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  1. There's really no sugarcoating it. Gase thus far has been an abomination and has taken the Jets from the dregs of the league under Bowles, to the outright worst offensive team in the NFL. @T0mShane and his other sycophants ramblings do not change the reality of what Gase has "accomplished". The Jets offense are a complete dumpster fire under his watch. Shame on those who dare have the audacity to mention Adam in the same breath as Rex Ryan.
  2. If he fired Macc sooner he may have not gotten Douglas. He should be more worried about his opinion of what constitutes brilliance. Gase is brilliant in the same way Battlefield Earth was a brilliant piece of cinema.
  3. Wow you guys are whacked.. IR is 3 weeks.
  4. 80 lost his mind sometime in 2012. Just smile and nod. Rex >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gase
  5. Yet another puke inducing thread started by JNs resident Rain Man. Go find a short pier and take a long walk.
  6. Gase hasnt given him plays to maximize his elite talent either. Gase is seemingly incapable of evolving and will be booted out of NJ in a few months. Go with him.
  7. These guys seem oblivious to that. Its a brand new line playing their first competitive game. With a rookie starting at LT!
  8. your opinion is invalid. You've been singing for he's a jolly good fellow for 6 months for Adam effin Gase. Go dunk your head in a tank full of Piranha.
  9. It's worse than a miss. If he was undecided on Robby's future with the team then you HAVE to take that trade that was offered last year at the deadline. Instead you let one of the only guys your young QB has a rapport with walk for nothing. It's a pretty terrible move actually. Almost as bad as the Kalil fiasco.
  10. I mean if they're out of it by then and the plan is to fire Gase then by all means trade him. I tend to think this game was an aberration but we'll know in the next couple weeks.
  11. Disagree. If Bell had the same line and scheme that LT had when he was here he'd put up 1000 + yards and 10 TD's easily. It's 1 game.. the first game this line has played together.. lets see how things look in mid Oct and beyond before proclaiming a 28 year old all pro RB (pre Gase) is washed up.
  12. If you think Leveon Bell, the consensus best RB in football for years, suddenly sucks then you're clueless. Gase admitted he had no idea how to properly use him last year and every time he got the ball today there were 1 or more defenders ready to greet him. He started making a difference in the passing game and the Bills defender who was badly beat decided to grab him and yank him backwards causing a hamstring flare up. Put Bell on most other teams and he's immediately back in the top tier of RB's.
  13. Anderson had 115 yards and a TD today. Perriman had 17 yards. We'll know in a couple months if Douglas pinching pennies with Anderson was worth it. Early results aren't promising.

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