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  1. Most of the Rex hate comes from a motley crew of masochists who derive pleasure from disparaging successful players and/or coaches in an effort to sooth their fragile egos. Frankly - it's kind of disgusting. You need look no further than the Deplorable Duo® of Shane and 80 spewing their anti-Rex propaganda all over this thread. If I were them I'd seek couples counseling as soon as humanly possible.
  2. Hand picked Rex selection. Also Rex went 8-8 with Geno Smith and a roster several orders of magnitude worse than the Seahawks have. Sooner or later even the staunchest Rex haters are going to have to come to the realization that he was a pretty damn good coach.
  3. If there's anything this year has proven it's that if you give Joseph Douglas two 1st round picks the dynasty is inevitable.
  4. I guess I'm taking out a 401k loan to bet the under this Sunday.
  5. Flacco should have been re-signed and started this year while Zach sat and watched. Better late than never?
  6. I have a 6th sense about these things... its a gift and a curse.
  7. I called Zach being a disaster early on, not signing a vet qb being a huge mistake, and with his slight frame Wilson would unfortunately get hurt. That said... its way too early for this thread. JD, Saleh, and Zach are not going anywhere anytime soon. Let's hope Zach turns it around from looking like the biggest bust we've ever drafted. I think he can.
  8. White definitely seemed more calm in the pocket. Interested to see how he looks Sunday with a full week of reps.
  9. I missed it. I was too busy watching the Jets get absolutely obliterated. If you're soothed by former players having bad games I suggest you reevaluate your priorities.
  10. There are worse ideas than handing the team over to White the remainder of the year and let Zap sit and learn. Still can't believe Zap and Mike White was the plan at QB this year.. Holy moly.
  11. Not kidding when I say thats the loudest I've cheered during a Jets game in 6 years.
  12. Assuming we're not drafting a qb, which we should most certainly not, what are a couple names I should google?
  13. Is back.. http://www.tankathon.com/nfl Who should I be rooting to suck for? I dont watch college. Any great pass rushers with our pick and awesome tight ends with Seattle's?
  14. Good news is Mike White should be available to be picked up in most fantasy leagues.
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