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  1. Pac

    John Harbaugh

    no thanks. he has had zero input in the development of his QB's and his offensive coordinator and qb coach selections have been highly suspect. when is the last time anyone was worried about the Ravens offense?
  2. I think you missed 8th ranked break dancer above the mason dixon line.
  3. don't let anyones gripes change your posting style.. I have thousands of buttfumbles and little red arrows pointing downward on my posts.. who gives a f... Those people are wrong. All I can do is try and show them the error of their ways.
  4. Pac

    It starts with talent

    Welcome to the dolt club.
  5. Pac

    It starts with talent

    This is some of the hysteria I'm talking about. I read the board. Just because Macc haters are louder doesn't mean there aren't people who want him to stay. I read posts from them every day.
  6. such a weird thread. thank god we have a rookie QB who isn't making the same excuses so many seem to want to make for him. at times he has flat out sucked. other times he hasn't. this isn't rocket science.
  7. Pac

    It starts with talent

    I don't buy all the hysteria. There's enough talent on this team to be at least a .500 unit. This is year 2 of a rebuild no matter how many cute jokes people make about that fact.
  8. Pac

    It starts with talent

    looking forward to your tears when Macc keeps his job more than the next 6 games.
  9. the ancillary benefit is all those Marrone and Caldwell handjob posts are long gone.
  10. It's way more boring than it used to be.. I was about as unenthused about watching this game as any I've watched in the last 30 years. I honestly don't think I've ever rooted for a loss but today is that day. Not only a loss but the embarrassing spectacle that this game has become. Absolutely pathetic. Going to clean the deck off for the winter. Hopefully when I get back we're down 40-0.
  11. there are a million threads during the week that discuss that.. didn't think we need to start in the game thread. It's been argued ad nauseam. nothing either of us says will change the others opinion. although I'm now on board with getting rid of Macc if that's the only way to get rid of Bowles. I think Johnson and Macc have already discussed life without Bowles given the way Macc was answering questions last week.
  12. The team knows Bowles job is on the line and this is how they show up. Does anything else need to be said?
  13. I mean the Bills are doing everything the Jets should have done this game. passion, trick play, attacking, creativity... What else does Chris Johnson need to see??? For christs sake fire Bowles tomorrow and give the interim coach the bye week to get ready.
  14. Who promised that? One bad quarter after sitting for over a year doesn't change my opinion about where the team would be at this point had Josh started all along. At the end of the day it doesn't matter.. Main objective should be removing the Bowles. If Josh having the worst game of all time will help that endeavor then that's what I'm rooting for.

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