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  1. Such a glorious choke job. I'm in Bills country and these a holes that bust my chops in my zoom meetings at work are in for it. I may wear a party hat and blast the bills make me wanna shout. Brady and the Biills with gut wrenching losses in 1 day! HELL YEAH!
  2. such a ******* crock.. I have Rams -3. ridiculous.
  3. Take away the roughing the Brady rule and if they let DB's play like they did in the 80's and 90's, Brady is at the low end of the top 10 QB's of all time. I'm not referring to cheap shots, head shots or anything of the sort either - I'm glad they cleaned a lot of that up. I'm talking about QB's having to fear tough legal shots, and DB's being able to play aggressively without these ticky tack pass interference calls. Put him in that era and he's behind Montana, Marino, Young, and Elway. Maybe another 1 or 2 I'm not thinking of at the moment.
  4. Was Spirit Airlines sold out?
  5. I've just completed a comprehensive analysis of 80's posts and have deduced: - 80 is wrong 94.8% of the time - 80 is embarrassingly wrong 86.4% of the time - 80 is a putz 100% of the time
  6. Some of these posts are unbareable.
  7. I'm sure Jimmy G would be chomping at the bit to come sit behind a QB who took the better part of this season to solve the riddle of completing a screen pass.
  8. Lawsuits, some jail time, and enough viagra to fill a dump truck.
  9. His job today was to go out and take his beating like a man, get up when he got knocked down, and to limit if not eliminate outward displays of frustration with the offense. He did all that. There is no QB that would have been successful today. Reminiscent of many of Sams games where you have about 1 second to get rid of the ball or your toast. Overall this year I'd give Zip about a C. It was an F in the early going but when he came back from his month off he showed progress. Hopefully his offseason will be spent familiarizing himself with every aspect of the offense and
  10. Should we tell the guys younger than 40 that the guy who played Pony Boy, C. Thomas Howell, starred in a movie that was widely released where he donned black face to play a kid that figured his only way to get into Harvard was via affirmative action. And it was called "Soul Man".. And there was a pickup basketball scene where he was the first pick and expected to play spectacularly but sucked. and that no one thought there was anything weird about the movie hahahah. In fact I heard it was @CTMs favorite movie ever.
  11. Just got sent a clip from today's practice. Zach took a shot but I heard he's fine.
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