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  1. Pac


    appears as if Metha is on a campaign to make the Jets great again. he heard twitter is the 1st place to go.
  2. Disagree.. Danielson, muck like Darnold, is a product of the coaching he got from Mrs Larusso - who for the purposes of this analogy is playing the part of Bates. I don't blame her though.. being a single mother and moving across the country couldn't have been easy.
  3. The prospect of getting under Elizabeth Shues skirt did far more for Danielsons dedication to the martial arts then the beating he took from Johnny Lawrence.
  4. Everything copacetic fellas. Just rewatched Karate Kid and Daniel Larusso did fine fighting Johnny at the beach after he took his soccer ball.
  5. Yo just rewatched the movie Glory.. Matthew Broderick and Denzel did fine in that final battle... all good.
  6. Guys its cool. I just re watched Rocky 4 and Apollo did fine against Drago.
  7. Yeah pretty much. I was highly annoyed but is what it is. Darnold played like sh*t and Bowles cant seem to get these guys to play a full 48 minutes. Hopefully Johnson gives Bowels his walking papers and let's Macc choose his own coach.
  8. This thread should be flushed down the toilet.
  9. Pac

    This offense

    Dont worry bro.. you're not the only one posting stupid sh*t this morning.
  10. Pac

    This offense

    Ugh.. Sam was abysmal last night. He was more culpable than any other player or coach in the loss. Is he the only reason? No. Was he the biggest reason? Yes. Josh should have started the year but that ship sailed. Good news is I think Darnold will be fine.. he just turned 21.
  11. I'm more interested in discussing what's happening on ESPN... it looks like Woodstock outside of the Browns stadium... these dopes are acting like they won the Super Bowl. It's actually making me feel better.
  12. behind 3 QB's who never won anything. lets not forget that Baker was a 4 year starter and a couple years older than Darnold. He should play better than Darnold this year but certainly not look as good as this D made him look tonight.
  13. Pac

    McCown anyone?

    He was running because he was behind on many of his throws.. this was a combination of some bad play calling, a terrible game by Darnold, and a defense who played brilliantly for stretches but then couldn't capitalize on 2 bad Mayfield throws that should have been picked and a really bad, AWFUL actually, penalty by T Johnson.
  14. Pac

    McCown anyone?

    I watched a QB who was afraid to make mistakes and a bit behind on his reads. He played like dog sh-t.. You can pretend all you want that with Joe Thomas he's Aaron Rogers but that's not the case. He.will.get.better. relax.
  15. Pac

    McCown anyone?

    Darnolds not going to get any better if everyone keeps making excuses for him. At least he just said during the press conference it was all on him. That might be a bit oversated but at least he knows he played bad football.

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