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  1. Ridiculing him stopped being fun months ago. Maybe he'll never get better and maybe he will. Either way he's handled his humbling with dignity. Whether we like it or not the plan has always been to let him sit behind his idol for a year or 2 and giving him 1 more shot. That is fine by me as the best scenario for the Jets is he takes over when Rodgers retires. Hopefully Rodgers stays healthy and Skippy is allowed to get better and mature. At this point continuing to mock him is petty and unnecessary.
  2. Not sure what his motives are but my theory is Bitonti has been giving a Daniel Day Lewis like performance of a disgruntled Jet fan. The whining, defeatist posts, and attempted besmirching of Aaron f'king Rodgers is too bizarre to be authentic. While I commend the method acting someone should tell him the Oscars are over.
  3. I'm with you but think it will be a base of 8 with lofty but achievable incentives that get him to 12. Still think he's replacing Corey for right around same cost which is fine by me!
  4. Tua significantly better than Burrow and Andy Dalton edges out Josh Allen. Numbers don't lie.
  5. Rodgers with no WRs and a broken thumb had a better day against our D than Allen did in his 2 games with Stefon Diggs. I love that people are underrating our boy this much. 2023 is going to be Arods revenge tour.
  6. For this team the next year or 2 the only other QB id prefer is Mahomes. Next 5-10 years is obviously a different question.
  7. What's the cap hit yo? I couldn't care less what a billionaire trust fund baby pays out of his own pocket if it doesn't effect the cap.
  8. So you'd click your heels, shove a blarney stone up your bum, and wish for it to happen. Sounds realistic
  9. Yeah I don't feel bad if a guy might get 170 million guaranteed instead of 250 million. Lamar needs to realize the Watson madness isn't happening.
  10. Not sure why everyone just believes Charles Robinson. I'm fine with it if that's the package but I have a feeling it's not.
  11. We don't wear pants at our meetings.
  12. Birthday boy goes by ballz deep now and just posted in Lamar thread.
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