears. McCown, who’s been enjoying the finest season of his career at age 38, was raw with emotion when he spoke to reporters. It was when he was asked, given how much he has relished this renaissance season of his, about what he was feeling “emotionally,” that McCown could no longer hold his emotions in check. He took nearly 20 seconds trying to compose himself before answering with tears in his eyes and his voice cracking. “It’s been the best [season] because of the guys … not numbers,” McCown said. “It’s been the best because of the group of men in the locker room.’’ Pause. “I’m just proud to be a part of it,’’ McCown said. “So thankful they let me be a part of this team.” It’s actually the Jets who should be thankful McCown has been a part of their team because he’s been the heart and soul of Gang Green. McCown has been a gift for the Jets. He’s has touched every player in the Jets locker room and had a profound effect on many of them with his selfless leadership. That’s what made it so difficult to watch McCown get hurt then learn the news it looks like the injury is season-ending. The start against the Broncos was McCown’s 13th of the season, matching his career high for a season, set when he played for the Cardinals in 2004, when most of his Jets teammates were in grade school. Before Sunday, McCown had played every down for the Jets this season and was on pace to become the first Jets quarterback to do that since Richard Todd. Yes, Richard Todd. Sunday’s game against the Saints in New Orleans would have been McCown’s 14th start, surpassing his personal high, hopefully en route to playing a full 16-game season for the first time. So the Jets didn’t just lose a game in noncompetitive fashion Sunday in Denver. They put an end to their best feel-good story, one of the best in the league. McCown entered Sunday having completed 67.8 percent of his passes with 18 touchdowns and only eight interceptions. Though he did make one bad throw that was picked off by Broncos safety Darian Stewart in the second quarter Sunday, McCown never had a chance with the deplorable performance his offensive line put in. Yet there he was after the game, sounding like it was he who let his team down. After he was finished with his postgame press conference, McCown walked slowly out of the locker room with his right arm on the shoulder of Todd Bowles. They had a brief chat, and McCown headed toward the team buses. “You want to be out there with your guys, and I feel like I let them down,” McCown said before boarding the bus. “From this point in your career, each game is so special and precious, so you don’t want it to end this way.” Asked if his raw emotions stemmed from wondering if this could be the end of his career, McCown said: “Yeah, you never know. You get flooded with emotions about all those things because you don’t know. I don’t know what’s next. The possibility of something coming to an end … you just don’t know. I love these guys so much, these coaches. I love this organization, and it means a lot to me to be here.” The hour or so after the injury McCown spent in that barren trainer’s room might have been the most agonizing 60 minutes of his NFL career. “It was emotional,” he said. “You’re just thinking through the game, thinking through everything … thinking through 16 years. It’s just emotional. I’m very, very thankful. I hate for it to end this way, but I’m just so thankful that I got to be a part of this.” McCown sounded like a guy who’s resigned to this being the end. Here’s hoping it’s not. *** Hopefully he'll return as a backup next year or in some coaching capacity if he decides to retire. If you don't think he's had an impact on many of his teammates you haven't been watching.
  6. I mean I know what you're trying to do but you're just not doing it very well. a better post would have been something like: "perhaps on the plane ride back he can sit with McCown for tips on giving better press conference" but this doesn't work if I have to feed you the troll script.
  7. Lucas yelling for a Hack sighting lol... said he needs to play at least 1 game.
  8. conversely, Petty being interviewed now and within seconds was making excuses for his poor play by saying it's tough when you don't get a lot of reps. should be some game next week.
  9. Are you a chick or something? I was simply relaying what was happening in the PC. Not looking for your pity or a hug. Get a grip.
  10. oh please.. gfy tough guy.
  11. Your question is asinine, therefore I'll reply with this gif
  12. now he's in tears talking about how this has been his best year in the league because of the guys in the locker room.
  13. McCown is actually sitting there taking questions for the media. Another example of the professionalism and leadership the coaches have been telling us about all year.
  14. Bowles got out of that PC easy.. no one grilled him for continuing to play an obviously injured McCown. Had he taken him out like he should have he never would have suffered the broken hand.