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  1. go watch re-runs of Morton Downey Jr on youtube, knuckle-dragger. your goldfish like attention span can't handle 45 minutes of talk without a chair being thrown at someone.
  2. Pretty good interview, listened to it in it's entirety. Manish is prone to sensationalism but when he's not putting on airs he's got some good things to say. Liked that you guys went in depth about players other than Darnold.
  3. Trapped you. Vote whoever the fak this guy is
  4. oh wow so Ape was scum.. if only someone saw that.
  5. Hahaha.. that was the loosest MK of all time. We gotta work on that sensitivity girl.
  6. oddly comforting. I've said what I had to say.
  7. That's what happens when you do Sunday night dls
  8. so when you got your PM did it say you're a Nazi? It's important game info.
  9. I am fat... in da PANTZ!! OHHHHH!
  10. psst.. I'm voting Paradise.
  11. I kept my vote on 80 for over a day.... the only one.. despite the incredible amount of evidence to suggest he's not town. plan B includes eliminating someone who hasn't posted in days in favor of dwindling the #'s down to people who will. I could vote you but I'm more convinced that 80 is anti-town then you atm.
  12. A) I'm not a moron B ) A few pages ago you were extolling the virtues a town strategy that included keeping a SK alive.