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  1. Kumba ya posting is boring. I get enough serious/professional behavior at work.. I'm here for the fart jokes.
  2. Kind of hard to top that all-timer I just put together last game.. Virtuoso performance single-handedly decimating that whack scum team. I may jump in this week if sign ups get traction.
  3. Again I proved that a pac is > cop in any game.
  4. @JiF vote Gseed and end this mess. and obviously I was the one that vaccinated you very early in the game... and Bum recently.
  5. I'll die on the Greenseed hill.. something I saw Bum say early in the game last night has me thinking strong town for him. Game would have been over if not for the MK no MK fiasco.
  6. I'll only vote greenseed from here on out.. if its you bum congrats.
  7. Its greenseed. Only reason I let him live was that post he should have been mkd for.
  8. self vote again.. you were saying it was for the good of the game, right?
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