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  1. This site needs an intervention.
  2. There's a difference with bills fans in Miami and bills fans in Buffalo. 70,000 neanderthals doing shotguns, wearing zubas, and jumping off shtty winnebagos to crash through tables being used for beer pong. F them, F the Bills. I hope they lose by 40.
  3. Zero interest in Stafford. Wouldn't give a 2nd for him. This is great news! There are 4 to 5 teams in the top 10 potentially looking to move up and we hold all the cards. The Lions loading up for a trade puts us in such a great spot.. Let the bidding commence. This is shaping up to be a complete transformation of his team. Sam will have 1 more chance to turn it around and when he does we'll have assets galore the next 2 drafts.
  4. Agree that aesthetically the post is awesome but the actual content is regrettable. If JD trades 4 first round picks for Watson I'll start a go fund me - not for a cesna with a banner, but a damn Blimp to park over Met Life with Joe Must Go flashing in neon green. Hes not doing that.. Allen Robinson isn't getting 20 million a year either. I look forward to a more realistic mock with Sam being retained and the Jets trading down with ATL or CAR.
  5. Yeah.. no. Sam will be the QB next year.
  6. Let's hope he's like Rex.. be nice to win some playoff games again.
  7. This really wasn't that bad.. the game is a bunch of guys smashing into each other playing a kids game. Who cares if the coach is an eloquent orator. I watch to be entertained so ill take a passionate meat head over a gentle coach who speaks the queens english any day.

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