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  1. MFB Part Deux

    * KICKS DOOR VIOLENTLY OPEN * Wut up bitches.. miss me? Vote Smash
  2. MFB Part Deux

    town is completely lost without my guidance... what a bunch of putzes.
  3. MFB Part Deux

    I wonder if Starks maniacal quest to get me lynched is fear based or he is clean and just likes the idea of being in early on lynching the greatest player in North America. Hmm.
  4. MFB Part Deux

    Not moving from smash. Best bet for scum. Might as well lynch me because my activity level ain't picking up any time soon.
  5. MFB Part Deux

    Well lookie here.. Unvote Vote smash I've said a thousand times I'm in fookin Florida and he's nudging this case on me with baseless accusations. If I caught him in 1 post do I need to say it?
  6. MFB Part Deux

    ive only hyper skimmed but this game is being played like sh-t... aimless voting and no direction. the only way scum beats me is by shooting me after day 1 or hoping I'm on vacation.
  7. MFB Part Deux

    unvote vote hess
  8. Rosen too much a risk?

    But the wolfpack does.
  9. MFB Part Deux

    Figures this game looks fun and I can' concentrate on it.. Going golfing may shoot on later.
  10. MFB Part Deux

    I can' commit to that, toots.
  11. MFB Part Deux

    Gfy.. I bet I've already caught a scummate. If I read I'm sure they'e poked their head out.
  12. MFB Part Deux

    At airport.. not sure why I was signed up for this game. Still scum.. might look later tonight at this.. weather in Tampa not great so prob low key night
  13. Phase 2 of the rebuild is coming along quite nicely. Future is indeed bright.

    taking a couple years off to find peace with yourself is commendable. i'd do it if I could but someones gotta pay the Netflix bill.

    You know where John Morton is right now? Neither does anyone else.